Star dogs who can not live without their four-panel friends

These star dogs never break up with their favorite pets! Some of them found a place in his heart only for one pet, and others decided to arrange a real zoo in their home!

Star dogs who can not live without their four-panel friends

Let’s find out who from stars loves dogs. They love to lay out pictures with their pets in Instagram and the souls do not.

Charlize Theron

Actress Charlize Theron loves not only dogs, and all animals, but in his house she found a place for cute peels only. The actress actively defends the right of four. Now she lives 4 pets, and, according to Charlize, they are fine with children.

Mickey Rourke

Sometimes life happens to us extremely harsh, and once Miki Rourk was in a sad situation. “In my life there was a period when I lost everything: wife, house, career. Only dogs remained with me. They helped me overcome difficulties, “Shared somehow actor in an interview. He now has several dogs and he often puts pictures of his pets in Instagram.

Reese Witherspoon

Something Reese Witherspoon took over El Woods from his heroine from the film “Blonde in Law”. Actress just like her heroine, loves dogs very much, and now she has 4 lochmatic pets. It is difficult to say who she loves more, they all become the participants of her photo shoots.

Lady Gaga

Artist loves French bulldogs. When her dogs kidnapped unknown, she promised to pay $ 500,000 for their find. Fortunately, Lady Gaga returned dogs back. In total, the artist 3 dogs: Gustav, Koji and Miss Age.

Dwayne Johnson

Related and devoted fans of Duin Johnson know that the good heart lies behind his breast muscles, in which there was a place for love for French Bulldog, which he took from the shelter. The actor called the name of the character of the film “Fast and Furious” – Hobbs. Looks like Mr. Hobbs was worse, in the photo he is so pleased!

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