Unrealistic beautiful: 10 models that do not really exist

Often we admire the beauty of models representing new collections of clothes or new cars, and at the same time we can not even mind the fact that beauty or handsome is actually does not exist. He never had a childhood, school graduation and first love. Sources of model beauty are unexpectedly becoming .. Non-existent virtual models.

Recently, the new Ambassador Renault has become a virtual beauty Lil. She masterfully drives cars and assures that he loves to exist in our real world.

Unrealistic beautiful: 10 models that do not really exist

Brands have become massively agreeing that their persons become not living people with their whims and claims, the flour of fame and needs, and robots, virtual infoensors who do not ill, do not require the addition of fees, do not break the shooting and are not aging.


The beauty was created not a mother with a dad, but a whole studio of 3D Modeling Cafe specialists, which specializes in special effects for movies and games. Virtual beauty taught not only to publish their pictures, but also to record Instagram Stories. Now she is a fashionable blogger.


25-year-old model Shai appeared online only three months ago. She claims to “the girl’s dream of any”. In fact, this is a commercial project with virtual beauty.

Lil Michel

It was invented in the company BRUD. By legend, lil 19 years. And she can rightly envy live rovels – more than one and a half million people are signed on her profile. And all because in addition to beauty, Lil is an active participant of photo shoots, and she recorded its own music album.

Colonel Sanders

Yes. This gray-haired intelligent old man in KFC advertising is also a virtual character. The Network of Fastfud deliberately refused to work with alive models, because this unreal colonel seemed to them the perfect model.

Dagni and Brenn

Famous model, which even has a permanent place of work – Virutual model agency The Diigitals. This organization literally set forth the goal so that live girls live in reality, and there were more virtual infoensors on the pages and TV screens.

Works in the same agency and other famous model Plus-size – Brenn.

Liam Nikuro

First virtual man of Japan. Created by 1Sec Inc. The manufacturer decided to overlook the Digital Model Agency and put a goal of any little to take and combine reality and virtuality. Probably, the film “Matrix” was strongly inspired.

In such conditions there is no time to relax. It is possible that beautiful or handsome, with whom you will start correspondence in social networks, will suddenly be non-existent. And this is already – the prospect of the coming years.

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