This is a surprise! Russian stars changed in 2021 beyond recognition

With the emergence of a pandemic in many people, including stars, a lot of free time has appeared. Someone began to reflect on her life, and someone seriously think about the cardinal change in themselves.

Ready to argue, you will be surprised by the transformation of these stars!

This is a surprise! Russian stars changed in 2021 beyond recognition

Dmitry Malikov

How did you always see it? Romantic smiling? Malikov remained so, but I decided to add brightness to the hair – he painted them in a brighter shade and a little cut hair. Yes, and it has become more modern. No one expected such changes!

Nelli Uvarova

The actress basically knows the role in the film “Do not be born beautiful”. Nelli Uvarova did not go into light for a long time, but recently came out and struck everyone, she appeared in the “Evening Urgant” with gray hair and in balahonic clothes.

Nelli followed the other style. He added actress age.

Julia Snikir

Snigar from nature Girl is beautiful, so that she would not choose, it seems to her go! Gradually hair actresses are getting shorter. By the way, the haircut was not made under the influence of the mood, but for the sake of the role in the film “Time of Years Winter”.

Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhnev supports classic beauty: chooses underlining clothes shape, long hair, nude makeup. It is almost always in the same role, so her any transfiguration immediately attract attention.

Brezhnev decided to try on big glasses for the photo and made curls. No one reminds?

Katya Lel

Singer Katya Lel differs on the background of other performers. She was always a bright girl, and now it became brighter! Singer painted hair on fire red. It is worth noting, it goes bright hair.

Maria Poroshina

In the past, the actress experimented a lot with her hair and finished 2020 with dark. However, she still goes to her natural blond, so the poroshina returned to him. Although still slipping caramel shade.

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