Two of the Lart: Celebrities that have twins or twins

The birth of twins or twins – the phenomenon is amazing. Once the birth of the “same” children was considered a curse, and today the gift of fate. It is interesting to observe the stars that have twins – despite the same appearance, their characters are often very different ..

Two of the Lart: Celebrities that have twins or twins

Two: me and my shadow

Sisters Olsen

About this couple know, perhaps, all! Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – the most famous twins in the world. Girls were born on June 13 in 1986. They got into the cinema at all completely crumbs – they were at that time 9 months. Sisters Olsen became the most young billionaires.

Brothers Grimm

These red twins know all. They were born on June 6, 1981, and since 1998 began to engage in music. At the same time, they created the group “Brothers Grimm”, and they quickly appeared fans after the hit “Clasp the eyelashes and flying”.

Sisters Arntgolts

Two twin sisters appeared on March 18, 1982 in Kaliningrad. In the late 90s, the girls went to act in theatrical, but they were denied, explaining that their duet would be uninteresting to people. However, in the “pinch” they were taken from the first time.

Brothers Felps

These twins got into the movies quite by chance. Their mom heard Casting in Harry Potter, where two twin brothers were required, and decided to try fate. After that, James and Oliver began to film. Guys were born on February 25, 1986 – not to distinguish one from another! Over time, all the same, this fans began to succeed – on the left eyebrow of James Scar, and Oliver’s nose with a porridge. In addition, they adhere to different styles in clothes.

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