The torn haircut of the Shingg has entered the fashion

Schuggy is a torn cascade. Such a haircut involves the tips of the hair with ribbons and as if prickly. Translated from English this word means “shaggy”, which reflects the essence of the haircut – the curls stick out in different directions, creating a negligence effect.

The torn haircut of the Shingg has entered the fashion

A little about haircut

The haircut has become popular in the 70s. Girls abroad willingly made themselves such. Later, Shinggi got to the CIS countries. A distinctive sign of such a haircut – a mess on the head. The greatest effect can be achieved by laying – strands are fixed on the top of the scattered.

If you have rare hair – Shinggi’s haircut will be unequivocal! It gives hair hair. Women with thick hair haircut perfectly complement.

If we talk about the character, then it also matters. The most Shaggy goes to girls who willingly go to the adventure, with mischievous and even a little childish character. Such a haircut was chosen by many famous beauties: Chrissa Teygen, Macy Williams, Polina Gagarina and others.

Haircut can be combined with any bangs and different colors of hair. Shaggy is appropriate for any length that huge plus. For example, Svetlana Permova has such a haircut in a duet with long curls, and Svetlana Ustinova with a kara.

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