All about adidas perfumery

All about adidas perfumery

Adidas is one of the most famous sports brands in the world, which offers a huge amount of profile accessories. Today, the brand has been successfully fixed in the role of the manufacturer of high-quality perfumery.


Adidas flavors are characterized by strict design. Their bottles are decorated only by brand seal, which is so familiar to fans of the company. As for the spirits themselves, they are presented in a huge assortment and are characterized by sophistication. Brand compositions can satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding and capricious connoisseurs of such products.

The distinctive feature of the adidas perfumery is that it is revealed unique and sophisticated. The brand is rightly considered the leader among producers of flavors in sports style. Each product presented on the market is famous for its individual freshness capable of improving an active lifestyle, as well as the conquest of the peaks in his sports career.

Adidas tries every year more and more surprise its customers, so letters interesting and original flavors.

They will become the perfect solution for a strong man and a sports girl who know what they want to get from life.

A variety of flavors

Adidas offers a huge range of products, which is characterized by its unique features.

Eau de Toilette

Adidas toilet water will become an excellent choice for strong and self-confident people who can conquer any vertices. You can select several most popular and sought-after fragrances.

  • Moves Cologne.Released in 1999, This fragrance has become popular for many men after a hard workout. The top of the composition contains sheet music sheets, tomato leaves, green apple, mint, anise, black pepper, mandarin, pineapple and mint. Heart adds ginger El, cedar tree, ginger, jasmine, lavender, geranium, juniper and musk. The database supports everything with strong chords of sandalwood, lily of the valley, oak moss and thyme.

  • Team Force – It should be from the name, the force with which you need to reckon. Perfume begins with sharp citrus notes, including orange, pineapple, mandarin and grapefruit. Aldehydes give the aroma appropriate force, moving to medium notes of juniper and jasmine. Men’s basic notes include sandals, cedar, musk and tobacco.

Team Force is a great fragrance for men who are looking for both everyday perfume and the one that transmits the spirit of the night in the city.

  • Pure Game – Spicy cologne, which is ideal for football fans. He came out in 2010 as part of a dedication to the World Cup in South Africa. This cologne opens with pepper, mandarin, grapefruit and basilica notes. Cypress, a guy tree and lavender make up the middle. The basis is completing the profile where the beans are heated thin, patchouli, sandalwood and incense.

  • Dynamic Pulse. Adidas sports fashion company launched Adidas Dynamic Pulse in 1997 as fresh fruit cologne for men. The fragrance begins with a citrus-green smell, but it quickly expands to a refreshing aromatic, which will last most of the day. Light upper notes of mint and citrus fruits bring sweet cool green shades cologne. The heart of the flavor is built around the colors to create a fresh, attractive middle. The base changes the perfume tone on a warmer, using cedar sheets and fad beans.

  • Victory League – Male oriental woody fragrance. Launched in 2006, this perfume can be worn at any time of the year, but best – in autumn and winter days. It has vanilla, fresh, spicy, sweet, cinnamon and fruit chords, as well as moderate durability and portion. Top notes: Grass, Bergamot and Basil, then Middle Sheets, Lavender and Cinnamon. Shells of cedar, vanilla and musk complement this toilet.

  • Get Ready – Universal woody male perfume, which gives confidence in any adventure. This day fragrance is best manifested in spring and summer, when the sport comes out of the hall to the street. Quite fragrant to withstand strong weather conditions, this toilet water is distinguished by a moderate portion and durability, which is also working well in the business atmosphere. Top chords of this cologne – Mandarin, Marine notes and Pineapple. The heart of the fragrance includes lavender, sage and exotic fruits. Basic notes in the form of a cedar and sandalwood.

Eau de parfum

Perfume water is presented in a large assortment. Here are the most popular options.

  • Born Original For Her. You were born as a person, your own uniqueness without copies. Take this originality in my spirit with the female Perfume of 2015 Adidas Born Original, fruit perfume, which emphasizes your individuality. Top notes juicy and delightful, open with spicy bergamot and orange zest in combination with delicious apricot. Creamy coconut opens the core of the aroma of a sweet lollipop with a tinge of a white jasmine, which makes a flower agreement before moving to aromatic, balsamic basic notes. The impeccable fragrance of olive tree, dry wood cedar and beans subtle complements the fragrance, providing you with a smell that leaves your skin fresh and delightful throughout the day.

  • Get Ready! For her – This is a fun fragrance for women, thirsting for new adventures. Top notes of Grenadin, watermelon and citrus orange give freshness and naturalness of fruits. In the heart of sugarcane and lotus notes for the perfect shade of flower sweets. The basis of this fragrance is the music of musk, amber and cedar for wood land, which balances fruit and floral notes, is perfect in warm months.

