Fashion psychology specialists called the four items of the wardrobe, which can break out for you too much

The psychology of the selection of clothing is a new and promising direction, stylists consider, because one outfit can put a lady confident, and the other will emphasize her defenselessness on the same lady. Stylist Natalie Dorokhova told, How to dress so that the clothes informs the necessary information surrounding the necessary information and does not “divert” about its owner of superfluous, which is not needed to know.

In her opinion, clothes can tell a lot about what is social status, character traits, it can even show everyone around our view on the world and the features of our education. But herself without understanding, the woman can tell everyone about his fears and existing complexes, and I want to be silent about it.

Fashion psychology specialists called the four items of the wardrobe, which can & break out & for you too much

If a girl prefers to dress frankly and boldly, demonstrating the delights of the neckline, heels and dresses, tosing a figure, he, according to Natalie, is trying to hide away complexes and uncertainty, but instead, on the contrary, puts them.

one. Dresses

Such clothes usually choose women who know how to appreciate the present and take conscious decisions, moderately active and energetic. However, if a woman stops complementing the dress with accessories, she will inform the world involuntarily, which resides in a state of stagnation, her life is not enough bright, saturated.

Often women who feel it try to compensate for the lack of female happiness with typical female outfits, such as a dress. And only adding the dress with a hat, correctly selected accessories, it will be possible to avoid disclosure of your secrets.

2. Trousers

Women who prefer trousers, according to Natalie, need safety. And not only from the cold they are trying to hide, but also the lack of comfort in communication, from flirting and hobbies, from everything that can break the usual course of events. A woman in pants is always a bit pity, especially if no one has seen her in the skirt.

But getting to work in such a dress very good. Woman shows that Ready to walk forward by big steps through a career ladder, If the trousers are decorated or have an unusual cut, then it is to say that the lady will work enthusiastically and with creative.

3. Casual clothes

If a beautiful sex representative always prefers free balachons, it says that she is completely Does not understand your own needs, not familiar with the peculiarities of your own figure and in general – conservative. Such outfits immediately report others that it is difficult to persuade you, and you can not invite you to new projects, nothing worthwhile.

Ladies in free knitted sweaters are prone to self-vaccination, they are unhappy with themselves and their figure, but even nothing wants to do nothing to change something.

4. Too high heels

Natalie is confident that women who suffer themselves with the constant wearing of high heels, are victims of their own self-esteem. If the lady is confident in herself, she has no need to make herself with such shoes. But in the absence of confidence, she is trying to rise over reality, putting on hairpins.

Stylist reported that women who prefer to create rectangular silhouettes produce the most stable and sustainable impression. They seem reliable in all respects.

Oval silhouettes Usually created by multilayer clothes, and such ladies make the impression of complex, wounded personalities that are “soaked” in their cocoon. Inverted triangle – The type of silhouette, which speaks about the dynamic of its owner, and partially can reduce the real age.

Silhouette in the shape of a trapezium – It is considered the most feminine, and if it is necessary to emphasize that, it is not.

It is important, the stylist believes, so that clothes do not contradict you the most. Therefore, the choice of things start with the dialogue with yourself, find out what you are willing to inform others about yourself, and only after that go to choose.

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