All about the perfume Shalimar

All about the perfume Shalimar

Perfumery from the world famous brand Guerlain choose women of the most different age from around the world. Salimar’s modern fragrances are particularly popular, which were repeatedly reissued after the first aroma debut almost a century ago. To date, the brand offers various formats of this favorite by many fragrances. Before buying, we advise you to familiarize yourself with some features of the Guerlain spirits.

How legend was born?

The history of the creation of the first fragrance Shalimar is quite interesting. The first perfume was released almost a century ago. He was presented in the French Palace in Paris. It is believed that the first fragrance is named after Sadimar gardens, located in Pakistan and who are worldwide cultural heritage. They are very beautiful, personify the true luxurious East. Smell in spirits, respectively, oriental.

It can be said that the first spirits appeared by chance. While In great demand from the fashion house used perfume Jicky. It is in him a perfumer and added Vanilla, after which a new oriental fragrance turned out. He became one of the first in which the synthetic vanillin began to use. The first perfume, and his bottle made from the expensive crystal of Bakkara, is one of the most famous perfume in the whole history.

So far, in France, Shalimar is one of the most sought-after, and the vintage version of the aroma is considered a collection, to purchase it in its original form is very difficult.

In 1985, perfume was first reissued in the new execution, the years later came his even easier version. Since then, Shalimar has reissued repeatedly. Many famous perfumers worked on various versions, while the classic recipe has always changed a bit, as well as the appearance of the bottle.

According to experts, Shalimar attracts to him instantly, he is very loop. Despite the fact that the perfume itself is based on vanilla, it is absolutely not so sweet, as in different confectionery, it is rather a fragrant vanilla with various smoky impurities. It is worth understanding that The pyramid of modern Shalimar has changed a little over time, she did not get worse, rather, she was adapted for a new world. In addition, some of the ingredients had to replace due to their absence and irrelevance.

Assortment of flavors

GUERLAIN boutiques offer several versions and formats of world famous perfume. Read them a little closer.

  • Perfume. Shalimar’s aroma at the concentration of spirits is sufficiently sweet and to some extent heavy, spicy and at the same time very seductive relating to the eastern group. It successfully played sheet music and citrus notes, as well as iris, rose, jasmine, vanilla and beans thin. Perfume possess a long enveloping and harmonious loop.

  • Perfume water is more tender, powder. Like perfume, it plays noble vanilla notes and balsamic shades. Contrary to the opinion that perfume water is less intense for sounding, rather than perfume, one can safely say that this does not concern this fragrance Shalimar.

  • Another version of the fragrance is Shalimar Souffle De Parfum in a soft blue bottle. The fragrance can be called mysterious, he was created by Tierry Wasser, who is a leading perfumer of a fashion house Gerlend. In perfume, the types of citrus and jasmine are successfully intertwined, it also has an absolute from flurarangea water, white musk and several types of vanilla. The new perfume turned out to be fresh, seductive and at the same time bringing a certain pacification of his user. This version will have to taste lovers of floral and powdered accents in flavors.

  • For lovers of more intensive fragrances, the brand also created Shalimar Souffle Intense. This version of the perfume water is considered to be updated, its formula is brighter and saturated. Perfume produced in a beautiful designer vial of ultramarin. The aroma citrus, sparkling and will fall to taste the ladies with a special impeccable style and taste.

  • Salimar Women’s Eau de Toilette is considered less saturated than perfume. The toilet water as a whole has a very similar aroma with spirits, the pyramid of notes is almost the same.

  • Shalimar Parfum Initial. This perfume water refers to chip and floral. In addition to orange, Bergamot and green music in perfume, Iris sounds, vetiver, patchouli, caramel, musk, beans thin and, of course, Vanilla. It can be said that the train in this perfume composition is drunk, but at the same time light and absolutely not shown.

  • Another reissue of the fashion fragrance is Shalimar Cologne, which is revealed by grapefruit notes, bergamot, lime, freesia, jasmine, roses, white musk, iris and vanilla. It would seem that this pyramid is very similar to the initial classical perfume composition, but it is not quite so. This fragrance was completely redesigned by the leading perfumer brand, this perfume turned out to be more modern and elegant.

Each fragrance bottle is exquisite, any item has been worked out to the smallest detail.

To whom will suit?

The fragrant compositions of Shalimar will suit self-confident women of many different ages, as well as sensual people who prefer vanilla in perfumery. But not a sweet pastry vanilla, namely unique and unusual. If you want to touch the eternal eastern classics, we recommend getting exactly spirits. Of course, they are rather saturated, persistent and, most likely, the status and independent ladies will appear to taste. 35+.

But lighter flavors in the type of toilet or perfume water are relevant for acquisition and girls, and more adult ladies. Perfume can perfectly add not only any daily image, but also fit on the evening output.

So sure to understand that one or another fragrance is suitable, it is very important to test it on the skin.

The brand has almost every year new flanks with a rethinking of the original classical fragrance, Therefore, to choose the one that will like to do, will not be difficult. Make a complete distinction for whom and at what age one or another brand fragrance is difficult, difficult. There should be an individual approach in choosing a perfume.

History of perfume Shalimar in the video below.

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