Choose perfume from betty barclay

Choose perfume from betty barclay

German brand Betty Barclay, founded in 1955, produces not only female perfume, but also clothes, and accessories. Trademark flavors are loved on all over the world. In fragrant collections of Betty Barclay, every woman can choose the smell of mood, age, social status and even the time of year.


The earliest perfume of the brand saw the light in 1994, today the flavors are more than 35. On the quality and multifaceted composition of the perfume creations of the brand says the fact that Complied with it such famous and famous perfumers as Nathalie Lorson, Ursula Wandel, Anne Flipo, Fanny Ba and many others.

Most brand perfumes are divided into several thematic lines, whose names speak for themselves. For example, Woman, Love Collection, summer fruit ruler of the fragrances Pure Pastel.

Overview of perfumes


Style line includes Pure Style and Style By Night aromas. The first composition is designed for cheerful and filled with refreshing spring notes. Here are the chords of Magnolia, Bergamot, Freedy, Peach, Lily of Lily and Jasmine. At the end of the sound, perfume envelops its owner fragrant and long loop with musk, amber and cedar.

Second Smell – Style By Night, It is quite suitable for glamorous parties when your goal is to remember others. Feminine and sensual flavors of violets and jasmine are complemented by the softness of cashmere and the freshness of the tree accents.


This ruler presents 3 diverse fragrances. Woman №1 is designed for young specimen, who are illuminated by their presence gray weekdays. Composition of perfume water Wovers from fruit and citrus notes (mandarin, apricot, orange, red berries) and supplemented with sensuality of jasmine, neroli, peony, musk and amber.

Woman №2 was created specifically for confident, independent and self-sufficient ladies who know exactly what they want from life. Initially, the notes of violets, sandals and musk are clearly sound. And in the database, the sweetness of vanilla, luxury amber and freshness of cedar.

Woman № 3 is suitable for audacious and contradictory, which are accustomed to do everything in their own way, and sometimes they have shut down their behavior. Although composite perfume is quite classic, they interact in a magical way – and the attention of the surrounding you will definitely be ensured. In the notes of the perfume composition, Bergamot, Cassia, Rosa, Jasmine, Sandal and Vanilla are declared.


One of the most popular flavors of Betty Barclay, on the Internet, – Tender blossom. He is like an expectation of spring and awakening nature, is so gentle and delicate perfume composition. Perfumes were inspired by blooming gardens and their dizzying aromas. Here you can feel the tenderness of magnolia, peony fragrance and cyclame brightness. Harmonious conclusion is a sensual Muscus and Sandala and Sandala Loaded Loading Lyubility.

    One of the new items of the Youth Collection – Pretty Butterfly. This fruit-flower classic will help you become bright as the most real summer butterfly. At first, notes of exotic maracuy, sweetness of blackberry and freshness of lemon. The heart contains the classic scent of violet, rose and lily of the valley. And the trail fascinates with the tenderness of rosewood, the sensuality of patchouli and muted musk.

      Also, the following brand eau de parfum enjoys stable popularity among our compatriots:

      • Precious Moments+

      • Pure pastel lemon+

      • Pure pastel rose.

      How to choose?

      It’s no secret that on different skin the same perfume “sounds” completely differently. Therefore, the fragrance will suit someone perfectly, while for someone it will only cause a headache. When you apply perfume on your wrist, do not rush to rub it in, because then the fragrance will lose its original structure and change. The first impression of the fragrance is the top notes, they will disappear after a few minutes. Then the heart notes come into their own, they are softer and “sound” for an hour. Basic chords are the most persistent, and a subtle sillage will accompany you all day.

      That is why not in a hurry, choosing toilet water, feel the smell, and if it does not annoy anything in it, go for the purchase of the “the most” spirits.

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