Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is an actress and model with amazing looks and a scandalous reputation. Almost every month, shocking news about Misha’s next failure is thundering in the press: either she ended up in a psychiatric hospital, then she crashed into a car somewhere, then more details of an awkward personal life emerge.

Behind all this husk, it’s easy to forget what, in fact, Misha Barton earned the love of a crowd of thousands of fans. It is about how an actress and model builds her career, how she dresses and looks after herself, and will be described in our article.


Misha Ann Marsden Barton was born on January 24, 1986 in London. Father of the family – Paul Barton – native Englishman, worked as a broker. Mom – Nuala Queen – was from Ireland, worked as a photographer. In addition to Misha, Paul and Nuala have two more daughters – Zoe and Enya. When Misha was six years old, her father was offered a promising job in the States, so the entire Burton family moved to New York.

early years

Once in a new country, on another continent, Misha and her sisters plunged into the ordinary life of American children: all year round the girls went to school, in their free time they walked with friends. And in the summer, parents sent their offspring to an entertainment camp.

Once in the summer camp, where Misha Barton was resting with her sisters, a reading competition was held. As part of this creative task, it was necessary to perform any monologue of your choice. Misha decided to take part and won over all the jury members with her report on the life of turtles.

History is silent about whether Barton received any prize at that competition for her performance. But fate, in a sense, nevertheless rewarded the girl: an agent who was looking for young talents appeared in the auditorium. He invited the charismatic Misha to try himself as an actress.


Many believe that setbacks, both in personal and professional life, very often haunt those actors whose debut and success took place in early childhood. Perhaps this is indeed why Mischa Barton has more black stripes than victories in recent years in his career and in life.

An offer to start an acting career was received by Misha Barton when the girl was at the age of eight. With the permission of the parents, the same agent arranged for the young actress roles in modest productions that took place off Broadway.


A year after his debut, Mischa Barton got a place in the Broadway play. It was in 1995: incredibly passionate about the creative profession, Misha was cast in the production of “Slavs!”. It was not an easy role, the girl had to play Russian, so she had to learn to speak with the appropriate accent – Barton did an excellent job with the task. In addition, in this performance, young Misha had a chance to play on the same stage with the Oscar winner – Marisa Tomei, and she endured this test with honor and dignity.

Later, following this project, Misha had other important roles in the theater – working in the productions of Twelve Dreams, Where The Truth Lies, One Flea Spare. In a word, Misha Barton turned out to be a very talented girl, and her career quickly took off.


Success in the theater quickly brought the young talent to television. The actress mostly got small roles: in the series “Crime Race”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, in the television films “Ring of Infinite Light” and “Offline”, as well as in the cult American soap opera “All My Children”.

Real fame came to Barton after she got into the TV series “Lonely Hearts”, also known in the Russian box office as “Once Upon a Time in California”. Original project name – Orange County – Orange County. Many critics noted that the series was filmed with a large degree of imitation of one very popular youth “soap”, namely “Beverly Hills 90210”. However, this apparent similarity did not prevent “Oh. WITH.»Find loyal viewers all over America and even far beyond its borders.

The series lasted only four seasons, aired from 2003 to 2007. This is a teenage drama about a young man from a dysfunctional family who suddenly moves from a poor area to the prestigious California Orange County. Misha got the role of the beloved of the protagonist in this series – the daughter of rich parents and the eternal party girl Marissa Cooper. However, the movie couple did not live up to the final happy end: after the third season, Barton left Lonely Hearts, and her heroine had to be killed.

The reason for this plot twist was an insurmountable disagreement between the actress and the producers of the series. In any case, many fans of “Oh. WITH.»Believe that this is even better: the plot turned out to be more unpredictable and exciting.


Movie roles at the dawn of such a successful career were also given to Misha Barton easily and in decent quantities. First she got into a short film about the polio epidemic. Then there were already filming in a full-length movie, for example, in a very good film “Running through New York”.

The most striking of all the children’s cinematic works of Misha can be safely called the role in the film “Prairie Dogs”. This is a drama about the strange friendship of a ten-year-old girl Devon, played by Barton, with an adult guy Trent, who worked as a lawnmower. The film received a lot of awards and nominations from various film festivals, and Misha Barton proved to be a very capable aspiring actress.

