Choose fragrances from Lancome

Choose fragrances from Lancome

A drip of good spirits – the final bar in the toilet of each woman. The fragrant loop not only complements the image of a chic, elegance, but also affects the assessment of others. Among the huge selection of perfume products, the compositions of the Lancome trademark are particularly popular, they differ in tenderness and unobtrusion.


Perfumery brand Lancome is known worldwide with its light and gentle flavors. It was founded in France in 1935 by Arman Pokrayan, since 1964 and to present the legendary brand belongs to L’Oreal. Perfumery Production Lancome was on top of leadership due to the affordable price, elegant, stylish bottles and high quality compositions. In the entire history of the existence, the company has released more than 1,500 fragrances, each of which is distinguished by its notes.

The main advantage of female perfumes Lancome is that they have a powerful romantic promise. Thanks to the magic compositions, every girl feels welcome and beloved.

Top notes of compositions are represented by fruit-floral mix of roses, valley, lilacs, apricot colors, Bergamot, Pineapple and Peach. In the heart notes there are shades of sandalwood, vanilla, musk, amber, iris and peach. Similar combinations of aromas are ideal for both evening walk with friends and for office.

The ideal time for the Lancome compositions is August, since the fragrance of vanilla and peach candied frishes perfectly fits in the coolness of the outgoing summer. Sun warmed ripe fruits allow you to feel comfort. Perfumes can also be used in spring and summer, during this period they are specially revealed and attached to the female image of charm. As for the age category, the Lancome toilet and perfume water cannot be called an aroma suitable for young dreamers, it can also be used and mature, confident ladies.

Description of flavors

Perfume masterpieces of the French brand Lancome can rightly be considered a symbol of prestige. All flavors have the ability to climb and give true pleasure, they differ from the products of other trademarks. Female perfumes, perfume and Lancome toilet water combine fresh and light notes.

Eau de parfum

The magical power of Lancome fragrances attaches not only self-confidence, but also gives a good mood. Perfume water of this brand is universal and practical. But there are popular compositions that the love of consumers especially won.

  • Idole. This is a new perfume that has not been unnoticed, he even eclipsed by his aroma other popular compositions Lancome. Many female perfume may seem too sweet, as it is represented by chip and floral notes. But if you wait for his full disclosure, you can feel the original green motifs and pleasant coolness. A fragrant cocktail consisting of pear and bergamot juice is also present in the composition. It complements the aroma of musk, without which no sexy and sensual perfume do.

  • LA VIE EST BELLE. This perfume also has a second name – “Life is beautiful”. It was created especially for bright women who love freedom. Like all compositions of this brand, La Vie Est Belle contains fruity and floral notes in its composition. This perfume is easily recognizable by its distinctive features: it contains accords of juicy pear and ripe black currant. The perfect combination of caramel, sweet shades with sourness fills the composition with playfulness and coquetry.

  • Hypnose. A wonderful composition for romantic ladies. It is distinguished by a laconic pyramid and a magical oriental gourmet sound. The perfume attracts with the aroma of exotic plants, complemented by the scent of orange blossom and lilac. Heart notes of majestic gardenia, jasmine and vanilla.

This perfume composition originally emphasizes the female image, giving it sophistication and tenderness. Fits both young fashion suites and mature ladies.

  • Pivoines Printemp. The main components of this perfume are rich notes of pink pepper and mandarin. They are instantly revealed at contact with the skin. Cardic notes of composition are represented by vanilla aroma, black currant, roses and peony. Flower-fruit composition allows you to complement any female image.

  • Poeme. Is a classic Lancome perfume created based on floral aromas. It has a sensual smell and from the first second is revealed by notes of black currant, mandarin and ripe plum. Gradually manifest chords of jasmine, fleederge and mimosa, they replace the warm musky-vanilla loop. The main advantage of this perfume is the intensity and saturation. Despite the fact that this composition is rather sweet, it is perfect for use in both the day and evening. Perfume can be chosen by both young girls in jeans and sneakers, and wealthy ladies in an elegant dress.

Eau de Toilette

The Lancome Eau de Toilette deserves special attention, it has both a mysterious and delicate aroma. Perfumery products are represented by a huge selection of compositions, among which some samples can be distinguished.

