He saw the world otherwise: the Fashion photographer Peter Lindberg died

The man who created the magic images of super-models. He stood on the other side of the camera, and therefore he knew a few about him, but in the world of fashion his name meant a lot. At the age of 74, died German photographer Peter Lindberg. This was reported by the media with reference to the photographer page in the social network. The causes of Peter death are not reported.

He was a favorite photographer Naomi Campbell, Linda Evagngelists, Kate Moss and Natalia Vodyanova. And all because no one like him, did not know how to see women’s images so amazing and non-standard.

He saw the world otherwise: the Fashion photographer Peter Lindberg died

Invite Peter to work on the project considered to be a great honor of such fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Georgio Armani.

Peter was born in Poland in 1944, grew up in Germany. Since childhood, stretched to the beautiful – loved drawing lessons and visited art school. Love for the photo awoke in it in 1971, and then he decided to try his hand at the fashionable then profession – advertising photographer.

Fate ordered so that in 1978 he was forced to move to Paris, and the capital of fashion did not leave him a choice – he was tightened to the Fashion World. He removed Nastasya Kinsky and Christ Tarlington, Cindy Crawford and Stephanie Seymour, Tatyana Sorokko and Isabella Rossellini. One of its most successful sessions was working with Russian Olga Rodionova for the pictures of the Pushkin Museum.

His snapshots were published in the best magazines in the world – Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone.

Fashion experts are confident that it was Peter formed in nineties The phenomenon of “supermodels”. Before his shots, the model were ordinary employees, and his view through the lens turned them into the style icons.

In the life of Peter was different – he spent the night on the streets, traveled by Avostop in Europe, was fond of drugs. Later he confessed that it was this period of his life forced him to revise a lot, feel like another person.

Until the end of his days Peter considered his duty represent the beauty of what it is, Without grasses. He was a supporter of realism. But in the first place I did not put external data, but the spirituality and individuality of every woman, which turned out to be in front of his lens.

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