Zoe Diagel

Zoe Diagel

American actress and singer – Zoe Diagel – successfully builds his creative and personal life. Behind the shoulders have a long list of films and TV shows, music albums, recognition of the public. And Zoe – real style icon. Amazingly universal and fashionable images from the Shutney can be safely considered as a manual for beginner fashion.


Zoe was born in a hereditary Hollywood family. Her dad (Caleb Deshenel) – a successful film operator, and Mama (Mary Joe) – actress. Older sister Zoya – Emily – also actress. So the girl, as they say, simply “It was written on the skin” to become the path of replenishment of their famous Kinoshemia.

Full name received by the future star at birth – Zoe Claire Deschanel. She was born on January 17, 1980. By the way, initially the parents put a special meaning in the name of their youngest daughter. Caleb and Mary were very fond of the works of D. Salinger, and especially the story “Franny and Zooey”. So they named their daughter after the main character of the book. But, growing up, the girl discovered that she liked the pronunciation of “Zoe” much more. So, the original meaning of the name put in by the parents was lost, but Caleb and Mary are not at all sad about this.

The Deschanel sisters are very friendly, like their entire family. The main gift for an eminent clan is the opportunity to work together on the same project. Fortunately, such chances often fall out. In addition, Deschanel likes to appear together at various social events, and in general they try to spend a lot of time together.



Oddly enough, right after school, Zooey Deschanel did not waste time at universities, and immediately devoted her whole life to family business. Since 1998, when Zoe made her debut in her first television project, to this day, the filmography has been impressive. With the participation of the younger Deschanel, of course, there will be a dozen or two little-known films and TV series, but many pictures deserve attention and praise.

  • Almost Famous (2000)
  • “Manic” (2001)
  • Good Girl (2002)
  • Elf (2003)
  • “Living the winter” (2005)
  • “Love and Other Troubles” (2006)
  • “Bridge to Terabithia” (2007)
  • “Always say yes! “” (2008)
  • “500 days of summer” (2009)

The best TV shows in which Zoe appeared both episodically and with the main role are:

  • “Enchanted Kingdom”+
  • “Bones”+
  • “Newbie”.

The role in the last series brought the actress numerous nominations for such prestigious film awards as “Emmy” and “Golden Globe”.


It is worth noting that music lessons are probably Zoya’s only conscious choice. Being an actress was dictated to her by the profession reigning in her family. But Zoe’s personal desire was precisely for music. The girl even planned to specially learn the craft of musical theater, but then she realized that her fate – cinema and television – would still not let her go.

Zoe studied music at the hobby level: she wrote songs, came up with different numbers. But soon music penetrated into all areas of her life – Zoe even began to sing in films, write music for some of the paintings in which she played. Often Zoe’s soundtracks were comic in nature, such as the composition Who are you from the movie “Always Say Yes”.

Fortunately for Zoya, her film career was developing so successfully that music lessons did not interfere with her at all, and even benefited. So, Zoe began to release studio albums, arrange live performances. For many years, the actress was engaged in musical creativity as part of the duet She & Him, where Matthew Ward acted as a guitarist and part-time producer. On the shoulders of Zoe were assigned vocals, piano, sometimes ukulele. Listening to Zooey Deschanel’s voice is as enjoyable as watching her innate artistic talents, both in films and in video clips.

One of the performances – in the next video.

Similarities to Katy Perry / Sivan Morris / Felicity Jones

Very often there are doubles in the world of show business. Zoe looks like several famous people at once. Well, or they are like her – whoever likes it more. So, many call Zoe an intellectual copy of the singer Katy Perry. Just look at the photo – they are really quite difficult to distinguish from each other. By the way, if you get confused, hint: Zoe – on the left.

This chain of lookalikes is extended by another actress, very much like both Zoe and Katie. It’s about Sivan Morris – the star of British TV series. In the photo from left to right: Katie, Zoe, Sivan.

Actress Felicity Jones could well play the role of Zooey Deschanel’s understudy in some movie. This adorable actress also looks a lot like Zoe!

Personal life

Outwardly, she still resembles a mischievous girl, in Zoe’s life she is an experienced adult woman. The actress managed to survive one divorce, find a second husband and give birth to a child.

Zoe’s first spouse was musician – vocalist of the Death Cab for Cuitie band Ben Gibbard. They started dating in 2008 and got married in September 2009. But the marriage turned out to be fragile, the couple faced irreconcilable differences, and in 2012 they divorced.

Zoe’s second spouse was Jacob Pechenik, a Hollywood film producer. This union turned out to be warmer. In July 2015, the couple had their first child – a daughter, whom they named Elsie Otter.

It is also known that Zooey Deschanel is a close friend of Kate Hudson and Jake Gyllenhaal – they have known each other and have been close since high school. The actress also has good friendships with Joseph Gordon Levitt, her partner in several films.

Beauty secrets

One of the most striking features of Zooey Deschanel’s appearance is her stunning, huge and radiant eyes. Correct makeup helps to emphasize them.

The second striking feature of Zoe’s appearance is her hairstyle. Unchanging bangs only occasionally leave this talented head. Here are some of Zooey Deschanel’s most successful hairstyles.

