Choose perfume from Louis Feraud

Choose perfume from Louis Feraud

According to perfumers and psychologists, smell plays a decisive role in the perception of any person. When choosing a fragrance, you can focus on the classic options that are in constant demand. Perfumery products from the French couturier Louis Feraud have been attracting for more than a dozen years with their sophistication and enchanting sunny aroma. This article describes in detail how to choose a perfume, what features such fragrances have, an overview of popular products is presented.


Those who are not yet familiar with the products of the French designer and perfumer should pay attention to perfumery products for men and women. Born Louis Feraud in 1920 in the sunny city of Arles. After 27 years, he moved to Cannes and began to seriously engage in painting. In 1950, the young couturier opened a boutique, and two years later his collection was shown. The audience was captivated by his unusually feminine and original models. A year later, the aspiring designer makes friends with Brigitte Bordeaux, meets Roger Vadim.

Subsequently, they brought unprecedented fame to the brand of the same name. Famous movie stars, models and other celebrities who tried to purchase clothes from a famous fashion designer at that time become his clients. In 1958, Louis Feraud, along with the famous couturiers Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Lanvin and Castillo, took part in the Haute Couture show. In addition to creating original outfits for men, women and children, the master also produced magical women’s and men’s fragrances.

More than 2 dozen fragrances have been produced in total. The first of them was released in 1965, and in 2014 his last fragrance was released.

Eminent perfumers have worked with the brand:

  • Sonya Constant+
  • Natalie Lorson+
  • Iliyas Ermenidis+
  • Robert Gonnon.

In 1968, the Feraud collection was organized on Red Square in Moscow. At this time, he meets Russian Ballerina Tamara and invites her to Paris. 1984 became for Kuturier a sign, he was awarded the Golden Nature Prize. 6 years later, French president of Francois Mitteraran, awards him the title of “Prince of Life Art”.

Overview of aromas

Each fragrance drop from Louis Feraud in its own way individual and multifaceted. The fabulous fragrance of spirits makes something new, constantly changing, it adjusts to the image and emphasizes the individuality. The first fragrance released by perfumer was called Justine. These classic perfume is incredibly piquant, they enchant their flower-chip bouquet. A delightful perfume will decorate any female image, will be a spicy and bright accessory, a special charm and irresistible woman.

Observing in 1965 its first masterpiece – Justine, the designer did not stop at the result.

  • In 2008, I saw the light Women’s Perfume Water Parfum Des Sens. Immediately attracts attention to the bottle of this perfume, made in the form of a golden cell. It is only worth releaseing from her Gina, and he will fulfill all the innermost desires. In the upper notes, the smells of pineapple, ripe and juicy mandarin, red pepper are heard. The heart is revealed by a bouquet of orange, jasmine and roses. At the end of the aroma of musk, ambras, patchouli with remote vanilla splashes. This is truly worthy fragrance, gives the feeling of joy and happiness.

  • Louis Feraud 2004. This female fragrance belongs to the Floral, Green Family. Red berries of pink pepper, pear and grapefruit form the starting composition. It was based on the aromas of apricot, garment, heliotrop and cherry flowers. Finish chord sounds amber, musk and vanilla.

  • In the summer of 2005, the master was presented the fragrance, called Louis Feraud Sunshine Eau d’ETE. This summer, sparkling flavor can be compared with wine from solar dandelions. These perfumes are designed for summer days, they will not be suffocked and do not worry their heads. This is a universal smell that is suitable for both work and for evening promenade. It can be chosen for a walk in the park, go to the cultural event. At the heart of this perfume citrus notes, combined with the easy aroma of the blooming cherry tree. The smells of Ilang Ilanga, Orange and Gardenia are clearly heard. Complete floral composition Tarts Targamot notes.

