All about perfume Moschino

All about perfume Moschino

Moschino – Italian brand, which is the personification of the Bunlet and Naughty Life. The company began its activities back in 1983, and its founder became Franco Mosquino. Thanks to his own fashion and style vision, he managed to create real masterpieces in the field of perfume products, which accounted for millions of fans.


Moschino brand offers a series of interesting perfume products, including with a cheerful cartoon design. Each fragrance of the company is distinguished by purity, ease and air industry, so it is ideal for any woman, regardless of her age. To date, the assortment of Perfume Moschino consists of three main lines:

  • Traditional+
  • Moschino Cheap & Chic, which appeared in 1988+
  • I LOVE MOSCHINO Series, in which it is possible to combine the classics and shock.

Brand every year releases new compositions, products are characterized by original packaging, for example, in the form of a bears, cleaning agent or apple. Just look at the description to understand the uniqueness and originality of the company’s experts.

A variety of flavors

Moschino offers a huge selection of perfume products, so that every person can choose the best option.

Eau de Toilette

Moschino Toilet Wet is represented by many interesting and original flavors that will allow to stand out in the crowd and show their sense of style. You can mark the several most popular and sought-after options.

  • Pink Fresh Couture. The first thing that will be noticed by buyers of this perfume – its original ironic packaging. However, this creation Moschino can offer much more than just an original appearance. The bottle contains one of its kind fragrance, which is in demand among the connoisseurs of toilet water all over the world.

Top notes – Black currant, pink grapefruit and lily. Basic include grenades, hyacinth and a drinking rose. Basic notes of ambroxan, cedar and musk enhance the impression and add softness to the rest of the sweet mixture.

  • Fresh Couture – Luxurious fragrance, despite the fact that the perfume looks like a cleaning agent. Consists of magnificent chords, including wood, spices, citrus and sweet fruits. Spray a little on the wrist – and you will meet the top notes of Mandarin, Bergamot and Ylang-Ilanga. Heart notes are presented in the form of Osmantus and a peony with a shade of raspberries.

The aroma is based on the warm notes of Ambroxane, Patchouli and Tree. This toilet water released in 2015 is packed in a playful ironic blue bottle simulated under the cleansing spray.

  • Fresh Gold was presented in 2017. Refreshing fragrance, perfect balance of smells of colors and fruits, which makes it an excellent choice for any occasion – suitable for wearing during the day or night. The fragrance opens with unique upper notes, which will immediately attract attention – they consist of orange, mandarin, grapefruit, white peach, pears, mango and rhubarb leaves. Heart notes Floral: valley, orchid and jasmine.

Basic notes attached to aroma depth and ensure that it will stay long after the initial spraying Thanks to Vanilla, Muscus, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Akiglavdudud.

The bottle for this perfume is fun and attractive. It is made in metallic gold and has the shape of a household cleaner spray.

  • Funny Perfume. It is enough to spray a little perfume on the body – and you will meet the top notes of spicy red currant, pink pepper and bitter orange. Flower cardiac harmony neutralizes spice and includes a bouquet of green tea, jasmine, peony and violets. Perfumes are complemented by a warm base from musk, cedar, amber and oak moss. This toilet water in the form of a spray was released in 2007, packed in a bottle with a heart-shaped lid, bandaged ribbon.

  • Pink Bouquet – A unique perfume appeared in 2012, is a holiday of sweet fruit notes that admire the feelings. This day fragrance should be worn in spring and summer to fully reveal its potential. In general, it is a dynamic and energy-charging bouquet. Top notes are presented in the form of a trio from raspberry, pineapple and bergamot. Heart notes are striking by the charm of jasmine, valley, violets and peony.

The final notes are a wonderful combination of musk, peach, gingerbread and oak moss. The designer of this fragrance became known for the whole world Olivier Pesho.

  • Forever – An exciting male fragrance from the famous Moschino designer house, released in 2011. This modern mix of gracefully opens with the notes of Star Anise, Kumquat and Bergamot. The heart of the cologne is filled with spicy notes of black pepper, fad and sage beans, while the base notes of sandalwood, vetiver and musk give the aroma a unique wood basis. The famous minimalist bottle is distinguished by carved letters, which is elegantly and unforgettably emphasizes brand premium.

  • Cheap & Chic Petals. This fairly new elixir is combined with fruit sets, floral and wood shades, which is perfect for warm summer days in the sun. Top notes of juicy grenade seeds, forest strawberry and ginger open a sweet and healthy fragrance that you immediately find an attractive. Middle notes of pita, garardity and orchids expand the mixture with their flower charm, creating an exceptionally feminine bouquet that pleases feelings.

Finally, Basic notes of the Italian Iris, Tree Hinoki and Gray Musk Leave a sensual tone, delaying in the air for a completely intoxicating loop.

Eau de parfum

When creating its products, Moschino pays close attention to perfume water, which is presented in a huge assortment.

  • Toujours Glamour – A unique perfume presented in 2010 is a fabulous aroma filled with floral and almond chords. The fragrance is well acting in spring and summer, so it should be worn throughout the day. Perfumes have moderate durability. In the upper notes you can feel the cardamom, red berries and a violet sheet. Heart notes – Sweet fragrances Jasmine, Lily of Lily and Almond. The basis is a bouquet of musk, heliotrope and benzoine.

