We go to the east: stylists noted that modern fashion is increasingly striving for the eastern traditions

The unique trend noted the stylists who analyzed the latest world fashion shows – from Fashion Week in Paris to the Days of Arab Fashion Al Arabia Fashion Days – In the everyday life of women literally breaking the Arab motifs in clothes.

For the change of mini-skirts, elongated models come, and even at all skirts in the floor, to replace the fitting dresses – wide and fairly loose tunics and balaphs and rhinestones. It reminds a fairy tale about Lamp Aladdin.

We go to the east: stylists noted that modern fashion is increasingly striving for the eastern traditions

Eastern motives are persistently knocking in everyday female fashion showing luxury. The most popular materials in this season were silk, velvet and organza – traditional fabrics for eastern beauties. Increasingly on dresses you can see the Persian pattern of the ikat or its variations.

Increasingly women wear scarves. Muslims at the same time have learned well to combine hijab with heel shoes, and traditional Abai with ripped jeans. The rest take into service only the individual elements of the Eastern Fashion – Wide organza scarves, bright and catchy decorations.

Fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev said that Islamization of the entire fashion industry is coming. And Muslim Abai has already entered the Collection of Dolce and Gabbana, and Fashioner Michael Sinko, who is famous for its fabulous outfits in the style of Arab night, is already dressing Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and many other stars.

And experts believe that it is only the very beginning.

In the last century, the women’s fashion sought to frankly, with each decade, the woman was exposed more and more, and, apparently, the maximum moment of oversaturation. And now short, transparent dresses and skirts and even their absence no one will not be surprised and not interested.

But some mysteriousness that does not open everything for everyone to review, now, on the contrary, is in fashion.

Fashion experts advise to remember how quickly won the love of women East Turban, which are now ladies combine even with rocker jackets, feathers and pompons. The next step is for Abay, experts say. It is perfectly combined with sneakers, and shoes, and with jackets.

Abaya is a traditional Arab women’s long dress with sleeves and without a belt. In national culture it is intended for wearing public places. The dress is often decorated with embroidery, beads, rhinestones.

Already, Abaiya is often found on women who are not Muslims, but soon Fashion on such a dress will be released on urban streets, Confident stylists.

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