Kanye West decided to run a new brand clothes

Rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West submitted an application for the registration of his own new brand of clothes “Sunday Service”. Appeal will consider a special office for issuing patents and registration of trademarks of the United States.

Spouse Kim Kim Kardashian and a large father decided to try his hand in a new project in the fashion industry. But in this beginning, fans saw the old religious subtext. The fact is that Sunday Service translates as Sunday Service.

Earlier, West wrote the “Bible” in which “the world created no one else like Kanya, and he breathed life in everything in this world.”. All Weste children wear biblical names.

Kanye West decided to run a new brand clothes

Experts in the field of psychotherapy have long considered that Kanya has the Majesti in its very classic clinical form.

No matter how, a new collection of clothes from Rapper will include ladies’ dresses, shoes for men and women, jackets, home clothes, scarves, shirts, socks and more.

To date, a big success in fans use the line of sports ked, who Kanya produces together with Adidas.

As a designer West worked with Nike and Louis Vuitton, and for six years it turned his own clothing line Yeezy. Therefore, a new collection of clothes from rapper is waiting for no less than new tracks.

Despite its versatile hobbies, Kanya is recognized as one of the greatest artists of our century. The total sales volume of its albums exceeded 121 million copies. He belongs to the record for the number of received awards “Grammy” – them in Kanya 21.

Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian raise four children – two gave birth to Kim herself, and two more for a couple have taken away and gave birth to surrogate mothers. Senior Rapper Daughter Six years, younger – just six months.

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