All about selective perfumery

All about selective perfumery

Currently, the range of high-quality perfumery is just huge and constantly updated with new positions. Selective high quality products are very in demand. Such flavors produce many well-known brands. In this article we will understand in all features and characteristics of selective perfumery.

What it is?

First of all, it is worth to figure out what the term is as selective perfumery. If we talk simple words – these are exclusive perfume products intended for a narrow circle of buyers. Niche aromas are not advertised as any other varieties of spirits. They are sold far away in all outlets.

High-quality selective aromas can be the most different. This category includes floral, and fruit, and complimentary, and many other varieties of perfumery. Such products are distinguished by rare and exclusive components that are included in their composition. This feature is reflected in the final value of niche aromas.

Comparison with the usual perfume and luxury class

To understand all the features of the selective perfume, it makes sense to hold a parallel between it and standard, luxury perfume products. We will analyze the main differences.

  • The most pronounced difference between the specified types of products is the set of ingredients, which includes their composition. Selective perfume attracts a beautiful pyramid composed of rare and unusual notes.
  • Standard luxury perfume and perfume perfumes are usually inferior by resistance to niche products. The latter can be saved on the user’s skin up to 2 days. If we talk about ordinary toilet water, it is extremely rarely held for more than 8 hours.
  • Another bright difference in selective perfumery from luxury or simple – cost. Niche flavors are always much more expensive because they have more expensive components.

Selective perfumery is difficult to confuse with conventional flavors. The first thing that rushes into the eye is the price of niche products. Original selective fragrance will not cost cheap.

High-quality aromas occupying a higher niche produce many of the popular and famous brands. Such perfume products offer both women and men. Consider a small overview of the most popular manufacturers producing very good and sought-after spirits.


Such a name wears a well-known fashion house based on James Atkinson. ATKINSON products are extremely popular because it is distinguished by impeccable quality. Brand flavors are very in demand. In their composition there are exceptionally natural components. Today, the best perfumers cooperate with the trendy house, thanks to which some top archival flavors were revised at one time.

ATKINSON niche flavors are closed in elegant, slightly brutal bottles. They not only smell, but also look expensive. The cost of the original perfume from ATKINSON will not be less than 10 thousand rubles.


Another major manufacturer of chic perfume products for representatives of strong sex. BRAND AJMAL was founded by Haji Ajmal Ali. From the very beginning, Haji, who lived in a poor family of Indian farmer, planned to engage in family business. They were opened her own perfume shop. Over time, the products that Haji offered was very popular and was approved by most consumers. So the brand AJMAL appeared.

Currently, AJMAL is a unique trendy house. High-quality perfumery of this brand attracts not only truly chic aroma, but also a very beautiful design. Bottles in which spill perfume are a real work of art. Ajmal perfumes repeatedly won large awards and were recognized at the highest levels.


Amouage is a famous perfume class class ultralyux brand. High-quality Amouage Nice Spirits Choose Many famous personalities. Aromas brand multifaceted, persistent, closed in attractive bottles. Amouage’s first perfumes were released in 1983. Gorgeous fragrance saw the light due to the initiative of Prince Osman. He wanted to revive the traditions of perfume art times of Ancient Arabia. So a trading house called Amouage. The first fragrance was named Amouage Gold. He was developed by the famous French perfumer Gi Robert. The resulting composition has become a real brand symbol.

Each of the subsequent aromas of Amouage was developed only by experienced perfumes – real professionals of their case. To this day, the perfume brand products demonstrate very complex, but competently composed fragrant compositions that differ in unique saturation and brightness. Amouage’s spirits are expensive, rare components, so their cost is quite high.


This is a well-known Italian brand offering the choice of connoisseurs exclusively luxurious, high-quality perfume. Xerjoff is relatively young – it was founded in 2003-2004 by designers Sergio Momo and Dominic Salvo.

The exquisite perfume of the Italian brand is applied to the adorable bottles made from Venetian glass. Such registration only once again underlines the elegance, value and uniqueness of the original aromas. Sketches of beautiful bubbles are designed by Sergio Momo.

A feature is that the volume of each bottle is not perfectly accurate and is approximately 30-40 ml. Similar inaccuracy and light error provoked by manual manufacture of branded products.


This name is French brand. Kilian is a relatively young but already glorified perfume house. Collections issued by him quickly won great popularity among lovers of luxury aromas.

BRAND KILIAN was founded in 2007. From the first collections, he became rapid conquer respect for secured buyers. The founder of the company became Kilian Hennessy, which is the heir of the world famous brandy house Moet Hennessy. According to Kilian’s idea, the flavors released by them should not only emphasize the style of a person, but also become his “second skin”.


Selective perfumery of this famous brand attracts connoisseurs not only by charming, mysterious flavors, but also beautiful bottles of original design. The founder of the famous brand is Pierre Montal. It is considered the most mysterious perfumer of modernity. Pierre tries to avoid publicity and even interview gives extremely rarely. There is very little information about the life of the perfume, but one thing is known to know the most bright secrets of luxury and multifaceted flavors. He went to the east.

