For all occasions: Georgian designer invented women’s footwear for parties

French fashionable brand Vetements, Founded by the designer of Georgian descent Demnai Gvasalya, presented special women’s shoes intended strictly for parties and amateurs drink. The photo describing the model appeared in the official Instagram account of the fashion company on the eve.

The peculiarity of this pair of black leather boots with a top of the ankle above is the presence of Openers for bottles. Her elegantly embedded in the heel shoe.

For all occasions: Georgian designer invented women's footwear for parties

The idea was encountered in delight. It was estimated to take advantage of not only fashionista and lover of noisy parties, but also Demna Colleagues.

American designer Mark Jacobs with an obvious share of professional envy noted that The idea of ​​”truly genius”. And fashion experts from the women’s magazine in Latvia noted that they would have completed the development of another detail – a lighter. In the right boot, they offered to integrate the opening, in the left – lighter. Everyone unanimously noted that the Georgian designer made a new word into modern fashion and “Made a breakthrough”.

Brand pair of shoes for parties while sold only on the company’s website. Its value is within $ 1395, which translated into Russian currency is about 90 thousand rubles. In the coming weeks, boots with a opener will go to shops and boutiques and will be available for retail trade.

Spring Demna Gvasalia, who is part-time and creative director of the Balenciaga brand, Already concerned the topic of parties. He presented quite elegant and stylish earrings in the form of bottle caps. NEW, despite the high cost, quickly began to get along with lovers of “outdoor activities in the friendly company of like-minded people” around the world.

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