All About Kenzo Women’s Perfume

All About Kenzo Women's Perfume

The refinement in each composition, the expression of elegance – all this characterizes the pleasant aromas Kenzo. Perfume from this brand are distinguished by beautiful bottles, their design is thought out to the smallest detail. Women’s Toilet and Perfume Water Kenzo won the hearts of many fair sex representatives, this perfume choose beauties who appreciate the image of the grace.


The female perfume Kenzo is fragrant fragrances. Toilet water and perfume of this brand have their tendencies and characteristics, with their manufacture the most unpredictable solutions are used, combining the style of European life and Eastern philosophy. Almost all the spirits of Kenzo have a rather deep and light aroma, they have no pompous and heavy smell.

Under the French brand also produced perfumey spray and elixir.

The first women’s perfume Kenzo appeared on sale in 1878. They attended the aromas of the Egyptian jasmine, peony, red berries and ambroxan. Today, manufacturers make a huge selection of perfume compositions that contain exclusively essential oils and natural components. Also on sale and perfume with unusual aroma – notes of exotic colors and needles.

A variety of flavors

Perfumery Kenzo is characterized by tenderness and ease, so perfect for all women, regardless of their age and status. Most often, such aromas are selected by representatives of the fine sex, which prefer the image of unisex. Since the market is represented by a chic assortment of these spirits, before their acquisition should not only take into account the reviews, but also know the description of each composition.

If you need an enveloping tender smell, you should choose the perfume Madly Kenzo. This mysterious flavor will allow you to quickly create a playful and cheerful mood. Eastern and floral notes are present in toilet water: incense, pink pepper, vanilla, musk, rose and orange color.

Such a composition will have to give the ladies-sweet tooths, he will give them the image of frivolousness and courage.

Jeu d’Amour is ideal for lover of oriental flavors with musky tones. Support the inner world of girls and filled with its contrast will help the aroma of the World Power (the bottle is made in the design “all-seeing eye”), in this perfume, the initial notes are represented by cypress, the notes of the heart – the sea salt, and the sheets of the loop – the beans are thin. Lovers of floral fragrance should be acquired by the work of WORLD INTENSE. She enchants not only floral chords, but also the aroma of ripe plum.

Parfum d’ETE also deserves separate attention, His initial notes – Peach, Mahagony, Hyacinth, Basic – Oak Moss, White Cedar, Iris, Amber, Heart Notes – Jasmine, Rose, Pion, Lily.

This mysterious fragrance is suitable for both average elegant age and youth.

Eau de Toilette

The perfume of this French brand leaves always after an unobtrusive lightweight loop, emphasizing the refinement of a woman. Kenzo’s most popular toilet waters include several names.

  • Aqua Kenzo Pour Femme. This is a fruit-floral aroma, filled with inspiration, joy and spring freshness. It is recommended to choose the ladies who want to add their image grace and charm. Toilet water represented by herbic chords of raspberry sheet, juicy freshness of lemon and honey jasmine overflows, can be used both in everyday life and for solemn events.

  • Eau de Toilette. This perfume fascinates with its playfulness. It has flavors of mandarin and melons, which create an unforgettable smell together. In addition, in toilet water there are notes of roses and freesia, iris and sandals. Light floral perfume will become a business card for each lady.

  • Kenzo Flower by Kenzo. In this perfume, the unity of nature, modernity and classics. It is intended for youth and suitable for use at any time of the year and day. When creating this toilet water, perfumers made a bet on fragrant compositions with the predominance of floral notes. A pleasant train flavor is given vanilla and white musk, it also contains chords of jasmine, fragrant roses and violets.

The bottle is characterized by minimalistic design – it has a view of a curved vessel and decorated with a scarlet flower.

Kenzo Ca Sent Beau toilet water deserves separate attention, fruit and floral flavors prevail in it. Base notes are Egyptian vetiver, top notes are coriander, orange blossom, tangerine, patchouli leaves, heart notes are Mexican tuberose. Kenzo Eau De Fleur De The Tea is also very popular among women. It combines aromas of peony, mimosa, tea leaves and amber.

Eau de parfum

Kenzo’s aromatic compositions easily conquer hearts, as they are characterized by femininity, tenderness and lightness. Among the huge assortment of eau de parfum, several options are in special demand among the fair sex.

  • World Eau de Parfum. This fragrance is known all over the world. It is considered ideal because it does not smell too rich and sweet. Eau de Parfum contains light floral notes, complemented by fresh marine and citrus compositions. WORLD EAU DE PARFUM can be considered an embodiment of the energy of French fashion, it is perfect for the younger generation, which prefers to fill its image to all bright, captivating, spontaneous and diverse.

The main emphasis in this perfume is made on the self-expression and freedom of creativity. The fleet of perfume water is made of matte thick glass of a dark blue shade with finishing of rose gold, has a corrugated black cover. A special chic gives the bottle of the suspension made in the form of a chain.

