All about perfumes Yohji Yamamoto

All about perfumes Yohji Yamamoto

The Yohji Yamamoto brand is known for the whole world and is a present synonym for nontriviality, brilliant quality. Radiant popularity has won not only fashionable clothing brand, but also amazing perfumes, created for both women, and for men. In this article we will learn all about the mounted fragrances from Yohji Yamamoto.


Initially, the creator of the world-famous Brand of Jezi Yamamoto produced only unique collections of clothing, distinguished by Japanese minimalism. Designer things from Yuezi from the very beginning were created by strict, restrained, with a minimum of open bodies. Fashionable clothing quickly won great popularity, and against the background of stalking success, the designer decided to launch his own perfume line.

In 2009, Yohji Yamamoto announced bankruptcy. Because of this, many people assured that the once successful brand came end. However, in 2013, Yyji Yamamoto broke into the world of perfume fashion, producing excellent flavors and a completely new toilet water.

Today perfumery of the Japanese brand is insanely popular. Products can boast high quality and all necessary characteristics for it.

  • The main plus perfumery Yohji Yamamoto lies in her pleasant, enveloping fragrances, who like many people. Brand perfumes are made up of a competent combination of components, due to which it turns out very successful.
  • Yohji Yamamoto releases perfume in neat and attractive packages. Bubbles with spirits have strict, minimalistic forms in the best traditions of the brand.
  • Japanese brand boasts a huge assortment of high-quality perfume. The commodity series is represented by both male and female products. Pick up a suitable cologne or perfume can even the most demanding buyer.
  • The perfume water of the Japanese company is made of safe and eco-friendly components, Therefore, it does not cause allergic reactions, redness of the skin or other unpleasant sensations.

The perfume from Yohji Yamamoto can be purchased not only in full, but also in the mini version (10 ml).

Product description

As mentioned above, the assortment of perfume produced from Yohji Yamamoto is very rich and filled with excellent male and female colognesses. We will get acquainted closer with some popular copies.


Japanese brand offers a lot of beautiful flavors for women. Consider a description of some of them.

  • HER LOVE STORY. Very popular perfume water, which is chosen by many fair sex representatives. Refers to the family of musky and flower-wood. Manufactured since 2013. The fragrant composition is collected with bergamot, grapes, rose, pink pepper, jasmine, musk, vanilla and patchouli.

In many customers, this fragrance is associated with a lilac color of the bottle and unique freshness.

  • I’m not going to disturb you femme. Intriguing female fragrance demonstrating a seductive, sensual composition of juicy notes. The upper notes here are made of wormwood and Angeliki, medium – from fragrant tobacco and osmanthus, basic – from Vanilla and Muskus. I’m not Going to Disturb You Femme began to release in 2017.

Perfume is distinguished by a lush and resistant loop.

  • Yohji Sensees. Great daytime fragrance, light and unobtrusive. For sale, the popular composition was released in 2013 and is in demand to this day. Yohji Sensees demonstrates wonderful fruit-floral fragrant notes.

The specified perfume is ideal for young and cheerful features who love experiments.

  • Yohji Pour Femme. Beautiful perfume for women who have been produced since 2004. The upper stacks of fragrance demonstrate pleasant smells of daisies, coriander, mandarin, medium – jasmine, and basic – musk. Yohji Pour Femme will be a good choice for gentle and sensory natures.

  • Yohji Essential. Pleasant fragrance from a group of chip and floral. The main tone of this perfume is asked Ambra chords, patchouli and sandalwood with an addition in the form of grapefruit and chamomile notes with mild mustard. Women’s spirits Yohji Essential always attract a lot of attention.

  • Yohji Women. Wonderful female fragrance from fruit-chip group. Soft, sensual, he easily enchants air and freshness. If you want to create a mysterious and mysterious image of a sexy, confident women, then Yohji Women will become a win-win option. Top notes make up Bergamot and Galbanum, medium – blackberry and raspberry, and basic – musk and vanilla.

