Inhale deep, hips wider: experts gave 5 tips on how to make a photo in bikini

Today when notes World Bikini Day, Specialists in the field of fashion and style decided to give a few useful advice to women about how to make pictures in bikini.

Rovno 73 years ago the world found out about bikini. And presented this clothes to the world not a fashion designer, not a stylist and not tailor, but the usual French engineer Louis Rear. The name “bikini” also gave clothes.

Inhale deep, hips wider: experts gave 5 tips on how to make a photo in bikini

The first mannequin, who decided to demonstrate bold clothes became Michelin Bernardini, and it happened at the fashion show in Paris. Then bikini counted the Pincom to public taste and such bathing costumes were officially prohibited on the beaches of many countries of the world.

More tolerant of bikini began to relate after such a swimsuit won a sex symbol Bridget Bardo, she appeared in the film “And God created a woman”.

Fashion designers believe that a certain prototype of Bikini existed in the Roman Empire to the French engineer. In any case, two tissue strips covering only causal places, were depicted on the Roman mosaic of the 4th century, which archaeologists were excavated in Sicily.

To look in bikini amazingly so that the photo in it is excellent and impeccable, Specialists advise modern wonderful sex representatives to comply with several recommendations.

one. Choose Bikini correctly

This means that bathing suit must be chosen exactly in size. No more, no less. The lady itself will be much more convenient in it, and cutting the score will not spoil the picture.

2. Wider shoulders

Wear bikini and take pictures in it with straightened shoulders. It should be inhale and relax muscles, at the same time minimize the blades and lowering the shoulders. There is nothing more sad than the attacious woman in bikini or tense like string.

3. No belly

The Council relaxes extends to the muscles of the hands and legs, but not at the press. Even if you have a flat, before photographing you should draw the tummy.

If it does not work, then you should draw a handkerchief or light beach tunic to hide what you did not work. Such clothes mask small flaw figures.

4. Apply accessories

Bikini in the photo will look more advantageous if a woman can add pleasant little things to the image, such as a massive bracelet or a hat with wide fields.

five. Choose a right time to shoot

The best time when natural lighting is most profitable emphasizes forms in bikini, professional photographers consider early morning when the sun is just rising, and the evening when it already sits.

These simple tips will help you not only look great on the beach, but also to make such photos that will not be ashamed not only to lay out on the Internet, but also to show children and grandchildren.

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