Modern beauty: 5 steps to become the same as all

Surprisingly, the fact – many people are trying to emphasize their individuality by all means, and at the same time repeat over all.

Modern beauty: 5 steps to become the same as all

Making the same as everyone, you not only do not emphasize your feature, but also prove that they will easily obey public opinion. Sure you want to match the standard?

Increase lips 

It is difficult to say when it all started … just once the girls heard that chubby lips were seductive, and everyone began to increase them, repeating each other.

For the first time, the trend on the plump lips asked Angelina Jolie, however, her lips – natural, and not the result of injections. Unnatural lips can always be recognized, especially those who work in the beauty sphere.

Adjust nose

Any nose, except for a slightly weld, with a pointed tip and accurate – ugly. At the very least, the girls who come to rhinoplasty.

If you have a hubber or your nose wide – is there a choice? It is urgent to go to the surgeon, without forgetting the photo of Alena Shishkova or Loboda – he will immediately understand what to do.

Make eyebrows wide

What is the difference, what eyebrows awarded you nature, if there are wide and bulk eyebrows in trend? Oh yeah, they should still be perfectly drawn!

Want not to differ from others? It is very easy to do it. Make your eyebrows wide, symmetrical and with a clear contour. So you exactly get the approval of society.

Stress Scubia

In order for the girl to be beautiful, she must have outstanding, impossible cheekbones. The most reliable way is plastic, but there is another way – makeup.

Many girls trying to achieve visually needed cheekbones, use a dark corrector. And for the photo many girls slightly eat cheekbones.

Bleach teeth

Healthy, beautiful teeth – of course, it’s great, but sometimes in pursuit of a Hollywood smile girls spend the fabulous amounts. For what?

If you have perfect snow-white teeth – you will take exactly in the ranks “Beauty Instagram”. Does someone refuse to shine?

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