  • In 2012, the company introduced a new, aromatic and unusually refreshing aroma called Feraud Soleil de Jade. Female perfumes belong to the category of floral flavors. Ripe blackberries, apple peels, shades of citrus are clearly traced here with the initial accords. A subtle scent of jasmine mixed with rose, violet and patchouli is heard in the heart note. The final final note of the perfume is a combination of vanilla, musk, cedar. Creamy honey shades are clearly heard here.

  • In the same year, perfumer Nathalie Lorson developed a new women’s fragrance from Louis Feraud Amarante. This perfume belongs to the category of musky, woody, with floral blotches. Top notes are black currant combined with tart grapefruit and yuzu. In the middle notes, aromas of pear, rose and magnolia are clearly traced. The base, final chords are the aromas of musk, sandalwood, white cedar. A bouquet of musky and woody shades gives a sense of a certain charm and sexuality. Intertwining in a bizarre way, lilac, yellow and green colors add up to a bright bouquet of femininity, beauty and charm.

  • Louis Feraud Bonheur. The year of production of this eau de toilette is 2014. Refers to floral, fruity aromas. Just a drop of this fragrance will allow you to emphasize the sophistication of the outfit, its luxury. The perfume will immediately sparkle with all facets, revealing itself by mixing the aromas of fruits with flowers. According to the French fashion house, this is a diamond that nature has carefully created and endowed with a special gift.

Not only women were taken care of by the famous designer. He did not disregard the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

  • In 2005, the men’s eau de toilette was released Louis Feraud Men.

  • In 2010, the fashion house presented eau de toilette for men Louis Feraud Nuit Des Sens.

  • A delightful fragrance for men was launched in 2013 Louis Feraud Matador. This toilet water was intended for daring and self-confident men reaching their goal. An amazing cocktail consisting of wood, musky and floral notes, emphasizes male sexuality, fills with confidence, gives revelation.

  • A year later, fashionable house presented a new male fragrance Louis Feraud Aqua. The creators tried to address his adventurous and risky men who are sent to travel for new emotions.

Perfumery products from Louis Feraud It is always quality, tide emotions and unusually bright sensations. Each fragrance is filled with harmony, where the aromas of juicy fruits, freshly skipped greenery, shades of musk and amber merged together.

Aromas from Louis Feraud during the year will remind you of bright summer days, about juicy ripe fruits, about the soft blow of wind with vanilla sound.

Criterias of choice

Going to the store for the new bottle of spirits, it should be remembered that there are certain rules when choosing a perfume.

  • In each aroma there are basic notes, medium and top. The upper notes become heard immediately, but after 5-10 minutes they will disperse and replace them average notes, and then the main (basic). To completely catch all the shades, it is advisable to go outside and get 40-60 minutes.
  • Choosing perfume, it is better to stay on several options and test them.
  • For one visit, you should not try more than 4-5 options, otherwise the flavors are mixed and the smell will not be prompted. In the event that I liked the fragrance, you need to apply a couple of drops of it on the wrist or on the fold of the elbow, in order to feel how the fragrance opens on its own skin.
  • It is better to try fragrances separately, since when mixing odors smells, the smell is dulled.
  • It is advisable to choose perfume products in the morning. On this day, you should not eat food with a saturated smell, for example, onions and garlic, otherwise they can kill the fragrance.
  • Better in the morning not to use strong smelling cosmetics, do not use the cream for hands and body, do not apply perfume.
  • During critical days, visiting such outlets is better to postpone. At this time, women are worse distinguished the smells, their shades can change.
  • It is also not worth going to the store for the spirits in poor well-being, if there is a cold and nasal congestion, because it is quite difficult to determine the smell with a cold.

To choose spirits should be approached. Spontaneous purchases rarely lead to a positive result. Before going to the store, you can learn feedback on a particular product, find out the opinion of the girlfriends, but first of all, you should navigate your own preferences.

For the original products, it is necessary to go only to specialized stores. If products in transitions, small kiosks or online stores will be much cheaper, it is better to give preference to proven sources.

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