Montale is the only one in its kind brand producing perfume products in which French chic and eastern luxury are combined. Currently, the niche aromas of this brand are very popular and have a lot of fans around the world.

The Woods Collection

Young, but very successful brand. Was founded in 2016. At the same time, The Woods Collection came to the market. The last “fragrant” development from this manufacturer went to the counters in 2019. The Woods Collection products are served in strict but attractive bottles, the design of which has light retrographs. The range of perfumery of the company is mainly represented by high-quality flavors of unisex.

The brand offers many wonderful products that are suitable for both women and male images.

The best flavors

Selective perfume is constantly updated, the list of top copies is replenished with new aromas. Large brands offer to the choice of connoisseurs of cool news, as well as in-demand archival products – to choose the ideal option can even the most demanding buyer.

We will get acquainted closer with the best niche flavors that produce well-known manufacturers.

Montale Dark Purple

Chic fragrance created specifically for connoisseurs of rich and beautifully decorated perfume. Belong to the group of east-floral smells. Was released in 2011. Montale Dark Purple developed Pierre Montal himself. Interesting and attracting the fragrance demonstrates a very original and juicy pyramid of the composition composed of plum and orange.

In addition to these notes, Montale Dark Purple fragrance fascinates the attractive chord of red berries, roses, patchwork, geranium, amber, teak tree, musk. High-quality perfume is closed into an expressive purple bottle with golden inscriptions and dispenser. Montale Dark Purple is a wonderful gift that is optional to complement bright and elegant packaging. The design of the bottle allows not to spend at this time.

Ajmal Aurum

Stunning Nice Perfumery for Women. Fresh and attractive fragrance. Refers to flower-fruit family. Was released back in 2011, but to this day remains in demand. The top notes of the feminine and fresh perfume Ajmal Aurum are represented by raspberry and lemon, medium – orange flower, gardensia and jasmine, and basic – vanilla, amber, musk, wood shades. This gorgeous perfume water, created specifically for women, attracts a lot of attention, like many other train flavors.

Ajmal Aurum is elegance, fascinating magic, sensuality. Excellent solution for real connoisseurs of interesting and multifaceted aromas.


Cool female fragrance relating to the class of oriental floral. CREED LOVE IN WHITE IN PRODUCTION Since 2005. In Russia, this feminine fragrance is still known entitled “Love in White”. Creed Love in White has developed Creative Director Olivier Cre.

As part of the playful aromatic composition, there are such carefully selected components:

  • iris+
  • magnolia+
  • narcissus+
  • rice+
  • the Rose+
  • jasmine+
  • Sandal+
  • ambergris+
  • vanilla.

Considered perfumery water is very gentle, light. Attracts women with pleasant spring notes. In addition, this selective product has a beautiful and original design. Flake female perfume is made of snow-white with elegant silhouette.


Female fragrance, which was created in 2003. Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille is a perfume that is most suitable for the autumn season. Different with good resistance indicators. The sound of the considered fragrance can be safely called an unusual, exciting. Original Selective Perfume Water SERGE Lutens Un Bois Vanille is poured into minimalist elongated bottles, complemented by a long black label and a black round cap.

The female perfume in question belongs to the group of Gourmet Eastern. Demonstrates Charming Notes Sandal, Lacrifices, Almonds, Muscs, Coconut, Bee Wax, Vanilla, Bobs Slim. Such a composition is rare, multifaceted and very juicy. French perfume from Serge Lutens is sold in bottles of 50 or 100 ml. And on sale you can find testers bottle.

Amouage Interlude for Women

Another wonderful autumn fragrance for women. Refers to a group of chip flower. First went to the market in 2012. Attracts lovers of high-quality flavors with a beautiful bottle made in oriental style. The bottle itself is made blue, and the cap is golden.

Women who choose only the best selective aromas, AMOUAGE INTERLUDE FOR WOMEN perfume seems very expressive, sexy, whisk and energetic. Among them are those who call the product in question by a real masterpiece.

Montale Rose Elixir

Now the perfume brand Montale is very fashionable. Fragrances from Pierafume Pierre Montalale enter not in one rating and top perfume products. So, one of the exclusive niche masterpieces became perfume Montale Rose Elixir. French product refers to a group of floral fruit. Closed in coquettful pink bottle.

The bright composition of the fragrance is made up from the following notes:

  • citrus+
  • the Rose+
  • Strawberry+
  • Strawberry sheet+
  • jasmine+
  • African orange color+
  • ambergris+
  • musk+
  • vanilla+
  • patchouli+
  • Tangerine.

Montale Rose Elixir is a very resistant aroma. He is bright, juicy, sweet, but at the same time completely unobtrusive. Perfume produced since 2010.

Kilian Love Don`t be shy

Continues the list of best niche products aroma kilian love don`t be shy. This is a high-quality female perfume, which first saw the light in 2007. Kilian Love Don`t Be Sy is available today. The fragrance is very cheerful, positive, bright. Refers to the flower group. Causes Associations With Innocent First Love, Clauses Fragrant Honeysuckle and Velvet Roses with Sweet Shades of Candy Marshello.

