All about women’s perfumes Ted Lapidus

All about women's perfumes Ted Lapidus

Currently, on the perfumery market, you can find a wide variety of female spirits from domestic and foreign manufacturers. One of the most popular brands is the Ted Lapidus brand. Today in our article we will talk more about the assortment of this company.


Edmond Lapidus launched his brand Ted Lapidus in 1951, respectively, in the market the company exists for quite a long time. Being the son of Russian immigrants (his father worked by a tailor), the young man came to study at the House of Fashion Christian Dior and became a professional designer. Initially, the trademark Ted Lapidus was produced exclusively. Moreover, it was quite unique in nature: Edmond Lapidus proposed the so-called unisex style, which was very popular among Europeans. In addition, it is this designer who became the first popularizer of blue jeans in high fashion.

Clothes created by the master worn such stars of world values ​​like Twiggy, Alain Delon, Bridget Bardo, Bitles Group and many others. In the 1970s, not only clothes, but also accessories and perfumery began under the brand. When creating their author’s aromas, the company collaborated with the L’Oreal brand. Since the 2000s (when the management of the company passed to the son of Edmond), the trademark focused on the release of accessories and flavors, closing its division of clothing.

By 2013, the company has released more than 20 fragrances: both independently and in collaboration with other brands known to the whole world.

Assortment of brand

The range of the brand includes a large number of perfume products, including perfume, women’s toilette. Below is a description of the best and most popular flavors.


This fragrance refers to the category of flower. Brand began to produce these spirits in 1984. It’s believed that Creation is great for autumn, while it can be used for everyday wearing, and in the event of a solemn event. The aroma bouquet includes notes of mandarin, maracuy, citrus, black currant, mango, peach, iris, lily. The toilet water is produced in an elegant transparent bottle. Cost Creation – about 6,000 rubles.

Eau de Parfum

EAU DE PARFUM is a perfume that is produced in a volume of 100 ml. Its aroma is quite persistent and intense. The composition includes from 8% to 14% of perfume oil. The aroma over time is disclosed in different ways.

Envol “Vintage”

Ted Lapidus Envol is a classic fragrance that was created in 1981. Perfumes have a bright flower aroma with musk notes. The fragrance itself is quite rare and unique, so it will not come far from every person. Among the main notes, you can trace a rose, jasmine and musk.

Rumba Passion

Compared to the above-described aromas Rumba Passion is a relatively new perfume product, which appeared on the market in 2000. If we talk about the classification of spirits, this product can be attributed to the category of eastern. The name of the spirits is associated with ballroom dancing Rumba – the aroma is the same passionate and brave. Rumba Passion users have the opportunity to enjoy the smell of orange, roses, jasmine, vanilla, honey.

Fantasme Lovely

Fantasme Lovely is a floral fragrance of 2009. The smell of spirits is very bright, but at the same time sensual and gentle. The fragrance opens gradually: the upper notes are the smells of green apple, juicy mandarin and honey peony. Next, you can enjoy the flavors of violets, lily of the valley, roses and peach. Finishing are musk and amber notes.

Silk Way

Silk Way combines floral and fruit flavors. The perfume composition of the fragrance consists of notes of apple, red peach and Italian citron.

Thanks to a wide range of spirits from the brand TED Lapidus, each girl will be able to choose such a perfume product for itself, which will correspond to its taste preferences.

Criterias of choice

The choice of spirits should be approached as carefully and responsibly. Remember that perfumery is a rather individual accessory.

  • Price. Due to the fact that perfumes from the brand TED Lapidus are perfumery of the luxury product, their cost is large enough. Low price for products must cause suspicions – most likely you are offered marriage or fake.
  • Place acquisition. For the purchase of spirits should only be applied to specialized perfume shops. Only so you will be sure that you acquire the original corporate product. In addition, professional, experienced and highly qualified sales consultants will help you to answer your questions.
  • Age. Age is a parameter that you need to consider when choosing perfume. So, young girls will suit more recent and light flavors (for example, floral), and mature women are recommended to choose spicy flavors.
  • Personal preferences. Before buying a perfume product, it is very important to test it in the store – for this, special testers are offered on the shop windows. If you acquire a fragrance as a gift to a close person, then you must know in advance about his preferences.
  • Compound. Be sure to read information about the composition of the spirits, which is prescribed in the detail on the label. This rule is particularly relevant to people who suffer from allergies and individual intolerance. Only with this approach can you make sure that the product does not contain any components that can harm your health.

Taking into account all the parameters described above, you can choose a high-quality aroma that will bring you and your loved ones extremely positive emotions.

Perfumery products from the Ted Lapidus brand are time-tested perfumes. They are popular and in demand among girls all over the world. At the same time, the company offers a wide variety of flavors, thereby expanding the audience of its consumers.

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