All about the perfume Acqua di Parma

All about the perfume Acqua di Parma

The ACQUA Di Parma perfume is in demand among connoisseurs of high-quality and multifaceted aromas. In the assortment of the brand you can find a lot of different spirits and colognes – choose your product every buyer. In this article we will learn all about the modern perfume Acqua di Parma.

Distinctive features

Acqua di Parma is an Italian brand that specializes in fashion. Under this famous brand, high-quality things are produced, leather accessories, as well as chic perfume. The brand glorified the famous aroma of Colonia, which was designed back in 1916. It was made in a small factory in the city of Parma. It was in honor of this city that the Italian company was named.

Colonia has attracted a lot of attention, because in those days commercial fragrances were more “heavy” in composition, And the new smell from the Parma demonstrated unique lightness and airiness. Thanks to this, Colonia fragrance became terribly popular in Europe. Over the years, the new product was becoming more and more popular. Together with this, the range of fresh fragrances from Acqua di Parma. Brand perfumes were loved by consumers, their popularity does not fade and to this day.

Perfume from Acqua di Parma is not for nothing for so long hold the leading position in the global market of perfumery. Brand flavors can boast a large number of advantages attracting buyers.

  • The main plus of ACQUA Di Parma branded spirits is the wonderful and multifaceted flavors. Smells light, unobtrusive and air. Many buyers are looking for these qualities in perfumery.
  • Brand perfumes are highly resistant. They “sound” for a long time, but do not come.
  • Gorgeous perfume and colognes Acqua di Parma are made of safe and environmentally friendly ingredients, so do not lead to allergic reactions, redness or toothproof.
  • Perfumery brand Acqua di Parma has a large selection and breadth of the range. Pick up a decent aroma can consumer of any sex and any taste preferences.

In addition, the perfume line is constantly updated with interesting novelties.


Italian brand please buyers with a wide range of perfume products produced. Acqua Di Parma produces not only fragrant cologne, but also toilet and perfume water, haze. We will get acquainted with some products in each of the categories.

Eau de Toilette

Similar products Acqua Di Parma enjoy rabid popularity. The brand is constantly indulging in buyers with new aromas composed of chic component combinations.

  • BLU MEDITERRANEO. Free toilet water. First was released in 2006. Water consists of spectacular groups of aromas – citrus and fresh. The upper notes are represented by cedar and musk, notes of “hearts” – jasmine, orange and lemon, and basic – a guy tree. Blu Mediterraneo Toilet Water is characterized by a very pleasant and persistent figure of figs, which causes associations with sunny italy.

  • Arancia di Capri. Universal fragrance, which will decorate both male and female images. The main focus is made on citrus fuys notes. Arancia Di Capri has been produced since 1999 and is still in great demand. The upper stacks of aroma are represented by Sicilian Mandarin, Lemon, Orange and Bergamot, Middle – Petitgrin and Cardamon, and Basic – Caramel and Muscus.

Thanks to this combination, the smell is light, enveloping, but at the same time unobtrusive.

  • BLU MEDITERRANEO ARANCIA DI CAPRI. Interesting toilet water with a relaxing effect. Based on an ideal combination collected from the oils of Mediterranean citrus. The aroma of toilet water is original, because it demonstrates warm and soft notes of caramel and musk.

  • BLU MEDITERRANEO FICO DI AMALFI. High-quality toilet water from an Italian brand showing an adorable bouquet of sparkling citrus notes and figs. Intense components protrude figs and cedar. The product boasts a multifaceted and attractive smell that hard not to notice.

Eau de parfum

In the assortment of the Italian brand you can find many positions of perfume water. Consider a description of some popular products.

  • Signature Ambra. This perfume water is a real work of art. Demonstrates a chic artistic combination of citrus notes occurring in one aroma with warm and sensual shades of Ambra. The product is made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients collected worldwide. The fragrance is obtained not only in saturated and captive, but also frankly solar, thanks to which it raises the mood.

