Heidi Klum sucks with ex-spouse because of children

The successful model of Heidi Klum filed a claim for the British singer and the author of the songs, the owner of the three music premiums “Grammy” and, part-time, former husband. Reason: It does not allow permission to export from the US abroad a prudent child and three common children.

Heidi Klum sucks with ex-spouse because of children

Klum seeks to Europe, as in October it has to participate in the shooting of the show “The Top Model of American”, the permanent presenter of which it is. This time they must go to Germany. Before the strength always allowed the ex-wife to take with him on the trips of children, and now, because of the coronairus, he is afraid that heirs can get stuck far and for a long time.

Helen’s daughter, which is now 16 years old, Heidi gave birth to Flavio Briator, a millionaire and the owner of Formula 1, with which he was relations. Forces having fallen a child after the appearance of the world and considers his. General Children Couples: Henry – 14 years old, Johan – 13 years old and ten-year Lou.

In a lawsuit, a woman reports that his father meets with children from time to time. Her daughter, too, decided to file a statement, as it is already quite an adult and has it right. The girl writes that he should speak out for himself and his brothers and sister. They are equally loved both parents, but they want to go with her mother to her homeland to Germany, especially since it is necessary to work – she has a contract. In addition, the parents of the Klum are living there – grandparents and grandfather of children with whom they want to see.

The prohibition of the force on the export of heirs from Los Angeles may be provoked not only by the fear of their offspring, but also by banal jealousy.

47-year-old club Last year, married singer – 29-year-old Toma Kaulitz, Solist Tokio Hotel Group.

The couple met just a year, and the decent difference at the age did not interfere with love. The wedding took place in Italy, in a narrow circle, secretly.

Despite the age of Heidi Klum, a still sought-after mannequin, staying one of the most beautiful and in excellent shape.

On the podium, the model, of course, does not appear, but often removed from the famous photographers, and the sessions are quite frank. Since 2004, it has been producer and leading American television show “The project” Podium “, in which novice designers compete.

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