Secret of youth: Experts called 10 non-obvious female habits that speed up skin aging

Experts of the Moscow Center of Dermatology and Cosmetology decided reveal the factors of early skin aging. So there was a list of a dozen female habits, which lead to early loss of skin of elasticity and youth. It should be noted that some of them are completely uncommunicative, and at first glance, no connection with wrinkles on our faces do not have. But not everything is so simple, specialists say.

No expensive creams and lotions, masks and salon procedures will not have the desired effect, if not start fighting habits that in every way contribute to early aging of skin.

Secret of youth: Experts called 10 non-obvious female habits that speed up skin aging

Lack of sleep

A small amount of sleep not only worsens memory and leads to depression, but also ten times accelerates age-related aging processes in the skin. In a dream in the body, hormonal substances necessary for full life are produced. If sleep is not enough, then the development of these substances is insufficient. Eventually, The skin quickly loses elasticity, wrinkles and circles under the eyes.

Habit to sleep on the stomach and on the side

Convenient poses who would argue! However, the plastic surgeon from the USA Ancon has published the results of its own research. It showed that a woman in a dream changes the position to two tens of times. And more than half of the night, many spend on the side or on the stomach.

With such poses, the skin is squeezed with the pillow itself, the blood circulation is temporarily violated in it, and it quickly leads to the fact that the early signs of age-related changes appear.

The older woman, the more dangerous for her such a habit. If it does not work sleep on your back, experts advise to buy a special “beauty pillow” with a removal for the face.

Drink through the tube

Joyful and multicolored cocktails tubes only seemingly harmless. In fact, they contribute Education of early wrinkles around the mouth. When drinking muscles are in tension and unnatural position, it destroys collagen fibers. Lips are covered with wrinkles.


Smoking women fold lips with a tube. And this is the first reason to quit if you want to avoid mimic wrinkles in the field of lips. The second reason to part with this habitual – traditional. Resins, carcinogens and other hazardous substances poison the body at the system level, which immediately reflects on the skin.

Unwillingness wear sunglasses

There are ladies that categorically do not like dark glasses. And in vain. Without them, in the sunshine involuntarily you start pucing. And then it happens about the same as after the straw tubes. Muscles are intense, collagen fibers are shortened, Vertical, and horizontal wrinkles appear.

Unwillingness to wear ordinary glasses or lenses

Constantly picked and those ladies that do not seek, but shy to wear glasses or lenses. They have the first wrinkles always appear in the eye area.

Night with makeup

In a dream, our skin is restored and resting. If you forgot to remove cosmetics and fell asleep in full “combat color”, then relax the skin will not be able to. Pores are blocked, exchange processes are violated.

Coffee and sweets

Caffeine and sugar are dangerous not only by premature aging, but also other dangerous consequences. Therefore, the amount of coffee should be cut to a minimum, and with sweet delicacies it is worth being careful.

Habit visit solarium

Solarium guarantees not only a quick tan, but also Elastin and Collagen destruction, Fast photobore. The skin becomes more dry, vulnerable, problematic.

Habit little move

The more active the woman lives, the smaller she has a chance that they will have to buy expensive anti-aging creams in the near future. The movement normalizes the bloodstream, promotes the correct metabolism, and this Reduces the risks of early skin aging.

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