All about Cacharel women’s perfumery

All about Cacharel women's perfumery

Perfume and perfumery plays an important role in a woman’s life. The scent not only attracts the attention of others, but also creates a special atmosphere for its owner. Good perfumes are durable and complex in composition. Cacharel perfumery has many fans precisely because of these qualities.

The manufacturer also makes interesting and attractive bottles that reflect the essence of the fragrance.


Cacharel trading house is one of the leading worldwide. The perfumery of the same name is sold in more than 100 brand boutiques in every country in Europe. The brand itself appeared back in 1962 and during this time has accumulated many secrets of creating high-quality perfumery. Fragrances are distinguished by their brightness and originality.

Cacharel has learned to combine scents that seem incompatible to win over women. Manufacturing secrets are closely guarded secrets. Moreover, even knowing the composition of the perfume, no one can combine the components in such a way as to repeat the success of Cacharel. There are other features of perfumery.

  • The composition contains many ingredients, so the products have no analogues. The trail is distinguished by the saturation of halftones.
  • The smell on the skin holds about 8 hours, and on the hair – up to 16 hours. Not every perfume boasts such resistance.
  • One bottle is enough for a whole year of regular use, which is due to the resistance and saturation of fragrances.

Overview of collections

Perfumery Cacharel has a lot of collections, total has 76 fragrances. The first perfume producer appeared in 1978, and now Cacharel creates both female and men’s. The company is famous not only for high-quality products, but also very original and attractive bottles.


Home Collection Hours 4 fragrances. All are considered basic and recognizable among CacheRel fans. The first aroma of the line appeared back in 1981. Consider the popular Parfume of the All Fragrances collection.

  • Catch … Me – Female perfume refers to the flower group. In the aroma there are citrus, jasmine, almond milk, amber.

  • Liberte – chip flower flavor. Perfume begins with citrus fruits, bergamot and white freesia. The fragrance was created by two talented perfumes, so thought every nuance. Heart notes consist of sugar, white colors, bars, white honey and marmalade. Basic aroma includes spices, vanilla.

  • Perfume Scarlett Designed for women. The fragrance is well used in spring and summer, it is successfully revealed in the warm season. Top notes combine tea, lemon and pear. The fragrance belongs to the category of flower wood-musky. Sandal, white honey and musk are part of as a base.

Amor Amor

The first fragrance of the collection was released back in 2003, and in all of them now 21. All perfumes belong to the flower and fruit family. The author of the collection was perfumer Laurent Bruie. All flavors are lightweight and designed for summer, spring. Here are the most popular perfumes collection.

  • ELIXIR PASSION. Top notes are represented by citrus and currant. The scent unfolds and you can smell herbal and floral scents. Base notes combine sandalwood and benzoin.
  • Shine – summer perfume. He is quite simple and this attracts his fans. The scent combines the scents of fruits and flowers with vanilla.
  • Electric kiss cacharel – a universal perfume perfectly opens up in any weather. Top notes combine pink pepper and rhubarb. The fragrance itself is classified as a chypre floral. Heart notes are represented by rose and sambac jasmine.

Anais anais

The collection belongs to the family of floral, leather. The first perfume was released in 1978. The authors were talented perfumers Pellegrino, Gonnon and Leger. The complex structure of compositions has won the hearts of women for many years. The products are intended for young girls and representatives of the middle age category. The collection consists of 7 fragrances. All perfumery has a similar design of bottles, they are pink and delicate. The pyramidal structure of the compositions:

  • top notes are mostly floral (lavender, bergamot, lilies, orange petals, berries)+
  • heart notes are green, tart (pomegranate flowers, lilies of the valley, iris)+
  • base notes leather and woody (oak moss, amber, musk, cedar).

The first notes of petals are felt. The delicacy of the fragrance is diluted with lavender and hyacinth. This is how the perfume combines sweetness and bitterness in a perfect balance. Astringent aromas of bergamot and berries refresh the smell and add sourness.

