Psychologists told how a woman does not turn into a lomber horse and not becoming an evil aunt

Often Russian women complain about fatigue. They are tired of work, from constant home problems and worries. They often want to throw everything, smell on the sea, but it’s not always possible to do it.

Psychologists told how a woman does not turn into a lomber horse and not becoming an evil aunt

It is understandable and the desire of women of any age have a very strong male shoulder, in which, if necessary, you can cry, and complain. And such a shoulder is not every one, and therefore tired women are forced again and again rush into battle – to solve problems, make money, pull children, accept responsible and important family decisions.

The circle closes, and the woman does not have time to notice, as by 35 years, and even before, turns into a drunk horse, an embittered and nervous aunt.

Considering the scope of this catastrophe, psychologists decided to give a few useful advice to women, how to prevent such outfit events. And these recommendations concern not even those who are still at the beginning of the path from a cute girl to an evil aunt, and those who have almost reached or reached the finish line.

The path is possible, but only without sharp movements, in stages.

one. Learn to listen to yourself

First of all you need to learn to listen to your own desires. It is clear that the woman is used to living for the sake of others, to fulfill a certain job to ensure their good, but now it’s time to honestly ask yourself, and whether it is necessary for you. The stronger the woman became a “breaking horse”, the less her desires.

But you need to try and answer the question what I want for myself. Start Psychologists Recommend with small joys – warm bath, cup of coffee in full silence, candy before bedtime, send a husband for a walk with children and sleep. Gradually desires should become more and more, but the main thing is to move forward precisely gradually.

2. Fall in love with yourself

Do not spare yourself, namely you love and show your care. Start the right to eat, walk, take up your own body, and it will soon answer you in full. This item should be attributed to self-development. Whether any hobbies, reading, drawing or musitizing – be sure to find it time.

It will be your time that you can not sacrifice for anyone.

3. Start act

This recommendation is understood literally – if you do not start changing something in your life, no one will come and will not change anything. Try not to hurry. Each evening before going to bed yourself, whether it turned out today to love yourself and listen to yourself. At the heart of any action should lie your conscious decision to change your life.

A woman who turns into a fragile horse cannot love himself, she does not like others. She looks like a sacrifice and one of them sincerely thinks. Live life from the position of the victim – not the best choice. Perhaps it’s time to change everything now.

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