Women’s fragrance in question attracts very high resistance. Suitable for both cool autumn and blooming spring. Kilian Love Don`t Be Shy is a sweet, but unobtrusive perfume that is worn easily.


On the listed top fragrances, the list of niche products does not end. There are still many high-quality French, Italian, Arab, American and many other perfumes who are selective. Consider several other popular flavors from world famous brands.

  • Khaltat Maryam Al Haramain. These are high-class Arabic selective perfume. Sold in very beautiful, “fabulous” bubble. Oil perfumes belong to the Unisex category and perfectly suited to representatives of both sexes. The upper stacks of fragrance are represented by musk, medium – musk, sugar, rose, and basic – musk and wood shades.

  • Montale Aoud Lagoon. Lovely Toilet Water from Montale. Suitable for the completion of light images for the summer. Attracts juicy floral, spicy forest aroma. Demonstrates marine accents, citrus notes.

This niche perfume boasts a unique loop that resembles a sea breeze.

  • Agonist №10 WHITE OUD. Very light flower perfume. Supplemented by notes of white musk, Cyprilala, Uda, gray amber. Top notes are represented by ylang-ylang and lily. Agonist №10 White Oud is a unique and one-of-a-kind fragrance that creates a special frosty atmosphere, diluted with floral shades.

  • Killing Me Slowly. Very interesting niche fragrance from the Kilian brand. Will become a win-win solution of women who love saturated, but at the same time soft, as if silk fragrant compositions. This is an incredibly sensual, passionate fler, composed of shades of black currant, Bulgarian rose, lychee, Iris, Madagascar Vanilla. Killing Me Slowly – these are luxurious selective perfumes that are perfect for a romantic date.

  • Oud Palao from Diptyque. Fragrance demonstrating sound quality notes. This is a very fashionable and trend copy. And also in perfume, chords of the Bulgarian Vanilla, Tobacco, Patchley.

How to choose?

The choice of original and high-quality niche perfumes should be taken with a maximum seriousness. So as not to be disappointed in the perfect expensive purchase, it makes sense to take advantage of specialists.

  • If you want to purchase a real branded selection, it is advisable to visit the corresponding boutique. Real niche spirits from well-known brands can only be purchased at such outlets, but not only in doubtful perfumery shops or in the market.
  • According to the advice of Pierre Guillaume (the author of the compositions for Pierre Guillaume, Parfumerie Generale and others), you should look after the sticks of the bottle, which you will like more. Oddly enough, so it is often easier to find exactly the product that wants to buy a buyer.
  • If you follow the advice of Pierre Gioma, then then you should familiarize yourself with the flavors that have the widest line of compositions. After that, 2-3 copies can be allocated. They need to be blocked on the skin and find the most successful option for themselves.

However, the recommendations of Pierre Gioma use at all not necessarily. The choice in favor of “their” spirits can be done differently.

  • You can still look at the bottle, the design of which you will like more. Try the fragrance not only on the paper probe, but also on your own skin, for example, on the wrist.
  • Do not rush to buy tried aroma, even if you really liked you. Lock boutique. Wear a niche perfume for yourself until the end of the day, to figure out in detail how it is revealed, as far as he is resistant. Making sure that the selective perfume arranges you in everything, you should return to the boutique and make a purchase.

Buy original niche perfume, like different, follows only in proven outlets with an ideal reputation. Always examine the product before buying.

And the bottle itself, and the box, in which it is packaged, should be in impeccable state. Nowhere should there be damage or defects.

How to use?

To choose a little and buy an ideal suitable perfume, they still need to use correctly. Consider the main features related to the competent operation of expensive niche spirits.

  • So that the bought selective spirits have demonstrated all the fragrant notes, it is not necessary to “lure” with their head to the legs. If the smell will be too much, it will be annoying, and not please. Quite literally couples drops.
  • High-quality perfume should be applied only on a clean body. You can use the spirits immediately after visiting the soul, bath. Warm water forms on the skin surface perfect ground for disclosing brand odor. And also pre-skin cover can be treated with a leaving moisturizer.
  • If you bought a perfume with a sprayer, then splashing it on yourself at a distance of an elongated hand. With this method of application, the perfume will not leave stains on clothes.
  • If the bottle is not equipped with auxiliary means, the perfume should drop on the finger, and then apply to the body. I am not necessary to rub perfumes, because because of this, the sound of aroma can change, the process of its evaporation will accelerate.
  • Never use a plug from the bottle in which the spirits are. If it suddenly falls fat, it is mixed with liquid inside the tank. The composition of the fragrance from this will definitely suffer.
  • If I want to perfume well and attract attention, it is worth applying to the right places. For this, the neck, chest, wrists, elbows on bends, plots behind the ears and knees. If you put a perfume in this way, then he can not only absorb clothing, but also to unite together with the natural smell of the body. This is how individual fragrance is formed.
  • To properly apply perfumes, it is recommended to choose no more than two zones from the above. If you comply with moderation, you can achieve a pleasant loop.

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