In love as a teenager: Natalia Oreiro first showed her spouse

Uruguayan actress, singer and designer found world famous after the series “Wild Angel”, where she played Milagros. Since then, fans do not cease to be interested in the life of his beloved actress. After the series Natalia Oreiro continued to participate in different projects and please the audience with new roles.

In 2001, Odeiro married Ricardo Molo – Argentine Musician, who is practically unknown in Russia, but for residents of Latin America, he is the brightest rock star! Natalia Oreiro touchingly congratulated her beloved spouse with the 63th anniversary. Let’s find out how.

In love as teenagers

Today, August 17, Ricardo Molo’s birthday. He turned 63 years old. A significant date in the rock musician calendar decided to celebrate with his beloved wife, with which they are already 19! Few Couples for such a long joint life are looking at each other in love with eyes, as if they would meet yesterday.

In love as a teenager: Natalia Oreiro first showed her spouse

However, Natalia Oreiro today posted photos with their beloved husband in Instagram, on which they look very happy and serene. One of them was signed as follows: “The delicate pair! Happy Birthday Ricardo!”, And the other:” The cutest couple in the world! Happy Birthday, Ricardo!”Couple is really very nice, on one of the photos Natalia hid behind her husband’s back, like a little girl.

Natalia received many enthusiastic comments and likes in Instagram. Someone wrote that Ricardo is similar to the Russian singer of Stas Kostyushkin – similarity in appearance and the truth is. Folloviers noted that 43-year-old unwrapped Natalia Oreiro looks amazing! Spouses took photos on the banks of the river, in touching foreheads.

19 years old marriage

Ricardo and Natalia got acquainted in 2001 on yoga courses. According to Oreiro, Ricardo immediately fascinated her with his smile. This random meeting has become a start to start strong and long-term relationships. Ricardo and Natalia are one of the most popular star pairs of Argentina.

Wedding lovers played on December 31, 2001. Instead of rings on the fingers they made symbolic tattoos. In 2012, the Son – Merlin Ataalpa was born in the spouses. Almost early childhood Natalia takes a boy with him to concerts, which causes the audience to a storm of emotions! Natalia Oreiro and Ricardo Molo are happy in marriage – how nice to look at someone who loving each other! In their example, you can make sure that love is hopeless.

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