  • Kenzo Jungle L’Elephant. This perfume belongs to elite fragrances, has many positive feedback and occupies a leading position in the market. When creating it, perfumers perfectly combined the notes of spices with floral fragrance. The design of the bottle is made very interesting – it is decorated with an elephant gold-plated figure. This perfume water is recommended to choose bold and liberated women who are always ready for intrigue and passion. Her aroma is a good autumn antidepressant, because it contains the notes of the Sun and Oriental Spices. The loop from this composition does not leave anyone indifferent and excites consciousness.

The main flavors in perfume water are Mandarin, Cardamom and Carnation. The average note is represented by Mango, Lacrichnik and Heliotrop, the final chord – Patchouli, Vanilla and Amber.

  • Kenzo AMOUR INDIAN HOLI. This perfume has wood, musky and flower flavors. It is also complemented by notes vanilla, peony, red berries, roses, sakura and sweet cherries. This composition is devoted to the Indian Spring Holiday and symbolizes the awakening of life and love. Thanks to perfumery water, you can quickly recreate the atmosphere of good mood, brightness, sincere smiles and joy.

The fragrance is perfect for attractive women with sensitivity and subtle taste.

Criterias of choice

Kenzo perfume is considered the best choice for women of any age. Possess the necessary perfume is easy, as the market is represented by a large variety of aromas. Despite the fact that the whole perfume and toilet water Kenzo has refinement, ease, elegance, each composition has its own characteristic differences and composition.

Female perfumes are recommended to choose both romantic and confident ladies who wish to emphasize their image and stand out from the crowd.

Choose perfume needs based on personal preferences, so it is undesirable to purchase it as a gift. This is explained by the fact that the fragrance on each woman can reveal in different ways. To make the right choice in favor of a particular composition, should consider a number of rules.

  • Acquire perfume best in the morning, because it is at this time that the smell receptors feel good all the notes. On the day of the choice of toilet water, it is impossible to use a deodorant or other perfume with a pronounced smell. It should be remembered that the eastern, herbal and floral notes are associated with ease and tenderness, and sharp and citrus – are able to quickly raise the mood. Psychologists advise mature women to choose complex compositions with woody notes, and young girls – flower-fruit and more fresh flavors. For one approach, you can try not more than 3-4 scents, it should be noted that the composition is completely revealed only after 20 minutes after applying to the skin.
  • Purchase perfume is recommended in a specialized store, paying attention to the concentration and content of the product. Each perfumes have their own individual composition and alcohol ratio to perfume composition. It is advisable to choose persistent perfumes that retain the flavor for 20-25 hours, after 15 hours there should be a lightweight loop.
  • You need to purchase only that perfume that I liked when the bottle is opened. To check their fragrance, you need to apply the composition on the wrist, the skin is thin and will allow you to quickly disclose all the notewings. To create an unusual and mysterious image, you should choose new aromas.

How to distinguish fake?

Very often, dear spirits of famous brands are forged, and such perfume products are largely inferior to the characteristics of the original. To purchase high-quality and original perfume Kenzo, you should pay attention to some criteria.


The original is always packaged in a thin cellophane package and does not have traces of a globe, irregularities. This is the first thing to watch when buying spirits. The seam on the package is usually located on the back or on the side, it does not glue it, but seal with heating.

If the perfume Kenzo is purchased for the first time, then you need to go to the company’s website and choose the desired toilet water. There you can see how the packaging of the original looks like and find out what is part of the composition. After that, you can go to the store for the purchase by checking whether the information will be the same as specified on the site.

The name of spirits should be written correctly, clear letters, without inclination and irregularities.


The original is usually a complex form of a bottle and an unusual design, as it is more difficult to fake. The bottle should not have defects, irregularities, bubbles and other color of glass. Its image can be viewed on the official website of the Kenzo brand. The cover of the original spirits is made of special plastic, it should not be non-accurate edges, irregularities. Additionally, you should also check the color of the perfume in the bottle, if a chemical component is added to it, then it will be too bright.

In addition, it is recommended to check the spray bottle before purchasing. It must be tightly attached to the bottle.

If the metal bezel scrolls, then it is better to refuse the purchase, as this indicates a fake. For original products, the atomizer evenly sprays the perfume.


The French brand Kenzo is known all over the world for its fragrances, which are in great demand among all women, regardless of their age. To date, most of the fair sex have appreciated the perfumery and eau de toilette of this brand.

Among the advantages of perfume, they highlighted the persistence of the aroma and a huge range of compositions, which makes it easy to make a choice, taking into account individual preferences. Many also like the fact that the perfume is considered universal and is suitable for both everyday life and celebrations, parties.

As for the shortcomings, some women attributed to them a high cost.

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