Heart notes unfold gradually and overlap. So during the day, the aroma is completely modified. The base notes are responsible for the longevity of the perfume. They also form a persistent and varied trail. The most popular perfumes in the collection:

  • Anais anais+
  • Anais Anais L’Original Eau de Parfum+
  • Anais anais premier delice.

Cacharel Summer 2016

A small collection is represented by only three fragrances. Perfumes for women well suited for summer. Smells refresh and create a special atmosphere around their owner. All bottles are equally in blue-lilac.

  • Amor Amor L’Eau – Floral Fruit Perfume. An interesting combination of coca-cola and citrus aromas gives freshness. Vanilla and Musk add warmth and tenderness.

  • Anais Anais Premier Delice L’Eau. Interesting fragrance combines notes of pear, musk, valley, white cedar and other vegetable smells.

  • Noa L’Eau – Summer perfume, which released in 2016. Combined smells of currants, musk, sour apple, jasmine, styrax and peony.


The collection has only 2 fragrances. Perfume refers to the category of flower. The first fragrance was released back in 1994. Development was engaged in perfumer Jean Guichard (Jean Guice). It is worth noting that the collection attracts not only original flavors, but also attractive bottles. Original fragrance is called Eden. You can first feel citrus fragrances with peach and bergamot. Gradually reveals the heart of spirits, where vegetable flavors with fruit are combined. Basic notes are made up of beans fine, acacia, cedar, patchworks and sandals.

BUT Also in the collection there is an Eau d’Eden fragrance, which shows well in spring and summer during the daytime. Flower water group refreshes during weather. Top notes combine smells of roses and iris. The heart includes hyacinth aromas, peach and nectarine.

Fiesta Cubana

The collection is completely new. All 3 aroma light saw only in 2018. Perfumes belong to the category of flower fruit. Smells fresh and envelop the owner of the atmosphere of carelessness, pleasant excitement. Fragrances are well suited for a fun and naughty girl.

  • Agua de amor amor well suited for everyday life. Especially good spirits for girls who love stability. The smell is well shown at any time of the year. Top notes Combine Bergamot, Black Currant, Mandarin and Orange. Perfume heart consists of lily of the valley and jasmine.

  • Anais Anais Premier Delice L’Eau – Flower perfume with citrus semitones. Top notes combine orange, pear and bergamot. The heart of spirits is represented by white freesia, jasmine and lily. Basic notes are made of a combination of musk, cocoa.

  • Noa L’Eau – Fresh fruit flavor for summer time. Top notes combine fresh smells of currant and apple. The heart of the fragrance is peony and jasmine.

Flamingo Collection

In 2017, the company showed its fans a new collection in attractive pink glass bottles. Total 3 aroma combines the presence of floral shades in the composition. Fresh summer flavors attract young girls with their ease and resistance.

  • Amor Amor L’Eau Flamingo. Floral fragrance with oriental halftons. Interestingly, the perfume contains such scents as Coca-Cola, musk, vanilla, currants.

  • Anais Anais Premier Delice L’Eau Flamingo. The combination of fruity and floral aromas makes the perfume really light and subtle. The girls assure that the fragrance of bergamot and grapefruit, sorbet and musk is especially clearly caught in the composition.

  • Noa l’eau flamingo. The smell begins with a fresh sour apple, currant with citrus notes. The whole composition is built on the basis of white musk and benzoin. From the heart notes, the scent of peony is felt the longest.

Le Jardin

The collection was released in 2011 and is very popular. Girls prefer to use this perfume in the fall and spring to create a special joyful, exciting atmosphere. Among the 6 fragrances there are LouLou, Noa, Scarlett, which belong to the floral group. There are three popular fragrances in the Le Jardin collection.

  • Le jardin amor amor. Aroma begins with bitter citrus, bergamot, currant and tangerine. Perfume reveals, his heart appears, the smell of apricot and floral notes.

  • Le Jardin Anais Anais. The aroma is based on the skin, oak moss, amber and musk. First, black currant, bergamot and lilies are collected. Among heart fragrances, Iris, Orange and Carnation are best.