Inxiating Aroma Toujours Glamour must be in the collection of any brand connoisseur.

  • Stars – Perfume presented in 2014, allow you to achieve heavenly heights with this original and luxurious smell. This female fragrance talks about the beauty of colors and citrus. It will be an excellent solution in the spring, summer and autumn. In the upper part of the fragrance – citron, rose and peony. Heart notes: Lily of the valley, orange color and jasmine. Basic notes: amber, ambroxan, vetiver and snags.

  • Friends – Like fresh sea breeze at the Italian coast. Moschino Friends – Clean Water Male Perfume, Perfect for Hot Summer Days. Chords of spices, citrus fruits, greenery are harmoniously combined to create a freshest mood. Amazing imagination Top notes of bloody orange, green Mandarin and Bergamot. Citrus are accompanied by a complex cardiac chord of marine notes and colors of pelargonium.

Basic notes in the form of musk, Taitian vetiver and cedar are completing the perception of cologne. This perfume water released in 2005 is available in a bottle of 4.2 ounces with an Italian flag and matte silver accents.

  • Toy 2. This is a kind of brand symbol. The contents of a bottle bottle can boast of fruit, floral and wood chords for a sweet and romantic fragrance that enhances any ensemble. Top notes of fresh magnolia, crispy green apple, juicy orange, mandarin create an open atmosphere that intrigues and infinitely manitis, and saturated jasmine cardiac notes, white currant and gentle peony twisted fragrance with workshop, gorgeous bouquet.

Complete toy 2 Basic notes of white musk, amber and cream sandalwood For a seductive aftertaste, which is superior to a cute, playful aroma and becomes a mature, teasing elixir suitable for any modern woman.

  • Toy Boy – Men’s perfumey water in a black bottle bottle, released in 2019. Top notes of this strong, but playful aroma include Indonesian nutmeg, pink pepper and elements, as well as Italian bergamot and green pear. Heart notes include magnolia, carnation bud and fragrant rose. Based on the complex, but soothing Music notes, amber, cashmere, sandalwood and Haitian vetiver.

  • Uomo Moschino – It is a wood-flower musky fragrance for men, released in 1998. It opens with Coriander, Aldehydes, Kumquat and Brazilian Rose Tree notes. Its average notes consist of cinnamon, cyclamen, sage and Labdanum. Its base contains types of cedar, musk, amber and wormwood.

This aromatic perfume has a moderate portion and good resistance.

  • Cheap & Chic So Real – Light floral and fruit fragrance, released in 2017. This is a funny bottle, suitable for everyday wearing. The upper notes open with fruit-berry, but still a complex bouquet of bitter orange, mandarin, raspberry and black currant. The heart of the fragrance is sensual and drinking floral notes of pink peony, jasmine and magnolia.

At the base of oak moss, cedar and musk give the aroma sufficient depth so that it was cheerful, and not frivolous. Portion and durability are moderate, it can be used often if necessary.

  • Cheap & Chic Light Clouds. This tempting mixture combines floral, musky and wood flavors that are able to drive crazy with their mantowing smell. Top notes of cyclamen, peach and green leaves can boast fresh and charming aroma. Middle notes of lotus, jasmine and gentle roses enhance the floral element, creating a full bouquet of seductive essence.

Finally, Basic notes vanilla, musk, cedar, amber, patchouli and sandalwood Complete the fragrance of the earthy and sensual tone, which is infinitely splintered. Perfect Supplement for Any Ensemble.

Recommendations for choosing

The best option today is the use of perfume products from one series, such as perfumes, soap, lotion or cream. Or it is necessary to apply neutral options that do not leave on the body no smell. The fact is that the smell of another cosmetic product may not just hide the fragraum of Moschino perfume, but also negatively affect it. As a result, it will not be possible to feel any notch and it will seem that a person uses the usual fake.

To give preference to certain smells, depending on which target Moschino flavor will be used for which purposes:

  • If you need something elegant to exit the theater or evening walk, it is best to buy heavy types of spirits+
  • For spring events, an excellent solution will be lightweight and air smell+
  • Large rooms need a lot of spirits+
  • For the office, you should not pick up some expensive Moschino products, since in such premises perfumes are not individual and often used as an image add-on.

It is worth remembering that Moschino’s day spirits are softer and transparent, and evening – dark, rich and durable.

To work, it is better not to apply sensual and spicy flavors that will distract and will not allow to focus on something important.

Tips for use

In order for the Moschino perfumery to show itself and allowed her unique aroma to enjoy her close attention to the right use. There are several moments to pay attention to.

  • Perfumes need a suitable environment to fix it and release the whole bouquet embedded in them. We must not forget that it is the heat of the skin that launches this mechanism, so the fragrance will disclose itself completely only after contact with the body.
  • To obtain maximum resistance, you can use perfume after oil or lotion applied on the body. The use of perfume after such means allows you to get an ideal environment for the action of molecules.
  • It is important to choose areas that are as warm and wet as possible. Experts recommend to apply Moschino products on the surface of the elbow, neck and chest. Thanks to this, it will be possible to achieve maximum disclosure and get real pleasure from using.

It should be noted that if spirits from Moschino were incorrectly used, they will not be able to be on the skin too long. As a result, it will not be possible to get proper aesthetic pleasure even if the product is original. He will still quickly disappear.

In the next video you will find a review of male and female perfumes Moschino.

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