Self-taper hairdresser creates real works of art of pigtails

Trendafilka Kirov – a talented hairdresser-stylist from Macedonia. Having worked for several years in the specialty (by education she is an accountant), the girl was fascinated by the hairdressing and decided to seriously go to the pool.

She began to upload photos of his creations in Instagram and very quickly became the Internet star: at her Another Day Another Braid page (@another_braid) more than 260,000 subscribers, and every new photo is warmly discussed and “lying” fans.

Self-taper hairdresser creates real works of art of pigtails

Rapunzel’s dream

Mother of two children says that for the first time he became interested in plaque during the first pregnancy. She then trained to herself, and the hobby very reassured her.

Having honed the skill using video tutorials on YouTube, Kirov decided to retrain the steeist hairdresser, and very grateful to her husband for moral and financial support, thanks to which it became possible.

Today, she is engaged in a favorite thing and even gets for this awards – In 2019, the trendophille became the owner of the prestigious premium #oneshot Hair Awards. And, as you can see from these photos, it is deserved!

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