Seasonal Trend: Fashion experts gave advice, how to properly wear clothes in Style prepped

This season marked with a new fashion trend – The style of “prepper” conquered millions of women and girls around the world.

“Prepap” represents an outfit that resembles a uniform of students of prestigious schools and colleges in Europe. Contrary to youth theme, the style is suitable for age-related women who have long received their certificates and diplomas, assures Senior Editor of the Fashion Department Glamor Polina Shabelnikova.

Seasonal Trend: Fashion experts gave advice, how to properly wear clothes in Style & prepped &

Polina advised women who want to try on the style of “preparing”, choose bright and distinctive things that are firmly associated with the history of things. For example, dignity of cardigans with rhombuses are worthy.

They are worn sabelnikov recommends exclusively with bright shades shirts, and better – with white.

Fine chord can be checkered trips or skirt. It is convenient, stylish, cozy. Polina stressed that this option “prepped” is suitable for an important meeting, and to visit classes at the university, and for a walk. You can dress up and on a date, but for a romantic setting it is worth providing pleasant small accessories in the dress, for example, you can decorate a cardigan with a small flower brooral.

The image that is created from a white shirt and a checkered skirt, Polina recommends completing Black Satin Bow on the neck, And also do not be shy and boldly choose bright upper clothes, such as a pink coat or orange down jacket. According to Shabelnikova, from such a bright accent The image will play new paints.

“Proppi” with short and ultra-short skirts in a cage or striped – this is an option for women who are fully satisfied with the shape of the legs, figure and growth. But mini is not a mandatory trend requirement. Skirt can be any length, and trousers – any cut.

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