How to refresh relationships: 5 excellent ideas

The worst thing that may happen in relationships is when the relationship is transformed into a routine with obligations and rules. If there are no emotions in the relationship, then over time, felt and feelings.

How to refresh relationships: 5 excellent ideas

Are there any way to avoid? Sure! Enough add to emotion relationship. Talk about how to do it.

Method 1: Cheat physiology

If you get emotions only from a new acquaintance, the answer suggests itself – get to know with my partner and introduce it with you. You think you know everything about each other, but it is not so ..

Imagine yourself in a new image: Change the style, interests, do what they had not done before – instead of a campaign to the cinema, for example, go to yoga.

Method 2: Forcing jealous

When the third appears in the pair – it always gives a splash relationship. If your partner is accustomed to, that you are always with him – he does not have to worry about!

Cash it: Speak by phone with a colleague (familiar) with it, go somewhere in the evening to walk and overall create a mysterious halo.

Method 3: Combination

When we get positive and bright emotions in dealing with someone we have “anchor” – we remember this person and want to meet him yet. Why many couples disagree? Because partners are associated with each other with routine and obligations.

Go to the attractions, go together on horseback, the main thing is that you get strong emotions together!

Method 4: Support  

It’s not about sex, although it is also important in relationships. Proximity means frankness, talking to souls. Allow your partner to “penetrate” into your soul and let him understand how deep you are.

If before you did not practice trusting communication (it happens) – Be sure to try.

Method 5: Surprise

This also applies to the category of obtaining emotions. You can, as usual, come home after work, dine and sit in front of the TV, and you can go to another (of course, if time allows and energies).

For example, to prevent your half surprise in the form of dinner when candles or invite him to walk by the river … Do more often what makes him wonder.

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