Rounded face and second chin: Fans got upset, seeing the real appearance of bloggers

Si Hong Shi – famous blogger from China. It is known that Chinese women are able to transform be unrecognizable, and Si Hong Shi is no exception. Fans got used to seeing her perfect with a “puppet face”, but the naturalness of the bloggers very disappointed them.

Girls page in Tiktok numbers about 800,000 subscribers. The girl often shot her face close-up, demonstrating makeup subscribers and a variety of images. She wrote a lot of compliments – did they start unsubscribe from her now?

Rounded face and second chin: Fans got upset, seeing the real appearance of bloggers

“The most beautiful girl”

Blog’s accustomed to receive compliments about his appearance. She wrote her face perfect. “Puppet Licho!”- so they told subscribers. No one would know how the girl in reality looks like, if not her former friends – they decided to reveal her secret. They showed how Si Hong Shea with a minimum cosmetics.

Fans learned that the girl in reality looks completely different. Oh, this make! First, the girl’s face is larger, secondly, she has a lack of a second chin.

Also, Follovers managed to find out that Si Hong Shi Lied to everyone. The girl said that he was born in 1999, in fact it was born in 1996. The former boy’s boyfriend also did not stay aside – he confirmed that the girl lied about appearance and him. When they communicated on the net, the girl said that her growth is 165 cm, and the weight of 40 kg. When they met, it turned out that Si Hong Shea weighs more declared and growth it below. Bloghasha did not comment on the situation.

About how the Chinese women manage to look younger than their age, watch the video.

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