Stolen the idea: the Russian brand copied the outfit of the famous designer and disgraced

Russian brand clothes Rasario got into an unpleasant situation. He was caught in the plagiarism – Copying the outfit whose authorship belongs to the French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent (YSL).

That the model of the Russian Couturier is very similar to the legendary and, most importantly, a very famous outfit from French masters, drew attention to the eaten and meticulous administrators Instagram account @diet_prada, which illuminates the most different innovations and curiosities of the trendy world.

Stolen the idea: the Russian brand copied the outfit of the famous designer and disgraced

It’s about the outfit from satin pink top, which is fixed on the back a large pink bow, and a long black skirt from velvet.

Moscow brand Rasario presented it in his new PF19 collection. For verification, and the photo confirms this, the dress turned out to be a twin brother called “Paris Rose”, which was represented by designers of Yves Saint Laurent at the presentation of the 1983 autumn collection.

Channel administrators were outraged by such a naked plagiarism and asked representatives of the Russian fashionable brand to explain why they did that they did and what they expect, except that that People just do not remember the legendary dress from France.

Do not remember it difficult – the pink with a bow of YSL outfit was a recognized reference and easy to recognizable, almost the same as a small black dress Coco Chanel. It has repeatedly exhibited in different museums of the world as a landmark. In the same with the permission of Yves Saint Laurent, a year ago dressed up Barbie’s doll in the limited series of toys.

It is known that some of the world’s respected in the world have already bought a capital collection along with a pink “engraised” outfit, in which nothing has changed, even the color palette.

While Rasario representatives store proud silence, but everyone is clear that the explanations should soon follow.

The brand was created Rasida Lacoba seven years ago. Masters create their dresses in the capital of Russia in small armor. Rasario collection is positioned as emphasizing the beauty of each woman. For the most part, the brand produces evening and cocktail dresses with corsets made by hand.

Representatives of the brand more than once emphasized that they did not set themselves the tasks of doing fashionable outfits with a complex design, for them much more important than beauty and harmony. Apparently, beauty and harmony this time managed to find in the legendary outfit last century.

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