This was followed by roles that reveal Burton’s teenage sexuality: charming Kira Collins in the mystical film The Sixth Sense, weird Teresa in the thriller Paranoia, well-read by Mary Pierce in the comedy drama Children Under 16, resolute Grace Bailey in the melodrama College.

In 2006, the actress got a very adult role in the film Orgasm in Ohio. Since then, Barton has played more and more older heroines. Although in 2011 she tried on a schoolgirl costume again: in the film “You and Me” (also called “In Search of t.A.T.u “).

Misha portrayed a 16-year-old Russian girl. Provincial Lana Starkova came to Moscow for a concert of her favorite group Tatu, she wanted to meet idols. Some scenes were filmed near Yaroslavl. Misha Barton admitted that she really liked the Russian nature.

Selected filmography of Mischa Barton:

  • 1995 “Water with the polio virus”
  • 1995 “All My Children”
  • 1996 “Running in New York” (“New York Station”)
  • 1997 “Prairie Dogs”
  • 1999 Notting Hill
  • 1999 “The Sixth Sense”
  • 2000 “Frankie and Hazel”
  • 2000 “Children under 16”
  • 2000 “Paranoia”
  • 2001 “College”
  • 2001 Julie Johnson
  • 2003 “Octane” (Misha’s partner was the delightful Jonathan Rhys-Myers)
  • 2003-2007 “Lonely Hearts”
  • 2006 “Orgasm in Ohio”
  • 2007 “Territory of the virgins”
  • 2007 “Classmates”
  • 2007 “Closing the Circle”
  • 2008 “Walled in the Wall”
  • 2008 “Murder of a school president”
  • 2009 “Coming home”
  • 2009 “Loves – loves not”
  • 2009 “Beautiful Life”
  • 2010 “Cool Science”
  • 2010 “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
  • 2011 “Brother”
  • 2011 “You and me”
  • 2012 “Offline”
  • 2013 “In the Dark”
  • 2014 “Unhappy”
  • 2015 “Loss of Hope”

Model business

Misha Barton attracted the attention of managers of the Ford Models model agency with her appearance on television. A very young girl received an offer to work as a model, which, of course, she did not refuse. This agency opened the doors of the model business in front of many beginner actresses.

For Misha, it was no less opportunity than for many others: Barton became the face of the children’s line of clothing Calvin Klein Jeans. Misha began to appear on the covers of rating glossy magazines. It strengthened her position in the film industry and made opportunities for a successful model career. A few years later, Barton became the face of Neutrogena cosmetics.

Music videos

Each actress or model for his career must manage to play at least one music video to the song. In the Arsenal Misha Barton of such work there are three of them three:

  • 2003 – Clip for the song Addicted Enrique Iglesias+
  • 2005 – Video to Goodbye My Lover James Blante track+
  • 2012 – Roller for the song Everybody’s on the Run group of Noel Gallaher High Flying Birds.

Personal life

Any public person passes through the dripping of the public in her underwear. And if some scandalous episode was noticed for celebrities at least once, then evil tongues can continue to create scandals around the image of a celebrity from scratch for years.

Mischa Barton is one such victim of free speech. In personal happiness and relationships with men, Barton, in contrast to her many successful film heroines in this regard, did not succeed. The actress has gone through a lot of novels and almost as many scandalous news in the press about this.

Once upon a time, Jamie Dornan (the star of the film “Fifty Shades of Gray”), who has long and happily married to another (Amelia Warner), could boast of the title of the boyfriend of a popular actress. Barton was also romantically involved with lesser-known personalities – Taylor Lock, Brett Simon, Luke Pritchard.

A lot of noise and gossip about Misha Barton brought her relationship with the son of the owner of the 20th Century Fox – Brandon Davis. She dated a rock musician from Whitestarr and British actor Sebastian Knapp, but these relationships were doomed to failure.

While working on the series “Lonely Hearts”, as often happens, the heroes of the tape, between whom feelings were played out on the screen, decided to try something similar in life. However, as in the movies, it did not work. For several years, Misha’s lover was her movie boyfriend – Benjamin “Ben” McKenzie. Their relationship tragically came to an end shortly before Misha left the series.

Constant failures in personal life are a tragedy for any woman, even for the rich and famous. Depression began, nervous breakdowns, the press thundered about Barton’s problems with the law, alcohol, weight ..