  • Signature Leather. Beautiful perfume water in which leather and citrus notes are found. Tandem is very spectacular and juicy. Signature Leather – Pretty expensive perfume water, but its stunning fragrance is worth such expensive.

  • Gelsomino Nobile. Wonderful perfumery water for representatives of beautiful sex. The upper notes are collected from mandarin and pink pepper, medium – from jasmine, orange and tubers, and basic – from musk and white cedar. The fragrance was created in 2011 and was originally designed for luxurious, sensual women, in the nature of which are combined with strong spirit and tenderness, vulnerability. Gelsomino Nobile Perfume Water Rich and Saturated. Perfect for yourself confident ladies.

  • Iris Nobile. Precious and very bright fragrance from the Italian brand. Will become a win-win choice for charismatic, elegant and mysterious woman with intriguing way. The top notes are occupied by Bergamot, Corsican orange, tangerine, iris and star anise, medium – mimosa, Mexican tuberosa, hibiscus, and basic – vanilla and amber.

  • MAGNOLIA NOBILE SIGNATURE OUD. Perfume with an interesting and original aroma. Was designed in 2009 specifically for representatives of the fine sex. Attracts with thin notes Vanilla, Virgin cedar, jasmine, magnolia, patchouli, roses and sandalwood. Decorate many ladies. Fashionista often refer to his “real fairy tale”.

  • Rosa Nobile. Women’s perfume water that was developed in 2014. The upper notes here are represented by pepper, bergamot and tangerine, the notes of “hearts” – with a column rose, peony, lilion and violet, and basic – cedar, amber and musk. Rosa Nobile perfectly complement an image of an elegant and luxurious woman.

  • Peonia Nobile. Floral fragrance for women, which was released in 2016. The fragrant composition is made up of black pepper notes, raspberries, peony, geranium, Turkish roses, white freesia, musk and patchouli. Peonia Nobile is poured into neat and delicate bottles with shiny lids.

  • Signature Sakura. The fragrant combination of this perfume water consists of tender sakura and citrus notes. Quality product refers to the Unisex category and suits the representatives of both sexes. Splits into transparent bubbles with black lids and black branded stickers.


Italian brand can offer good cologne.

  • Colonia Club Pura. Universal brand cologne, which will decorate both female and male images. Refers to the family of fuys, wood. Was created in 2015. Demonstrates bright citrus chords, conquers honey-spicy combinations of ingredients.

The fragrance perfectly comes up with a cheerful and temperamental agent, like he himself.

  • Colonia Essenza. Male cologne, which is sold in black bottles with contrasting snow-white stickers. Refers to the group of citrus, fuys. Colonia Essenza consists of the following elegant notes: Bergamot, Rosemary, Moss, Lily of Lily, Jasmine, Patchouli, Vetiver, Sage, Orange.

  • Colonia Intensa. Fresh and light cologne, which at the same time will be the perfect choice of strong, confident and successful man who lives in harmony with them. Colonia Intensa Aroma Intensive and Expressive.


Consider what haze offers Acqua di Parma.

  • Peonia Nobile. Such a name is not only a classic perfume, but also branded hair haze. Envelops strands with unique floral aroma, but at the same time does not cause them the slightest harm. Spilled on compact branded vials.

  • Magnolia Nobile. Hair haze with fragrance of tender magnolia, complemented by citrus. The product is very light and air, has an air-conditioning agent caring for strands.

  • PRONIA NOBILE HAIR MIST. Demonstrates chic floral fragrance. Sold in 50 ml bottles, is very popular, as it allows you to enjoy a light and pleasant smell by usual hair wave.

How to choose an aroma?

Consider what is worth paying attention to, making the choice of perfectly suitable aroma.

