All about perfume Dkny

All about perfume Dkny

Each woman, regardless of age, I want to be pleasantly fierce, surprising your surroundings. Persistent fragrance is inherent, as a rule, an elite perfume that is expensive (for example, the French brand Chanel). As for the American DKNY product line (Donna Karan New York), it can be safely said that these are elite flavors at the affordable majority of population prices in comparison with the same French brands. Approximate cost for 30 ml of DKNY perfume is 1100-1300 rubles.

Despite the relatively low cost, the brand from the United States is not at all inferior in quality to its competitors. On the contrary, the company, founded by the bottom Caran in New York in the 90s of the 20th century, thanks to regularly updating collections and the optimal value for money and quality does not lose its popularity and nowadays.

Perfume features

The company’s products are represented by 164 male and female flavors who loved consumers for a harmonious combination of luxury and comfort, naturalness and originality. This is a kind of audacious challenge to the usual standards, the choice of a bold, free man, aspiring to declare itself. It is also important that the collection of perfume is focused on both young people and people of more adult age. DKNY products differ from some elite perfumery by the fact that it has a pronounced transition from the upper notes to the middle, and from the average – to the basic. And at any stage of the composite pyramid, the fragrance remains bright and original (by the way, there are no such transitions in cheap perfumes at all).

The upper notes are felt immediately – this is a kind of acquaintance with the aroma, we feel in the first minutes after applying to the skin. Middle notes make themselves known after 10-15 minutes and keep, as a rule, 2-3 hours. Basic notes are a thin aftertaste of perfume, saved during the day.

Others, feeling a stretching fragrant train from passersby, felt the base of any quality perfume.

Description of flavors

Many famous perfumers are collaborated with DKNY trading houses, milking product line are all new and exquisite flavors. But as the basis of any perfume is taken sophisticated and at the same time the invigorating aroma of a green apple, to which floral, fruit, wood notes are added. The saturation of the aroma depends on the concentration (the ratio of alcohol and incense). Spirits fragrant harder than perfume water, and the last more pronounced than toilet. As noted above, the composition of any perfume Dkny, regardless of varieties (perfume, perfume or toilet water), being a bright sample of elite perfumery, is a transition from one fragrance to another (top, medium, lower notes).

In order not to confuse to buyers in a large range of the brand, a special color scheme of a bottle was determined, which has a symbolic meaning. Female collections of spirits are represented in pink, red and green packaging and bottle options. Lover of this brand already know that in pink only delicate flavors who are in demand for young girls. A older lady more often pay attention to the vials of red, because it is these spirits that some sophisticated sharpness are inherent, special resistance and a good loop. The bottle of green is popular with everyone, as it is primarily a refreshing fragrance that is not enough for hot summer days.

Eau de parfum

Especially popular among young customers is perfume water in a bottle in the form of a green apple Be delicious. And it is no coincidence, because, perfume is presented, as they say, in all its glory: the classic aroma of green apple decorate the notes of exotic flowers and citrus fruits. The emphasis was made on an exotic filling rate: thanks to this bouquet inherent originality, which, in combination with woody notes, makes it also resistant.

As for the perfume Fresh Blossom, his freshness notes are presented with floral-berry motifs. The top music of the perfume is based on the grapefruit, the leaves of black currant and apricot, the aroma of which smoothly goes into the fragrance of jasmine, sophisticated valley and red rose.

And the surrounding, passing by you, will slander the fragrance of a green apple diluted with a small amount of wood bark.

For lover of sweet flavors, the BE TEMPTED perfume was created, which many young women prefer preference. The top notes of the perfume are presented by some fruit-berry mix (apple, raspberry, currant, lemon). After there is a light flower fragrance of roses, violets, which some time decorates the aroma of vanilla. According to the reviews of perfume owners, a certain plus of this fragrance, despite the sweet motives, is unobtrusion, which is achieved due to a variety of subtle notes. True, it is the reason why the train is felt only at close range.

If you want something sweet with a pronounced, felt at the loop distance, it is worth paying attention to Nectar Love. When applied aroma on the body, saturated flower-berry notes are felt. Over time, they go into the same saturated sweet-vanilla honey smell. Just because of the saturation and durability of Nectar Love fits not to all girls. Especially with caution to it, it is necessary to approach those who are inclined to allergic reactions. Well, prefer him, according to customer reviews, windy and playful coquettes.

Eau de Toilette

If for some reason, the resistant flavors of perfumes or perfume water are not suitable due to the high content of aromatic substances in them (it is 20-40% in perfumes, 15-20% in perfume water), then you should pay attention to the toilet water. In it, aroma concentration is 8-15%, which provides light, unobtrusive fragrance. Such a lightweight consistency will not harm the health of people suffering from allergic reactions. It is also allowed to use it at any time of the year and day.

Customer Reviews show that the leading position in this category takes the toilet water STORIES EAU DE TOYLETTE. It is a pretty resistant toilet water fragrance. His top notes are represented by sharp at first glance citrus-berry notes, for a shift which comes Flower fragrance of roses, iris, jasmine. Ends the image of a harmonious combination of such spices like light wood, vanilla, musk, amber.

Recommendations for choosing

The main rule when choosing any fragrance – do not hurry. Give the applied version slightly milder. Speaking by language professionals, wait for medium notes to understand, is it really, this is what you wanted. Also, remember that the same fragrance on different people will be fraught in different ways. Therefore, never focus on what you want a perfume, like someone.

Perfume is chosen, only on the basis of your own feelings, mood. For women, unlike men, it is usually different options: everyday and special occasion. In the DKNY collection, you can find a suitable fragrance for everyone with all the wishes.

Speaking of special cases, according to experts, in winter it is better for the use of something spicy-sweet mixture with citrus notes. You should pay attention to the composition in the pyramid they stood in the second row. Sultry summer, preference is given mainly to perfume with a tangible freshness of lemon or green apple, then these components must be in the composition in second place.

As for durability, in principle, all elite perfumes keep on the body and clothing long. But the spectacular loop will be possessing options with pronounced wood-flower aroma.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

The most common distinctive feature of the original from the counterfeit is the price. If you are offered a world-famous brand at a particularly low price (less than 1000 rubles per 30 ml), then it is worth thinking about the quality and manufacturer. And Dkny here will not be an exception. Of course, the original goods in the stores can be a research, but not in all and not all. This is usually “L’Etoile”, Riv Gosh and similar trading networks, where, indeed, on a promotion or a special offer, you can buy a “enjoyed” original. But it is not necessary in the hope of originality to purchase according to the allegedly discount price of the one with the brand perfume somewhere in the shop in the market.

Besides, The difference between the original and the fake is manifested in the package and, it would seem that, unreasonable inscriptions on it. The cellophan of the original will never be twisted with scotch (for excluding cases if the box is damaged) or glue. In the original products, it is always neat thermal spikes.

As for the box itself, there is no extra information on it – only the manufacturer, the name and date of the release (which is extruded at the bottom). In addition, remember that the branded perfume differs only in the country where it was produced. DKNY is an American brand, and information on the box Made in China or something like this should alert.

Well, the owner of a subtle sense of smell must feel something wrong, if 5-10 minutes, the fragrance of the perfume does not change. A significant distinctive feature of the original from the analogue or fake is the transition from the upper notes to the middle, and after 2-3 hours later – to the bottom.

In the next video you will find a brief overview of the fragrance DKNY WOMEN.

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