How to replace sugar to eat, do not spill skin and shape?

Scientists have proven: the abuse of sugar is harmful not only for the shape, but also for the youth and beauty of the skin. Sugar not only destroys collagen, relaxing and damaging protein fibers, but also affects the quality of protein produced by cells. Simple words, all those cakes, sweets and chocolates, which women like to eat or get small life sadness, contribute to the rapid aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

Good news is that the point is corrected. If you completely exclude, or at least strictly limit, use refined sugar, the results will not make yourself wait: the skin will very soon become more elastic, smooth and clean.

How to replace sugar to eat, do not spill skin and shape?

Than to eat without harm to the skin?

Experts offer many options for delicious and useful snacks that can replace sweets without prejudice to good mood. So, you can enjoy:

  • Möd. It contributes to the rapid healing of the skin and is used to get rid of acne and other skin problems.
  • Nuts and dried fruit. They perfectly quench the feeling of hunger and contain a lot of fiber, improving the opening of the intestine and the condition of the skin and hair.
  • Maple syrup. Sugar, which contains natural syrup, is easily absorbed and useful for the body.
  • Berries and fruit. These natural sugar substitutes are rich in useful vitamins and minerals. They can eat fresh, or bake in the oven with honey.
  • Bitter chocolate. If you do not imagine life without chocolate, go to the bitter option (76 or more percent cocoa). It contains a lot of useful minerals and antioxidants.

And remember that the measure should be in everything: the fact that honey is useful for the body does not mean that it can be eating banks. Even the most useful products are able to harm if you use them in too much.

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