Will you know the actors that hide under stage makeup?

The acting profession has its drawbacks: an abnormal schedule of work and unscrewed colleagues, as well as closer attention to the media and too loving fans. But in general, to be an actor, probably quite interesting: no project is similar to the previous one (unless, of course, do not play in the same series for years), you have to travel a lot for sakery, living hundreds of lives in different countries and epochs, and sometimes even fully change appearance.

And it happens that the actor makes it so good that it is not possible to learn even the closest people – not that journalists and fans. There are those about which viewers are already well known (like Charlize Theron as Eilein Wornos, or Marion Cotilarr as Edith Piaf), but whether you can learn these celebrities in makeup, and say what picture a character?


Will you know the actors that hide under stage makeup?





one. Tilda Suinton

In the film “Suspiriyar”, the British actress played choreographer Helen Marcos – and, as the inventive journalists later found out, not only her. Loving Mysteries of Tilda also performed the role of the German psychiatrist Joseph Clemperra, and in the credits indicated that he played a certain Lutz Ebersdorf.

2. Rene Zellweger

In order to reincarnate in the legendary actress and singer Judy Garland in the biographical film “Judy”, Rene had to put the grimers and wear wigs, but also to try on a whole range of dentures. But it was worth it!

3. Colin Farrell

How can I find out in this frightening man of Irish handsome Colin Farrell? The actor fans were very happy when they found out that he would play in the new film about Batman, and then … could not find him in the trailer. I had to explain to them that this Colin plays Oswald Chesterfield Cobblenk, also known under the pseudonym penguin!

4. Meril Strip

Talented actress is often reincarnated for the sake of roles, but it is no longer a reincarnation – it is plastic surgery! In the mini-series “Angels in America”, Meril played a lot of roles, including old rabbi. Even her colleagues on the shooting platform did not immediately understand, with whom they deal!

five. Helena Bonham Carter

Helen not to get used to changing the sake of the role – she boldly reincarnates in the strangest people and creatures, like the queen of worms in the fantastic film “Alice in Wonderland”. But for the sake of the role in the picture “Planet Monkeys” Bonham Carter had to go further: the application lasted five hours every day!

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