Hollywood stars, in whose veins the Russian blood flows

Russian film philas are happy when the talent of Russian artists is recognized abroad (among the stars who managed to conquer Hollywood, you can mention Svetlana Khodchenkov, who played the role of viper in the blockbuster “Wolverine: Immortal”). But few people know that among the celers of the factory of Greaz and so many actors and actresses, in the veins of which Russian blood flows.

Some of them prefers not to advertise their Slavic roots, and someone, on the contrary, willingly share the details of their colorful family history. We argue, you did not know that many of your favorite American actors and singers are not really so … “Foreign”.

Hollywood stars, in whose veins the Russian blood flows

Our in Hollywood!

Artists who will be discussed are not “one hundred percent rusts”. Some of them are half or a quarter of the Russians, while others can boast only distant Slavic roots (but, as we say in our homeland, one drop of Russian blood is already enough). Among them:

  • Leonardo di Caprio. Leo himself gladly tells about his Russian ancestors (his grandmother on the maternal line was born in the Russian Empire) and he considers himself half the Russian.
  • Pamela Anderson. The PraprabaBabushka actress and the model was Russian, but because she first emigrated from Russia to the Netherlands, and then to Canada, where at his time was born Pammy, the Anderson family thought for a long time that she was in Holland.
  • Armor Hammer. The actor is very proud of its Russian roots, which often speaks in an interview.
  • Helen Mirren. The father of the neborn Elena Vasilyevna Mironova was Russian. It is not surprising that she so brilliantly played the wife of Tolstoy and Catherine Great!
  • Sylvester Stallone. The ancestors of the main character of Hollywood militants were emigrated from Odessa at the beginning of the last century.
  • John Bon Jovi. And he too! The legendary rock musician has Russian roots on the maternal line.
  • Harrison Ford. Grandma and Grandpa Aktera was born in Belarus, when she was part of the Russian Empire. The executor of the role of Khan Solo confesses what I would like to visit my homeland with my family.
  • Natalie Portman. Oskarone performer of major roles in the films “Black Swan”, “Leon” and “Star Wars” has Russian roots from the mother.

And this is not all! This cheerful company includes film director Woody Allen, Actress Wuoo Goldberg (family on the motherboard Right from Odessa), Young Pet of Hollywood Timothy Shalam, Illusionist David Copperfield, Artist of Colombo Peter Falk, Singer Nicole Sherezinger, Kirk and Michael Douglas, Mila Kunis, And also the brothers James and Dave Franco, and the legendary Poirot David land.

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