Royal Business: Megan Plant will release a clothing line for office

Member of the British Royal Family Duchess Sassekaya Megan Marchada made an official statement – She will release women’s clothing for office, And all the means reversed from her sale should serve good things – they will go to charity.

Duchess, who quite recently became a mother, decided to create a capsule collection, four fashionable brand will help her, one of whom founded her friend Misha Nonu. With this designer, Megan is familiar from the times when herself was actress, it was Misha who became acquainted with a girlfriend with Prince Harry, the meeting with whom she became for Megan’s fate.

Royal Business: Megan Plant will release a clothing line for office

In the project, Megan Markers will take part Marks & Spencer brands, John Lewis & Partners, Jigsaw and Misha Nonoo. It is planned that the funds from the sale of office clothing will be listed in full at the expense of Smart Works, whose employees are engaged in employment and social support for the unemployed British women.

Until the main secret is revealed – what will this collection of clothes. Fashion experts suggest that the office images proposed by the Duchess will be very similar to her own casual outfits.

Despite all the nobility of, Megan’s decision was criticized. Opponents of the turbulent social activities of members of the royal family noted that Megan Marchal loves attention to his own person, but the welfare of others is not important for her. Many British are confident that Megan is simply no own ideas about what kind of office clothing should actually be.

There are only on-screen. She played raw role in the serial of “Force Maja”, whose action takes place in the office of a law firm. Planked in the series presented the image of an employee who is almost every series I wore a pencil skirt and silk blouses.

Fashion experts warn the novice fashion designer Megan Plant from inclusion in the collection of boat shoes on high heels, which duchess loves. In Britain during pregnancy, Megan even joked that her height of her studs grows in proportion to the period of pregnancy. Parent communities seriously demanded from physicians and royal family to Megan was banned to wear such dangerous shoes.

In general, the duchess that herself prefers neutral tones in clothing, can make a rather interesting collection, even critics are sure. She learned the palace dress code well and cope with the corporate dress code without any problems.

A few weeks ago, the Administration of the Kensington Palace officially confirmed that Megan and her spouse Prince Harry intend to leave a charitable organization, in which Cate and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridges. Megan intends to create his own charity fund until the end of this year.

Previously, she has repeatedly violated the traditions of the royal family. Markle is confident that the strict framework of a prim royal family cannot contribute to the flight of fantasy and self-realization.

Previously, no member of the Royal Family of Britain did not support the fashion industry and did not conclude agreements with designers and fashion designers. This protest Megan only warms the interest in her first fashion collection, and now it is eagerly awaited not only in the UK, but also around the world.

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