Simplicity of time: Hollywood and Soviet actresses, similar to sisters

These women are incredibly beautiful, and also like sisters! Different age – not an amazing similarity. See our selection and make sure that yourself.

Simplicity of time: Hollywood and Soviet actresses, similar to sisters

Hollywood and Soviet actresses, similar as two drops of water

Larisa Guzeheva / Olivia Wilde

Unlike many heroines, resembling Barbie dolls, these women are different fatal beauty. Their distinctive features in appearance: dark hair and eyebrows, perfectly contrasting with light skin. And they also have a shrill look … The similarity is pronounced, if you compare the young Guzeyev with Olivia Wald.

Irina Alferova / Katie Holmes

Despite the fact that these actresses of different ages, they are very similar. Noticeable similarity – in the lowered corners of the eyes, which both actresses did not correct the surgeon. These corners and their highlights. The same with lips – actresses did not increase them, leaving thin aristocratic lips.

Ia Ninidze / Audrey Hepburn

Repeat the image of Audrey Hepburn for each of each, but to find a nursing similarity with her – no. Ninidze and Audrey Hepburn are not like a style at all – they have both bright leather, dark hair and fine neat eyebrows. Also, both actresses preferred to let the eyes of the arrows, which did their eyes in a feline.

Anna Samokhina / Angelina Jolie

Few people know, but fashion for chubby lips and neat awesome began since Angelina Jolie has become a popular actress. Many girls began to repeat her fatal beauty. But it was not necessary to look far over the ocean: Double Jolie lived in Soviet times – Anna Samokhina – actress with neat features. On it went crazy Millions of men in the 80s.

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