In addition to all this, the actress learned that at the peak of the success of her career, her mother decided not to work, but gradually pocket significant amounts from her daughter’s fees. On this occasion, Barton began litigation with her ancestors, the actress is not going to part with her honestly earned fortune, which has been significantly wasted in recent years.

Today Misha Barton has a measured life, she has work in small projects – not deafening, but stable. Barton does charity work: supports foundations to fight breast cancer in women.

Beauty secrets

Until there was such an interview in which a Hollywood beauty would tell her secret of making homemade masks or lotions. The star loves good and expensive cosmetics – you can’t forbid living beautifully! Favorite brands: Crème de la Mer and Clinique. The latter brand, by the way, belongs to the category of affordable face and body skin care products. Before bed, Misha also has his weaknesses.

Quote! “I put on the Lush Cupcake face mask for ten minutes. It perfectly moisturizes the skin and deliciously smells of chocolate, so dreams I dream the sweetest “.

Parameters of Figure

Only the lazy could not notice how Misha Barton balancing all the time on the verge: it is exhausted so much that it is dangerous for life, it gets better in a very short time so that it is necessary to diagnose “obesity”. Figure Barton is changing all the time, and after all, at the dawn of his career, her weight with a height of 175 cm barely reached 40 kg!

When the actress over a few months has grown up 30-40 kg (that is, almost twice), the public was literally shocked. Even more everyone fell into the tantrum when the thick Misha did not hide his sides of the sides and Lyaska, walking down the street in not quite suitable for such a piece of figure. Why actress was so much recovered, probably, it is clear: stresses and permanent failures made themselves felt.

One thing pleases: now that Misha Barton has again lost weight to pretty forms, the actress looks great, slim and happy. According to the star herself, she did not torture herself with any specific diets. She says that she simply began to monitor the diet, adhere to a balanced diet, and in addition to the merciless workload, the extra pounds willingly left her.

However, information was scattered from insider sources, which was not without tricks. So, the lemon diet helped Misha speed up metabolism and start the mechanism of losing weight. This is an option for unloading for 3 days, but some Hollywood stars, not sparing their stomachs, keep on a diet for up to 10 days, which causes rapid and strong weight loss. We advise you not to risk your health and adhere to the rules.

  1. To carry out this three-day diet, you need to make lemonade: mix 4 liters of pure water with the juice of 6 medium-sized lemons, add 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 28 tablespoons of maple syrup.

  2. During the diet, you need to drink 6 glasses (approximately 200 ml) of this lemonade daily and do not eat anything else.

  3. You need to prepare for a diet: three days before it starts, switch to liquid food (first soups, then mashed potatoes and smoothies). At the end of the diet, it is also necessary to gradually return to solid foods (3-4 days).

Mischa Barton’s style

In fairness, it should be noted that both in curvaceous forms and being thin, Misha Barton knows how to dress in such a way as to look amazing. Therefore, you can endlessly look at the demonstrative outfits from this Hollywood beauty! Here you can find classic, casual, grunge, and all the splendor of evening dresses.



Ethnic motives

There was also a period of passionate love for the hippie style in Mischa Barton’s life. He showed up in all kinds of headbands, massive jewelry, flared skirts and ethnic tops.

If we talk about mixing styles, then Misha perfectly managed to combine the rock and roll outfit in the style of the beatniks of the 60s with the boho elements that originated in the hippie culture of the 70s.

Anti-example of style from Barton

No fashionista should forget that an ideal figure is not a guarantee of creating a good outfit. If the sense of style and taste disappears somewhere, you can create a ridiculous bow with a slender body. So, Misha Barton, being, by the way, not in her worst shape, managed to appear in public in a frankly disastrous state. This jumpsuit is clearly not in size for her, everything is tight: the shoulders are out of place, the neckline does not look as it should, and the “camel’s toe” is a shame.

Fashion duel: Mischa Barton vs Evan Rachel Wood

When Misha wore blonde curls, she was often compared to another blonde actress – Evan Rachel Wood. Belonging to the same type of appearance and having similar builds, many stars make up similar outfits. It happened so many times with this couple. One of the options for their fashionable battle is a different vision of what a black and white trouser bow should be. If an event with a strict dress code, then Wood certainly wins, but for a more informal meeting, it is Barton’s choice.

Eternal dynamics

Misha’s style is constantly changing, just like herself. Therefore, in conclusion, we propose to admire the evolution of fashionable images of the scandalous actress.

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