  • Mode Zero. Original fragrance, which is suitable not only to women, but also men. Mode Zero demonstrates expressive wood-musical notes in combination with floral chords.

Excellent solution for true rebels and people who accept themselves as they are.


In the assortment of the Japanese brand you can find a lot of good male perfume perfect quality. We will get acquainted closer with some top specimens.

  • I’m not Going to Disturb You Homme. Noble, respectable fragrance for men who will definitely attract the attention of fair sex representatives. It is restrained, smart and charismatic. I’m not Going to Disturb You Homme is ideal for gentlemen who want to emphasize their own image solidity. The top notes of the fragrance are represented by black pepper, wormwood and bergamot, the average notes make up suede and white tobacco, and the basic – amber, Mirra, Moss and Vanilla.

The perfume is packaged in the original bottle, the top of which is black, and the bottom – transparent.

  • HOMME 2013. Interesting male perfume, which is perfect for spring and summer seasons. The upper notes here are the root of iris, bergamot and citrus, medium – a sheet of violets, sage, leather, and basic – white cedar, patchouli, sandal. Perfume character very solid and elegant. Perfectly confident men who are always ready to make serious decisions.

  • His Love Story. Wonderful male fragrance hidden in a classic transparent bottle with light bends. The upper notes are demonstrated here to mint, lavender, violet sheet and grapefruit, medium – black pepper, geranium, cardamomon and nutmeg, and basic – vetiver, sandalwal, patchouli. The spicy feudal smell will be harmonized both with conventional daily and office images.

His Love Story will be a good solution for adventurers and incorrigible romantics that do not pose lives without traveling and new acquaintances.

  • Pour Homme. Male fragrance, the top notes of which are represented by jasmine, pepper and pear, medium – geranium, skin, nutmeg sage, and basic – cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, incense and musk. Perfume is suitable for day and evening, and for office ensembles. Male fragrance Pour Homme is ideal for autumn and spring, make the image of a gentleman attractive and sophisticated, will emphasize the individuality.

  • Y-3 Black Label. One of the most subtle and sensual aromas for men from the Japanese brand. Y-3 Black Label effectively emphasizes the impeccable taste of gentleman, its original style and give a charm. The upper notes of this fragrance are represented by cardamomon, elements and velvets, medium – white cedar, lavender and black pepper, and basic – patchouli, fine beans and vetiver.

  • Avant Garde. Interesting and multifaceted perfume, which adorns not only men’s, but female images. Universal aroma is characterized by decisive, charismatic and luxurious character. Released since 2018. In the upper notes here is a sheet of violets, carrot seeds. Heart notes are represented by leather and iris, and basic notes – sandalwood, white cedar and musk.

Child Nuances

Perfume water, like any other product, you need to pick up. In order not to make a mistake with not the cheapest purchase, it is worth paying attention to several major selection criteria.

  • Type of perfume. Choosing a corporate aroma, it is very important to take into account its type. It is from this that the level of resistance of the product depends. In fact, not all flavors belong to the category of spirits. The type of perfume depends largely on how the concentration of alcohol and other components (oils and active ingredients). The higher the concentration turns out, the more resistant the smell will be. As a rule, all the necessary parameters are indicated on corporate packages or bottles.
  • Selection of ingredients. If not only the smell is important for you, but also the level of product resistance, then it is advisable to pay attention to the components that are included in its composition. Some of them are more persistent, and others – no. So, high resistance is characterized by cedar, bergamot, juniper, moss, sandals, patchouli and t.D. Weak resistance characterized by violet, jasmine, iris, peach, grapefruit, strawberry.
  • Individual characteristics. The same perfume in different people will “sound” in different ways. This also applies to the odor, and the degree of its resistance. That is why when choosing a “his” fragrance, it is recommended to feel it, its skin and only after that return to the store to make a purchase.
  • Marketable condition. Before buying perfumes, you need to look very carefully. Neither the bottle itself nor the box in which it is packaged should not be damaged. There should be no defects.