  • Miracle. This eau de toilette contains spicy and fresh floral notes, followed by playful notes of mandarin and lychee. She is considered an excellent choice for bright and young girls, whose image should not be overloaded. A seductive, delicate bouquet is appropriate both in the evening and in the afternoon, it goes well with different clothes.

  • Tresor in love. This fragrance is specially created for modern women who are used to standing out from the crowd. Its most recognizable shades include: on the first notes – bergamot, pear, nectarine and pink pepper, in heart notes – jasmine, violet, rose and peach, in basic notes – musk and cedar. The durability of this perfume is an average of 6 to 8 hours, it has a moderately extended loop.

  • La Nuit Tresor Nude. This composition is considered to be a unique creation of perfumes, since its mounted oriental and rock fragrance does not leave anyone indifferent. Perfume can be attributed to the Magic Aphrodisiac. Its initial notes are presented with fragrance of scented pear, which gradually change the chords of Bergamot. The compositions also contain notes of exotic maracuy and fragrant strawberries, a black rose and vanilla orchid emphasize the composition of elegance and femininity. Perfume fits a charming lady of any age, his aroma in cold weather is revealed especially chic.

  • LA VIE EST BELLE EN ROSE. This perfume is an embodiment of a new life and pure happiness, heart floral notes sound easily, they are represented by wooded and iris notes. Thanks to the expressive notews of red juicy fruits and Bergamot, the composition conquers the heart from the first seconds of its disclosure. In addition, the perfume includes chords of white peony and roses, before which it is impossible to resist. Perfume is available in a stylish bottle decorated with an elegant bow and translucent tulle of a metal shade. LA VIE EST BELLE EN ROSE is recommended to choose optimistic, self-confident, modern women.

  • Magie Noire. This perfume is ideal for vintage style amateur, since it can be attributed to wood heat compositions. Perfume affects versatility, thanks to the rich pyramid of flavors. It has black currant sheets, roses and raspberries, they gradually replace the combination of jasmine with cedar. A saturated composition is well complemented by a daily image of a woman and gives it some kind of rigor.

Perfume is best used in the cold season when it is quickly revealed by warm oriental and woody notes.

How to choose?

To date, the perfumery market is represented by a chic selection of Lancome fragrances for women, so it is difficult to make the right choice in favor of this or that composition. To properly purchase perfume, corresponding to the female image, you need to take into account the following rules:

  • The best time for buying toilet water is considered the first half of the day, when the smell is not too overloaded+
  • When choosing a composition, you need to navigate exclusively on your personal taste and not follow fashionable trends (even the most popular compositions on each woman are disclosed in different ways)+
  • It can only be familiar with several aromas, after which the most liked you should apply on the wrist+

In addition, it is necessary to choose a resistant perfume, Lancome brand products are stored for up to 8 hours. If the smell disappears instantly, this indicates that the composition is cheap fake. Perfumes should be purchased only in specialized stores. For the summer it is best to choose light compositions represented by fresh green, fruit and floral notes. For the cold season, it is advisable to buy perfume with spicy notes.

How to applied?

Perfume is an important component of the female wardrobe, so it must be able to correctly apply. The sound of any fragrance largely depends on how and where it is applied. Most of the fair sex representatives apply toilet water and perfumes behind the ears. In the opinion of specialists on the human body there are 16 points, where the perfume can fully disclose. The most “warm” zones include: a plot under the knees, whiskey and wrist.

Saturated compositions are recommended to spray in front of them, and then enter the cloud of aroma. Fresh and light perfume well keeps on strands. Any fragrance has the ability to wake up from heat heat, so the toilet water should be applied under the clothes. On synthetic tissues, the composition can not only change its fragrance, but also leave spots. If the skin is fat, then the fragrance will stay long, dry – less.

To increase the resistance of the flavor on dry skin, it is necessary to pre-apply the fat cream.

Review reviews

To date, Perfumery products Lancome are known to many women. Most of the representatives of the beautiful sex gave positive feedback, the ladies noted the high resistance of songs and the magical fragrance.

Some remained completely disappointed with the products, they most likely became the owners of the fake. They did not like “plastic”, acidic notes and the fact that the fragrance opens best in the open air, and not indoors. Did not suit the high price of perfume products as well.

The smell is really expensive, but it is revealed by different notes and “sings” them all day.

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