  • You should pay attention to the specific type of fragrance that you select. It may be cologne, perfume or toilet water – each category has its own characteristics and features. The type of perfume directly depends on the concentration of the components that are contained in it. Usually they are indicated on corporate packaging or bubble.
  • Pick up the most resistant ingredients in the fragrance. So, more resistance can boast cedar, bergamot, juniper, moss, sandalwood, patchouli, sandal and similar. And to the less resistant include jasmine, peony, peach, grapefruit, strawberry.
  • Consider individual features by choosing a suitable flavor. The same fragrance on different people will be felt differently. Before buying it is better to “try” the selected smell and only after that return to the store and buy it.
  • Pay attention to the product view of the selected product. It doesn’t matter much that it is a large set of perfumes or a single bottle with spirits.

Products must be sold in a whole package without defects and damage, should not leak.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

The Italian perfume Acqua di Parma is often copied by unscrupulous manufacturers, so buyers risk running over a copy, wanting to acquire the original.

  • One of the main signs of counterfeit – amazingly low cost. Many copies of the spirits and colognes of Acqua di Parma are very expensive. If you are a very cheap product, it should cause serious doubts about his originality.
  • Examine packaging and bubble with perfumery. They should be in perfect condition. There should be no dents, scratches, scratches, losses or pollution. The original product will never “suffer” from such problems.
  • Pay attention to all inscriptions on the product. They should be applied without mistakes. Try to erase the inscriptions – they should not be stitched. If you have been seen at least one error in the texts, it is better to refuse to buy.
  • You can request the seller with accompanying documentation or quality certificate. If the product is original, in this request, you should not refuse. If the seller’s response is too turbulent or even aggressive, it is advisable to go to another store.

Do not look for the original perfume from Acqua di Parma on the market or in dubious stores, the name of which is constantly changing. Better go to brand boutiques, branded shops in Gums and Tsums or place an order on the official website of the Italian brand.


ACQUA Di Parma products are popular, so there are many reviews about it online. Among them are not only positive, but also negative.

First, consider that most of all delight customers in the perfume of the Italian brand Acqua di Parma.

  • Buyers pleases the stunning smell of brand perfume. It is lightweight, air, pleasant and unobtrusive. In addition, users note high resistance of aromas and their chic loop.
  • Many ladies liked the fact that the ACQUA Di Parma branded fragrances, created specifically for representatives of the beautiful floor, perfectly refresh the image, do not boost it, make more cheerful, emphasizes the bright personality. The girls who tried the “magic” of company perfumes on themselves, noticed that they attract many attention to their person and feel more confident.
  • Has the people and the fact that Acqua Di Parma offers a choice of many options for high-quality spirits and colognes. Even the most demanding customers managed to choose the perfect product that did not disappoint them.
  • Users noted a neat, delicate design of bottles, which implemented branded perfume products. This fact turned out to be especially important for those who bought perfumes as a gift.

Most buyers have remained very satisfied with the original perfume products from Acqua Di Parma. However, people noticed certain shortcomings.

  • Some consumers resistance to perfumery seemed to be medium or too weak. Usually such reviews are much less than those where people talk about high resistance. This can be explained by the above-mentioned fact that the same aromas “sound” in different ways.
  • Some universal aromas belonging to the Unisex category seem to users too “male” or “female”. Such a review is left in the address of Cedro Di Taormina. The buyer considered that this perfume is much more suitable for a man than a woman, although it is indicated as universal.
  • I did not like many users not the most “kind” cost of branded fragrances. The Assortment Acqua Di Parma has perfume, the cost of which is over 15 thousand rubles, which does not suit buyers. But those people who are solved on such spending in the end say that they were worth.
  • There were consumers who, for whom one or another fragrance simply “did not fit”.

The lion’s share of buyers did not find serious shortcomings in perfume from Acqua di Parma. Of course, there were those who just did not like the smells, but there is no guilt of the Italian company – it’s just a matter of taste.

In the next video, you will find a review of the collection of women’s fragrances Blu Mediterraneo from Acqua di Parma.

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