This perfume has excellent resistance.

  • Fruity Rhythm – Floral, Fruit Aroma, Designed for Active Woman. This dynamic perfume is ideal for wearing throughout the year. He really fills the energy in spring and summer days. This perfume released in 2008 and best works during the daytime, no matter where you are. Top notes – raspberry and black currant. Heart notes – freesia and cyclamen. Basic note – fragrant musk.

  • Ice Dive is a unique, spicy aroma for men who appreciate outdoor sports. Created by Piefumer Philip Besston, it is suitable for an active lifestyle of a modern man, is the best in spring and summer days. This cheerful perfume, released in 2001, is a pleasant addition to the collection of aromas of any discerning man. Top notes: Bergamot, Anis, Grapefruit, Mint, Yuzu, Mandarin, Lavender and Kiwi. Heart notes: Geranium, Patchouli and Sandal. Basic notes: amber, pepper, vanilla, musk and beans thin.

Easy water

Fascular water is a unique product that will help refreshing after sports.

  • UEFA Champions League Dare Edition – cologne with aromatic herbs, named after the World Football Federation. Top notes allow this aroma to reveal the tart, fresh combination of violet, lavender and lemon, which makes it piquant, with delicate floral notes. Middle notes provide a deep and male contrast with a sharp green apple, vegetable sage and musky cashmere. Welcome basic notes warm and woody. The notes of ripe vanilla are combined with spicy patchs and wood oak moss.

  • Team Five – This is an interesting fragrance created for men who are hoping to wake up with motivating morning splash of cologne. Penetrating the top notes of the fragrance – green apple and lemon – give the skin subtlety, and the shades of the basil control everything. Mint and lavender reveal the earthly medium notes, give the uniqueness to the aroma, while the flourishing of pine and sage helps his disclosure. In addition, fragrant amber, mixed with a tropical Asian benzoine, is basic notes, fastening all together.

  • Urban Spice – Wood-aromatic male fragrance. Possess a long service life and moderate portion, this perfume is recommended for spring and summer days. The main notes are Cardamon, Pink Artemisia and Patchouli. Veiver, Birch, Coriander and Cypress, along with Lemon, Mint and Bergamot, complement this mixture, created by Master-perfume Sabin de Charner from the German company for the production of flavors and perfumes.

  • Sport Field relies on her name, giving men fragrance, which reminds of wide fields of the country and warm summer weather. It opens with pineapple notes, mandarin and citrus, supplemented with a cool green apple and mint. Top notes of tomato sheet, anise and pepper give the aroma a distinct spicy agreement. Middle notes complement the spicy tone of aroma with ginger, juniper and jasmine. Lavender and geranium remind of field colors, and cedar complements all this. The upper and average notes lie on a classic basis of sandalwood, cumin and oak moss.

Tips for choosing

Perfumery products adidas to some extent resembles a supermarket, because there is also a huge selection of flavors, so it is difficult to choose some definite. However, some tips will avoid mistakes.

  1. It is best to choose a new smell after lunch when the receptors have already woke up, but the smell is not overloaded yet.
  2. In the dark, you should not choose perfume, since the brain is unable to distinguish aromas with such an environment.
  3. The choice should be done only on the basis of your own preferences. No need to focus on advertising or give advantage of legendary smells. Every person chooses individually.
  4. It is not recommended to apply more than one smell on the wrist, as it will not allow the whole bouquet of aroma.
  5. After applying, you need to wait about 15 minutes so that the fragrance completely revealed.

Alcohol should evaporate naturally – otherwise you will not be able to feel what the manufacturer has been laid.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

Adidas is a world leader in the production of sports perfumery, so it is not strange that many are trying to fake products and earn on this. The use of fake perfumery is dangerous in that no one knows which components are in the bottle, whether they are able to harm human health. Therefore, it costs to pay close attention to the process of choice, and before buying, make sure that this is the original, and not a fake. Assist in this advice and recommendations of professionals.

  1. Pay attention to the appearance. Everything should be here without any defects. Some people believe that the absence of a cellophane film is a sign of a fake, but the distinctive feature of Adidas is just that it produces products without it. If you see spirits with a film, you can be sure that you are fake.
  2. Flakes, though modest, but are made of high-quality materials. They are perfectly smooth, have no chips or defects.
  3. Cardboard packaging high quality and dense. It necessarily contains information about the brand, product, volume and country of production.
  4. Barcode. An extremely important element, with which you can check the country of origin of goods. To date, adidas perfume products are released only in the US. Therefore, it is quite simple to install a special application on your smartphone, after which check the barcode.

If it does not match the US, then you can safely refuse to buy.

Adidas Team Five toilette review overview in video below.

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