Choose perfume from Bershka

Choose perfume from Bershka

Surely many of you drew attention to: trading networks specializing in clothes, began to practice selling fragrances under its own brand name. Usually testers are placed near the ticket office – they smell like a pleasant, look pretty and at the same time they are inexpensive. In the meantime, the sellers pack and break through purchases, there is no visitors, no, and “hooked” by any of the proposed flavors. Did not exception and Bershka.


Bershka is a trading network from Spain, offering teenage and youth clothing. The company is engaged in the creation, release, as well as the sale of clothing, shoes and stylish accessories for young people. Every year, under the brand, over 4 thousand items of products are available. Today, about 1000 brand stores in more than 60 countries around the world. Bershka enters the Inditex concern, which also owns brands Stradivarius, Zara, Massimo Dutti and Oysho.

Mark was founded in 1998 to attract a teenage audience. Clothes in stores are offered inexpensive, but at the same time fashionable, bright and stylish. It is not surprising that the brand quickly won recognition of adolescents.

In 2016, Bershka introduced his own perfumery and cosmetic line. The cosmetic series consists of decorative cosmetics and nail polishes, and perfume includes several types of toilet water. All perfumes are decorated in the Youth Street Style Graffiti.

The compositions of the bershka fragrances are distinguished by floral and berry sound, which can not be suitable for young girls.

Overview of perfumes

Among the perfume products are popular with several fragrances.

  • Unconditional Crush

This is a slightly exotic fragrance with pronounced motives of Guaava, intertwined with chords of pears and lemon. In the center of the smell opens with jasmine and blooming orange. Pattle Sandal and Vanilla sounds as basic notes.

  • Endless Bliss

Here are intertwined chords of strawberries, cherries, bergamot, violets and honeysuckle. The perfume is based on sandals, musk and amber. This dressing water with sparkles, which is very popular among teenage girls.

  • Moonlight blossom

Toilet water with sparkles for disco or youth party. In the foreground here, notes of Bergamot and black currant. In the middle, they echo with blackberry and dairy cream. In the final, perfume is revealed by musk and amber.

  • Hint of Peony

Hint of Peony toilet water is an unusual composition based on coconut, grapefruit and bergamot. Cardiac chords include lotus, peony and sweet caramel. The train is created at the expense of vanilla, musk, sandals and wood of different breeds.

  • Pink Shades Bershka

This is one of the most popular flavors. Rose, jasmine, cinnamon, musk, vanilla and orange are closely intertwined here. Perfume resembles a sweet, but not a fitful fruit caramel or marmalade without adding a chemical essence. It is impossible to say that this is a simple composition of its sound – the toilet water gives an interesting, but a little infantile fragrance. The expressed smell of fruit caramel combined with delicate flowers after some time is transformed into a slight powder cloud and immediately causes associations with glamor doll Barbie. This is a youth version of the perfume, which is perfect for a tender and touching teenage girl.

How to choose?

Tasting of men’s and women’s smells is better to start with the freshest and easy aromas. However, all odors from Bershka belong to this group. Therefore, for a start, you can listen to two perfumes and decide which one to you more like, and then ask the seller-consultant to show a few more fragrances with him. Of the three-four odors it will be easier for you to choose the one that you closer in sound.

Do not listen more than three perfumes at a time – the nose gets tired, and all the flavors will begin to merge into a one. In this case, make the right choice will be problematic.

Do not rush to buy perfume immediately. The fact is that they all contain upper, medium and basic notes – each of them is disclosed gradually. With spirits you need to pass at least half an hour, and if during this time you will understand that the smell fully matches your self-sustain – boldly pay perfume.

How to store?

Any perfumery has a complex composition, and external influences are able to change the structure of the fragrant liquid – as a result, the toilet water will deteriorate. The most unfavorable factor is the impact of high temperatures and direct UV rays. If the spirits face such manifestations rarely, nothing terrible will happen. But if the bottle is in open to light and temperature, damage should not be avoided. However, too low temperatures also affects destructive as toilet water.

Of course, the light coolness of the structure of the spirits will not change, but the freezing can spoil not only the smell itself, but also the chemical quality. Such a liquid will begin to leave untidy stains on clothes, may cause irritation on the skin.

An important factor is humidity. Everyone knows that water is a universal solvent. In contact of the spirits, even with a minor amount of moisture, individual ingredients are able to change their properties. If you get into the bottle of water, it remains only to throw it, because they completely lose their typical fragrance.

Another point – fullness of bottles. Toilet water used almost to the bottom is spoiled rather, since the empty volume of the vial is filled with air, which causes the oxidation of individual elements of aromatic fluid. That is why perfumers are not advised to acquire toilet water in large packages, especially if you do not plan to use such perfume every day. The optimal option will be bottles from 10 to 50 ml.

Thus, the storage of spirits are not suitable:

  • Bathroom and shower rooms – There are too raw, there are also temperature differences+

  • On the windowsill – here in perfume will affect the differences of humidity, unstable temperatures, as well as excess sunlight+

  • Places near heating devices.

And it is also not recommended to keep the bottle next to sources of sudden odors, for example, near the containers with seasonings or cleaning agents.

If you are interested in the history of the yield of Bershka, you can see the following video.

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