Zoe’s figure is far from being a model – she has no androgynous thinness. But this does not prevent the actress from looking great in a swimsuit, being irresistible at any photo session.

By the way, Zoe’s height is also far from model – only 168 cm. The actress keeps weight within 55-57 kg.

By the way, after giving birth, Zoe very quickly returned to her usual form. Photo of 2016 confirms this.

Zoe has her own secrets of beauty and charm, which she happily shares with all the girls in the world. They may sound trivial, but they really work.

  1. Don’t get hung up on beauty.
  2. Always stay a child.
  3. Behave naturally.
  4. To refuse from bad habits.
  5. Eat right.

Zooey Deschanel Style

When you look at Zoe, it seems that this forever young girl will never become an adult boring aunt. But the youngest representative of the Deschanel film dynasty is already 37 years old! This bright actress and singer endows everyone not only with her roles and amazing voice, but also with inexhaustible energy. And her clothing style always either complements or slightly restrains this fountain of emotions.

For example, this ensemble – clearly demonstrates the second case. The idea itself is very extraordinary: both the print and the cut, the handbag chosen for this outfit. But the color scheme does not give a costume to become too screaming: deep blue, discreet dark red, and two auxiliary colors – black and beige. In this performance, the mini-skirt with the smell will never look like vulgar, and a simple, covering the entire top of the ensemble geometric pattern – will not be neither boring nor alyapic.

Monophonic images always look at Zoe no worse than color. For example, this is a white closed dress with a bas. Top adjacent, skirt in a fold, everything looks very elegant. And bright decorated boats on the small heel add alongside the highlight.

White outfits are always to the face of a sultry brunette with a dark skin tone. So, the actress looks the same effectively and in a short dress, made of bizarre lace, and in a lush doll dress. And Zoe’s variation on the theme “white top, black bottom” will never be boring: just check out this ensemble of a fluffy skirt and shirt with a bold neckline in the shape of a heart!

Zooey Deschanel showcases great ensembles for casual style. These are options for combining simple and comfortable clothing attributes with a skirt, jeans, and a coat. Comic images of Zoya, captured on Instagram, sometimes can and should be taken seriously. For example, this striped sweater with a 1990s aesthetic that is back at its peak.

Zoe combines coats and trench coats with the rest of the clothes according to the principle of color harmony: in the first case, all accessories were selected in black and red tones, in the second, Zoe decided to combine brown, beige and black shades.

And the next preppy outfit is very versatile. When the cardigan is buttoned up, the ensemble is suitable for going to school or work, if there is no strict dress code. And as soon as the buttons on the blouse are unbuttoned or it is completely removed, the outfit becomes evening. Ballerinas together with high heels are a trick that helps to make the image more defenseless, fragile, and thus more curious for the opposite sex.

Zooey Deschanel’s evening gowns are always very different. They can be delicate, luxurious, or even fatal! Let’s consider the most curious examples in order. Zoe’s craving for a combination of dark blue and deep red is not without reason: this range is in perfect harmony with the color type of the actress. Here we see a no less successful style of dress, which correctly plays up the figure of Deschanel (type “Pear”).

One more visual device is observed here, which we will see more than once in the images of Zoe. Since the girl’s height is rather modest, she very competently combines tights and shoes: they must be matched to match the tone so that the legs look longer. Let’s look at a few more examples of this trick. By the way, in the last photo there are no tights at all, but the dress opens up the legs quite strongly. Therefore, Zoe uses flesh-colored shoes in her outfit. And again you get the perfect image.

Delicate notes in Zooey Deschanel’s outfits always look very natural, correspond to her unintentional role of a very young girl. So, a short dress of a milk-cream shade has a girly simple and naive style. Immaculate black stiletto heels set off the look.

Another outfit, completely sustained in light beige, looks already more solid: the length, style, shine of rhinestones – this is no longer a girl from a neighboring yard, but a true princess waiting for her gentleman. In such an outfit, you can safely conquer hearts.

The pale blue range is another great option for creating fairy-tale doll outfits. The images Zoe created in the next two shots demonstrate her ability to wear dresses with puffy skirts correctly: if the style includes sleeves, you can afford to loose hair. If the dress is bustier, the ideal option is a hairstyle with hair gathered up.

The actress perfectly knows how to wear trendy shades of red and blue not only together, but also separately. A great example of this is the photos below. The blue outfit is more restrained, and the red one is fatal, seductive. The first is appropriate both in the evening and in the daytime (especially if you put on a black jacket on top), but the second option is exclusively for cocktails and special events.

Maxi length is associated with the red carpet, with a kind of celebration. And most women create an elegant, often very domineering image with a dress of this length. Something similar is demonstrated in the following photo and Zoe. In addition to such a mesmerizing length, this look is accompanied by a soft flowing satin, an open back, an original decor of the upper part of the dress.

But more often (even wearing maxi) Zoe creates precisely a gentle and defenseless image. At the same time, the actress always demonstrates a very interesting cut of the dress, always the original choice of fabric and additions to the dress.

And Zoe is one of the few girls who is madly in love with patterns in clothes – any. Moreover, absolutely any print for a Hollywood beauty fits perfectly, be it a cage, peas, stripes or flowers!

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