Stylish and wise – Top most fashionable ladies in solid age

Feeling of taste and style or there is a woman or absent in principle. And age does not play any role. But with age, the absence or presence of a sense of style becomes increasingly. If in twenty easily to be spectachable due to their own youth, then in fifty “hiding” nothing. And stylish ladies at this age admire truly, Since their sense of style is true, present.

See what delicious ladies who are far from ..

Iris Afel (97 years old)

About this stylish woman five years ago filmed a film, which was simply called “Iris”. Then the book came about her. Each day almost a half million subscribers carefully follow how one of the most unusual women from the world lives.

Stylish and wise - Top most fashionable ladies in solid age

A woman who will soon turn a century, possesses an individual style that hasn’t managed to copy yet. Under the clothes in her house, several rooms are reserved. Iris always adheres to the opinion that life is a rather sad thing, so why not please the surrounding their outfits? And the truth is why?

Mei Mask (71 years old)

As you already understood by last name, this is the mother of the inventor and the entrepreneur Ilona Mask. May – certified nutritionist and the last half a century worries in the model business. Despite age, she continues to be a face of some brands, regularly participates in photo sessions for gloss, visits parties and secular events, fashion shows. The secret of Beauty Mei sees in proper and rational nutrition.

Lauren Hatton (75 years old)

American rarely wears high heels, they never loved them. At the same time, and without traditional classic beauty accessories, the model looks very feminine. Every month Lauren gets a few sentences to be held for magazines about style and fashion, but it is quite picky – it agrees not to all contracts.

Anna Winters (69 years old)

Anna – Personality in the fashion world is known, it is the current editor of Vogue magazine. And in addition to considerable knowledge in journalism is still fashionable. Years, she believes, nothing, image – all. And therefore at what age does not agree to fall completely in black and dull, and also rarely wears the handbags in order not to burde.

Carmen Delle’orphich (88 years old)

This beauty on the covers of magazines from 14 years. And does not go anywhere from the model business. She wants to put a record, surpass the rest and go to the podium on the day of her century. It should be noted that it is already a record holder of the Guinness Book of Records as a model with the long career.

Daphny Self (91 years)

Briton on the podium is seven decades. To this day, it is one of the most sought-after models in the world. Gray Hair do not interfere with her successfully advertise youth clothing collections, it is one of the loved holders of the fashion house Jean-Field Gautier.

Often it is asked to complete fashion shows, and this is a very responsible task. In one of these appeals, Daphni appeared in a luxurious wedding dress. She grows four grandson.

Jane Fonda (81 years old)

American Beauty, the writer is rightfully considered an icon of style. Her figure and in such years almost flawless, and therefore it remains in demand model and actress. Perhaps there is no other such lady, which in such a mere age would not shy to get into leopard prints and wear bold overalls.

Helen Mirren (73 years)

The only thing helen loves to decorate. She almost does not wear them, but without them it turns out to look spectacularly and feminine. A big mistake model considers boring monophonic outfits. And therefore she always stands for crazy experiments in clothes.

Vera Wong (70 years)

Vera is a famous creator of wedding dresses. But her sense of style and taste is not limited to wedding dresses. She and herself looks very effectively and often shows an excellent figure in mini shorts.

Svetlana Svetlynaya (79 years old)

The only Russian woman in this list is still not inferior to the title of Sex Symbol Screen. Her passion – hats, brooches and all sorts of bright accessories. And today she allows himself a bold mini, showing all the same slender legs, which she conquered all the men’s population of the USSR in the film “Diamond Hand”.

Queen Elizabeth II (93 years)

Does the British Queen have his own sense of style, it’s hard to say, because the whole staff of stylists and couturiers are working with her, which thought the image of the monarch of Operations to the smallest detail. Every queen outfit – strict, modest, does not contradict the palace dress code, and at the same time each – almost the work of art.

Sophie Loren (84 years)

Sophie did not lose attractions. As before, she loves the neckline, cervical scarves. She continues to film, and each of her image is filled with sensuality and femininity. Outfits she always comes up and picks up herself.

Dian Kiton (73 years)

The actress creates so courageous images that any Russian pensioner-the same age will turn it into shock. But not kiton fans. She picks up hats, adores men’s pants and massive coarse shoes.

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