The most ridiculous hygiene methods that stars are held

Everyone has their own oddities – the stars are no exception. Jessica Simpson, for example, does not like to use the store toothpaste, and Brad Pitt wash.

The most ridiculous hygiene methods that stars are held

Perhaps the methods of hygiene and the truth exists much more than you can imagine. This can be seen by the example of stars.

Emma Stone

Actress, not so long ago with a new film “Crewla”, pays a lot of attention to the face care, in particular its cleansing. However, the tool that she makes cleaning can surprise – this is soda. According to the actress, the soda cleans the skin better than any scrub.

Cosmetologists do not advise to repeat over Emma Stone – because of this aggressive agent on the face may appear.

Brad Pitt

This guy has big problems with the shower! Brad Pitt is confident that regular bathing harms health. According to him, the water is associated with alkalis from cosmetics destroys the protective skin barrier, which makes a person more vulnerable to diseases.

The actor takes a shower no more than 1 time per week, but to get rid of sweat, wipes with wet napkins. But he washed and cleans his teeth, of course, regularly.

Leonardo di Caprio

Like his colleague on the film “Once in Hollywood” Brad Pitt, the actor rarely takes a shower and bath, which his former girl Giselle Bundchen. Leonardo di Caprio does not be lazy at all – it saves water, caring for the future of the planet.

In addition, it does not even use deodorant, believing that its use contributes to the destruction of the ozone layer.

Jessica Simpson

This actress will not make clean my teeth! Looking at her dazzling smile, it seems that Jessica Simpson constantly cleans his teeth, but in fact she does it 3 times a week. Once she said she didn’t like when her teeth were “slippery”.

Instead of pasta, she often chew a cheer, uses tooth thread and refreshing sprays for mouth.

Julia Roberts

Like Leonardo di Caprio and Brad Pitt Hollywood actress may not swim a few days. No, it’s not at all in Lena – she protects the resources of the planet and saves water.

One can only assume that the smell comes from Julia Roberts – Deodorants, she also does not use. According to her, she just does not like them.

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