All About Bushnell Monoculars

All About Bushnell Monoculars

The monocular is a portable magnifying device that looks like half a pair of binoculars or a telescopic sight. It is lightweight, compact, but at the same time quite functional. In this article we will tell you about the popular monoculars produced by the famous American company Bushnell (“Bushnell”).

Advantages and disadvantages

The Bushnell company is known all over the world for its high-tech optical equipment designed for hunting, fishing, mountaineering, tourist recreation and just for nature lovers. The company produces monoculars, laser rangefinders, optical sights, GPS devices, security cameras, binoculars, including theatrical.

The advantages of monoculars manufactured by the manufacturer Bushnell include the following features:.

  • Pleased with compactness and low weight with high power of the device. It’s nice to keep it close to your eyes, to carry it in your pocket. Convenient shapes and lightness of the product make it possible to use it even for children.
  • The monocle has movable optics with the functions of extending and rotating lenses. This makes it possible to customize the device for people with vision problems.
  • High-quality FullVision coated lenses deliver accurate, high-contrast images that are free from any errors. Even hand shake does not affect the clarity of the picture (due to use without a tripod).
  • The size of the lens allows for comfortable observation at any time of the day, and the BaK-4 glasses are completely harmless to the eyes, since they do not create distortion.
  • The products use a coating made using RainGuard HD technology, it allows you to repel any liquids from the device that, getting into the lens, could spoil the image.
  • The monocular is protected from shocks and accidental drops by an ultra-durable polymer case containing another coating – EXO Barrier, which can repel not only moisture, but also dust and dirt.
  • The equipment works flawlessly with a run-up of temperatures from – 35 to + 50 degrees. Argon gas, used to fill the optics, makes it possible for the lenses to fog up at any temperature fluctuations.
  • Meticulous accuracy of equipment assembly is noted, which provides monoculars with a long service life.

Bushnell products are constantly tested, experts ensure the well-coordinated operation of any device. As for the shortcomings, they were not identified in monoculars of this brand. All complaints about the quality and operation of the technique refer to Chinese counterfeits, which, apart from their appearance, have nothing to do with Bushnell products.


The most popular among the monoculars of the company was won by the super-powerful Bushnell 16×52 device. But the rest of the models (95×52, 35×95,16×40) are endowed with excellent characteristics.

Bushnell 16×52

The device is enclosed in a robust housing with a beautiful design. Rubber inserts provide additional protection against moisture, mechanical stress and create an anti-slip effect. The very shape of the monocular is ergonomic, feels good in the hand. The lens has a diameter of 52 mm, the viewing angle, even with one eyepiece, is 180 degrees. Focusing occurs at a minimum distance of 1.5 m.

The product with dimensions 170x65x65 cm weighs only 270 g, is easy to carry and store. Despite its diminutive shape, the device is quite powerful, with adjustable settings, able to adapt to any owner. No special training required.

The product contains a case and a strap that allows you to wear it around your neck and use it at the right time without delay.

Bushnell 95х52

The monocular is even smaller than the 16×52 model, it weighs only 250 g, has parameters 150x53x60. Focusing occurs at a minimum distance of 5 m. The device is equipped with a 40 mm lens, magnification is possible up to 16 times, it is enclosed in a reliable metal case with rubberized pads. Manual focus helps to fit the eyepiece for any person. The device is equipped with a loop that fits over the hand, and in the case the product is attached to the belt.

Bushnell 10х42

The monocular is characterized by powerful optics that display a clear picture with good color presentation even in poor visibility (dusk, fog). Prism view – Roof, glass type – BK-7, improves image quality with multi-layer coating of low dispersion lenses. The objective lens diameter is 42 mm, the device has a tenfold magnification, and weighs 375 g.

Moisture-resistant housing allows you to operate the equipment in any weather. And filling the lenses with inert gases protects them from condensation. The part of the monocle in contact with the eye is designed in such a way that the device can be used without removing glasses.

An excellent addition to the monocular is a tripod, thanks to which it is easy to carry out long-term observation.

Bushnell 10×25

The compact device fits easily into a purse, purse or even a pocket. Can be used daily for detailed study of the area. The monocular has a set of diopters for problem vision. FullVision coated lenses deliver excellent 10x image quality. The case is robust, in a traditional pleasant design.

Bushnell 7×20

The monocular has different degrees of protection: from dust, dirt, moisture, shock and falls. Endowed with quality lenses with BK-7 glass, sevenfold image, durable metal body. The eyecup is cushioned with a rubber frame. The device works perfectly at any time of the year, does not react to the vagaries of the weather and poor visibility.

Bushnell 35х95

The classic design of the case looks nice. The device weighs only 250 g and is suitable for daily wear. Despite its size, the equipment has decent power, a tenfold increase.

Moisture-resistant housing and a clear image allow you to use the equipment in rain and snow, without experiencing the influence of bad weather on the quality of work and the integrity of the device.

Review overview

Bushnell is a world-famous company that values ​​its authority. It would seem that reviews of monoculars should only be positive, but this is not the case. The opinions of users turned out to be not only different, but absolutely contradictory. The real positive aspects include the light weight and compactness of the device, in this regard it is so invisible that you can carry it with you all the time. This fact is noted even in negative reviews.

Most of the owners of monoculars are enthusiastic about the possibilities of night vision, clear images, excellent zoom, good range. Celebrate the quality of the lenses and the reliability of the sturdy, non-slip housing.

At the same time, in other reviews, except for the pleasant price formed by a successful action, contains a solid negative. Night vision is not at all, the image is blurred, and the plastic on the case is unlikely to stand the random drop. Especially indignant buyers declared range of 8000 m, but in fact there is no 800, and 16-fold increase, although the device does not increase even 2 times.

Having studied the problem deeper, we found the answer to these contradictions. It turns out that some little-known online stores under the brand of the famous brand are sold for 1000-1500 p. Chinese fakes, actually toys with plastic lenses without any spraying fullvision, in a weak body, which will not protect any of the water, nor from shocks, although in the proposed characteristics all these “miracles” are promised.

There is only one conclusion: good equipment cannot be cheap, and it should be purchased on sites that are official suppliers of optical devices from Bushnell.

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