Selena Gomez noted the 3th anniversary without men, dates and love

Selena Gomez is one of the most popular artist in the world, although she herself disappointed in his success, as in relations … For a long time she met with Justin Biber, and then he unexpectedly left her.

Really not yet recovered?

Selena Gomez noted the 3th anniversary without men, dates and love

Tests in the life of Selena Gomez

28-year-old artist achieved a lot, although he started with a little role in the series Disney. She has many fans around the world, and any new post in Instagram is instantly accompanied by Likes and comments. Fans are ready to take any her creativity, be it a song or photo.

However, as Selena Gomez before, he is no longer happy – there is a lot of tests on her share so that she felt happy precisely thanks to the success in show business.

A few years ago, Selena survived the kidney transplantation, and in 2018, Justin Bieber left it, with whom they met with the youth. The artist chose her Hayley Baldwin – the daughter of the famous actor, and even made a new beloved sentence of a hand and heart.

Rejected Selena got into a rehabilitation center – She could not understand how a person who swore to her in love was able so calmly exchange it to another. In addition, he made her an offer – he never spoke about the wedding with Selena.

Selena Gomez declares that 3 years already alone. “I don’t know if I can sincerely like someone. I want to erase everything that was“- admits a girl disappointed in love, journalists.

The actress admitted that it was difficult for her to trust others, because it may want to meet with her due to success and popularity. Hope that a person will appear in her life who will prove to her that real love exists!

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