  • Le Jardin Eden. Top notes represent the smells of lemon, bergamot, peach and mandarin. Among heart notes, jasmine, pineapple, lotus and water lily.

Le Paradis

The collection is perfect for young girls. Fragrances issued in 2012. All of them in the collection 4, all of them are floral, sweet and light.

  • Amor Amor Le Paradis. Top notes – Citrus, Mandarin and Orange. The heart of the fragrance consists of roses, lilies and jasmine.

  • Anais Anais Le Paradis. Initially, green notes with hyacinth. Heart perfume steel lily, jasmine, orange and white.

  • Noa Le Paradis. The multicomponent composition consists of a plurality of flower notes with coffee, vanilla, peach and drain.

  • Scarlett Le Paradis. Simple fragrance combines jasmine, honey, pear, honeysuckle, orange flowers and sandals.


The collection contains only 2 perfumes. The fragrance Loulou was released back in 1987. It refers to the eastern flower group. Top notes combine floral odors, cinnamon, currants and plum. Perfume heart consists of tuberosa, root of iris, ylang-ylang, heliotrope and tiara. The base provides a loop from Ladan, benzoine, sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

The second perfume water Loulou Blue came out later, in 1995. The upper notes are folded from the smells of peach, greenery, bergamot and anise. The heart of the fragrance consists of an orchid, root of iris, honeysuckle and white freesia. The base is created from the sandalwood, vanilla, beans thin and vetiver.


The toilet water of this collection was presented in 1998, the last perfume was released in 2012. All flavors are presented in round vials of various shades. The collection has 8 fragrances for different times of the year. Compositions are composed of flower and herbal notes. Interestingly, to add a special accent, coffee, vanilla, peach, ylang ylang. Fragrance Noa Gold Great for winter. Spring Women Prefers Use Perfumes Noa Fleur, Noa L’Eau de Parfum, Noa Dream, Noa.

Floral Fruit Fragrances Noa Summer 2012, Noa Summer Edition is perfectly revealed in summer. But for autumn, NOA Perle toilet water is best suited.


The concept laid fruit-berry smells of black currant, blackberry and mandarin in a combination with Bergamot. The collection is presented in two flavors: PROMESSE and PROMESSE EAU FRAICHE. The top notes of floral, at the end there is an aroma of amber, musk and cedar. So toilet water creates an atmosphere of sensuality and charm.

The composition turned out, indeed, spring and warm. Pretty wonder the vials of this collection look. The famous designer Thierry de Bumakoff worked on them. So packaging combines classics and modernity.

Summer Splash

Fresh and citrus fragrances are perfectly suitable for young girls. Easy smells are well suited for summer. Collection of flanks published in 2014 and has 3 fragrances. All bottles are made of transparent glass and have small decorative pink elements.

  • Amor Amor L’Eau. Small refinement of the popular fragrance made it even better and expressive. Top notes combine Coca-Cola and Grapefruit. At the end, you can catch the basic notes of the amber, vanilla and musk.

  • Catch … Me L’Eau. Perfume Flanker, which was first released in 2012. The scent begins with jasmine tea, petitgrain and tangerine. The composition ends with base notes of musk and mate tea.

  • Noa L’Eau. The company first released this fragrance in 1998, and in the new version it has become even more interesting. A good solution for summer and spring, even suitable for night events. Particularly interesting is the combination of green apple and black currant.

Tropical Collection

Youth summer collection of fresh and sweetish 3 fragrances was released in 2015. Perfumes are similar to classic fragrances, however, they have some additional components, due to which they attract the attention of young people.

  • Amor Amor L’Eau. In 2015, the world saw for the first time a pink bottle with a fruity floral scent. The smell starts with Coca-Cola, black currant and grapefruit. The heart in the form of jasmine and rose smoothly turns into musk and vanilla.

  • Anais Anais Premier Delice L’Eau. Top notes combine sorbet, bergamot, pear and grapefruit. The heart of the spirits consists of herbal and floral notes. All flavors are based on ambreton and musk with white cedar.