Selecting the branded fragrance, you should give preference only to those options that you really like. Otherwise, the smell will have to be “wearing”, which will cause irritation and headache.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

Many large and world-famous brands suffer from infinite influx of copies issued for original products. Brand Yohji Yamamoto did not exception. You can find not only the genuine brand perfume, but also fake. In order not to run into the last, you should pay attention to several important parameters.

  • The first thing that should be doubted in the originality of the goods is its low cost. Genuine perfume from the Japanese brand Yohji Yamamoto will not cost too cheap, especially if we are talking about a large volume bottle.
  • We must pay attention to all inscriptions on the brand product. They should not have mistakes or easy to wear.
  • Original perfume water from Yohji Yamamoto will be packed as accurately and carefully. Packaging or vial with cologne will not be damaged, dropped, scratched or wary. If you find similar shortcomings, it is better to refuse to buy.
  • An important role is played by the place where you planned to buy a branded perfume. Remember: in street shops, on the market or in small shops with incomprehensible names Original goods from Yohji Yamamoto You will never find. Here you will be convinced that you are the original, but it is not true.
  • It is advisable to request a quality certificate that accompanies branded products. In a good store should not refuse. If the seller reacts too rapidly and aggressively, it clearly indicates that fakes are sold here.

It is necessary to take into account that not all copies are made “Toporn” and they can immediately calculate. Some unscrupulous manufacturers make very accurate fakes that only a professional can recognize.

It is best to look for an original perfume from Yohji Yamamoto in monobrand boutiques and branded solid stores. You can make an order on the official website of the brand.

Review reviews

About the perfume of the Japanese brand Yohji Yamamoto Buyers Leave Different Reviews. Among them there are both positive and negative. We will get acquainted with the first.

  • The main thing is that buyers please in perfumes Yohji Yamamoto – it is her chic odors. Almost every person finds for himself the perfect fragrance, which comes in taste.
  • Pleased and the resistance of most Japanese brand spirits. Aroma is still holding onto the skin, and on clothes even longer. True, it must be borne in mind that on different people and persistence will be different. For example, the perfume Yohji Yamamoto seems very persistent, and the other indicator lacks.
  • Most buyers celebrate pleasant and neat packs / bottles, which are decorated Japanese colognes. Many people acquire branded perfume to present it as a gift. Beautiful branded packaging does not require additional “festive design”.
  • Users noted the sensuality of high-quality flavors. Many it seems that thanks to the perfume Yohji Yamamoto, they look brighter, feel more confident and attract more attention to.
  • Liked people and the fact that the aromas from Yohji Yamamoto are unobtrusive and not bored, even if “sound” for a very long time. Many buyers do not change themselves and order branded colognes for many years, refusing to buy any analogues.
  • Buyers attract the originality of many fragrances from Yohji Yamamoto. They are not like familiar “fashionable” odors. For example, such responses sound in the address of perfume Yohji Yamamoto Pour Femme.
  • Many spirits of the Japanese brand have a democratic value, that could not but please the modern consumer.

Most reviews about Parfume Yohji Yamamoto are positive, but there are among them and negative. Get acquainted with them.

  • The branded colognes of Yohji Yamamoto is predominantly worthwhile. Not the most attractive price repels many buyers. However, those who decide to spend money on the original perfume say that he is worth his money.
  • Rare flavors seem to buyers obsessive. Similar feedback available at the perfume Yohji Yamamoto Pour Femme. True, this disadvantage is noticed with just a few customers. Most of the buyers of obsessiveness smell did not notice.
  • Some universal flavors Unisex seem to buyers too male or female. Similar feedback Users leave about the product Yohji Yamamoto Yohji. Some girls fragrance seemed mainly male.

Many buyers did not find in the branded perfume from Yohji Yamamoto not a single drawback, noting for himself only the advantages.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that certain flavors one users really like, and others are absolutely no. To make sure that the perfume loves you and will not disappoint, it must be carefully chosen and “trying to try”. Then you will be glad to buy!

Overview of male fragrance from Yohji Yamamoto See next video.

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