Happiness in trifles: 6 main rules Hyugga to be happy right now

What is “Hyugg”? There is no accurate translation for this word (although some Danes argue that the word “comfort” is most suitable). Scandinavians say that “Hyugge” is not just a word, and the mood, behavior manner, a whole lifestyle.

Wikipedia explains that “Hyugge” – “Pleasant and highly valued everyday sensations of security, equality, personal integrity and spontaneous social flow”. And if shorter, then “Hyugge” is the Danish art of being happy.

Happiness in trifles: 6 main rules & Hyugga & to be happy right now

Little happiness every day

Denmark regularly heads the rating of the happiest countries on the planet. Perhaps we should also listen to the advice of its inhabitants to become a little lucky in everyday life. To achieve a harmonious state characteristic of “Hyugge”, experts advise:

  1. Dinner Painfort. Knitted sweaters, fluffy blankets, soft slippers – they all promote the creation of the desired mood.
  2. Create a cozy atmosphere. To do this, it is enough to muffle the light, divorce the fire in the fireplace, and light a few candles (Danes believe that there can be no “Hyugg” without candles!).
  3. Come together. It’s not about noisy parties, but about calm gatherings with relatives and friends. The main thing is to have a good time with those you love, without conflict, competitions and controversy.
  4. Cook something delicious. Danes love delicious food, especially if it is home. Pies, cookies, hot meat dishes, coffee, tea or cocoa – the main thing to be satisfied and cozy!
  5. Engage in creativity. Man is the most happy exactly when he is engaged in a loved one. Hobbies can be any: embroidery, making decorations, knitting, scrapbooking, drawing (some love to paint), and so on.
  6. Enjoy the moment. Adherents “Hügge” believe that this is the secret of happiness. It is necessary to afford to enjoy a conversation with friends, reading a book or walking in nature. The main thing is to learn to appreciate every moment and do not let stress in your life!

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