Choosing an illuminated magnifier

Choosing an illuminated magnifier

Painstaking work requires good vision. However, in the modern world it is very difficult to meet a person who could boast of this. If you need to work, and your eyes fail, you just need to buy an illuminated magnifier. This will be the best option to solve the problem.


A Powerful Illuminated Magnifier is an instrument that generally consists of a lamp and a magnifying lens. Distinguish between handheld and tripod magnifiers.

Manual includes a frame, a lens (its surfaces are intentionally curved) and a handle (it can be curved, folding or straight). And also the device has a backlight. This device enlarges objects both 2 times and 20 times.

The illuminated tripod magnifier consists of a tripod, frame, lens and light.

You need to know that rays of light that filter through the curved glass of the lens are bound to gather at a specific location. The path from the center to the point is called the focal point, and it can range from 21 mm to 201 mm. The glass structure system can consist of either 1 lens or multiple lenses. Designations in the form of such signs: 7, 10, 15 X indicate the approach of your eye to the object.

The frames of modern lenses are different. There are classic frames that can be made of plastic or metal. However, in order to improve the image, manufacturers are trying to produce lenses without frames.


You can’t surprise a modern person with a hand-held pocket magnifier. Therefore, if you are in need of such a device, then you should familiarize yourself with the variety of choices.

The illuminated measuring magnifier consists of a scale and magnifies objects by 10 times. It can be neck.

There is a magnifier for viewing books and for viewing small pictures. It can be round and square. Such a device can be hung for convenience on the neck or mounted on a clothespin. Foldable handle makes it easy to use both at home and on the go.

The stationary grain magnifier has a special rim so that when examining the quality of the grain, it does not crumble.

The textile industry uses a large foldable professional viewing magnifier to view the fibers of the fabric.

Optical magnifier for watch repair is very small. With the help of this device, small mechanisms are considered.

Pocket transforming magnifier is called so for good reason. It can be foldable. Therefore, they are used in everyday life because of convenience.

Third hand or magnifying lamp – this is the name of the model with a mount. It can be rectangular. Typically, such products have a support base on which the main device is attached.

It should be added that such units can also be endowed with a mirror (for convenience), a battery for an LED light bulb, a flexible mount (which helps to turn the magnifier in any direction), infrared illumination (to determine the authenticity of banknotes).

Model overview

Manufacturers compete with each other for convenience and quality. Therefore, the range of products such as illuminated magnifiers is very diverse.

Schweizer produces a huge number of models. The ruler of this direction consists of both hand-made small specimens and rather large ones.

Take for example Autolux illuminated hand-held unit, which provides a magnification of 6 times and eliminates the effect of flickering. And here is another instance – folding magnifier Ergo-Pocket endowed with a spherical lens. It has almost no weight, and the mechanism of the device helps to decompose it very quickly.

Another device is the Bright Field magnifier. Its aspherical glass can magnify the image up to 2x.

Eschenbach’s next manufacturer produces a line of optical devices that can be used not only in everyday life, but also in the professional sphere. This range has a Galilean Rido-Med system that can clearly record working distances.

There are also simpler options. For example, folding unit Classic is the ideal unit with a small body and very good magnification. There is another very an interesting example is Ash Technologies. This line assumes the release of high-tech electronic magnifiers.

Here’s one example: Ash Prisma HD. This type of product involves connecting to a TV. As a result, the system allows the consumer to both read and work under the camera.

Bigger brand manufactures electronic magnifiers. With the help of them you can both read and look at very small objects.

Rexant line provides for the production of magnifying lamps (these products have built-in LEDs). They are used in cosmetology.

Veber company produces measuring and bench instruments. This item is multifunctional. For example, there is a Veber MG7173 illuminated magnifier. With this design, you can take angular measurements on the plane. Another interesting model is the 15119-B Veber. It is used in various fields.

Criterias of choice

You need to consider the type of activity in order to choose the best model. For example, which model is better: stationary or manual?

The manual unit is needed for short-term magnification, but the stationary unit can be used for a long time, and it also frees the hands. And it is very convenient. Therefore, if you need a magnifying glass for manicure or for performing minor work, then choose a stationary model.

There are models for needlework. Such a type of models involves fastening on the head or neck. For example, if you need an embroidery magnifying glass, then you can take advantage of this option.

For masters of various orientation, models with backlit and a magnifying glass of a certain diameter are suitable. For example, if you choose “Enloss” for a sewing machine, choose it backlit. Watchmakers often use magnifying glass. Therefore, each of them has an hourly loupe. Measuring loupe will suit those specialists who work with drawings.

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