  • Noa L’Eau. Very light fruit flavor with small floral notes well manifests itself in hot summer days. All the rustling of odors begins with green apple and black currant, the heart consists of jasmine and peony. Basic notes combine white musk with benzoine.

YES I am

Sweet fruit fragrances collection attract women of different ages. Interestingly, the bottles are made in the form of lipstick. Spirits themselves flirty and create a special atmosphere of passion around their owner. Here is a description of the fragrances collection.

  • YES I am. Perfume was published in 2018. Especially successfully manifests itself in autumn and spring, however, it can be used at any time of the year. Top notes consist of mandarin, lemon, raspberry and bergamot. The heart of the aroma combines ginger flowers, jasmine, orange flowers, garment, ambru and rose. Warm and sweet base notes: cardamom, sandalwood, benzoin, coumarin, vanilla, milk, amber, caramel and licorice.

  • Yes i am fabulous. Already in 2020, this oriental perfume appeared in a purple bottle. The scent starts with blackberries, goes into the heart from heliotrope. Base notes are composed of milk and hazelnut.

  • Yes i am pink first. In 2019, a new fragrance appeared that belongs to the floral fruit group. Top notes are very simple, you can smell raspberries and pears. Gradually, the heart of the perfume opens in the form of jasmine, ginger flower and orange. The whole flavor is based on milk, sandalwood, ambroxan and cardamom.

Nuances of choice

Initially, a woman should just like a perfume. This is considered the most important selection criterion. However, it is still worth focusing on the features of certain aromas. It is worth using the advice of experts on choosing a perfume.

  • Young girls should choose the lightest and most relaxed fragrances. Better to give preference to floral, fruity, citrus groups. This perfume is good for summer and spring.
  • In the cold season, it is recommended to use spicy, oriental and woody fragrance groups.
  • Older women should choose perfumes with woody and aldehyde notes.
  • Before going on a date, you should use oriental fragrance groups. They evoke passion and sensuality.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

It is quite easy to assess the quality of a perfume. It is enough to have an idea of ​​how much a product from a particular manufacturer costs, and what the bottle looks like. If in doubt, it is better to refuse to purchase. For fakes you have to pay dearly, and they do not bring joy at all. Here’s what to look out for.

  • Cellophane packaging. It is found on cardboard packaging. It does not glue, but extremely searched. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the cellophan firmly faced the box, did not frow. In this case, the absence of such packaging does not indicate a fake. Some companies simply do not use cellophane.
  • Cardboard packaging. It is important to check the printed name. All inscriptions on the box must be clear and neat. At the bottom there must be a number. Sometimes it is simply applied from above, in some cases it is embossed.
  • Inner packaging. The bottle is usually placed in a construction of dense cardboard. It does not give a perfume to move by packaging. In fakes, usually cardboard inside is not, or it is extremely poor quality.
  • Bottle. Original glass smooth, does not have bubbles and defects. All colors must be clear, without incl. Inscriptions in fakes are often located at different levels or are erased at all. On the original bottles there is no such.
  • Loop. Fakes are distinguished by non-accurate caps, burrs and other defects. It is worth noting that in the original louds the caps are usually heavy, but the replicas – lungs.
  • Spray. This part must keep well on the bottle. The sprayer is always neat and corresponds to the general packaging design. The first 2-3 clicks can be empty, because the air remained inside the tube from the factory, and it does not talk about fake.
  • Serial number of party. Letters and numbers on the box that are deposited by a printer or embossed are of great importance. At the bottom of the bottle itself or on the side there should be the same number.
  • Aroma. Determine the original perfume in this criterion is quite difficult. Usually unprofessionals can not do this. It should be understood that high-quality perfumery is multicomponent, but fakes have only 5-10 odors in its composition.

Additionally, it is worth noting that when selling high-quality perfumery stores can offer the same fragrance in vials of different sizes. If only the most profitable and common options are represented, then the high probability is that the fakes are sold.

We will not be able to compare prices for various firms. If all the aromas in about one price, then this is a clear deception.

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