Choose perfume from Micallef

Choose perfume from Micallef

Perfumery products – this is what can radically change the idea of ​​a person. They are invisible to the eye, but they feel good sense. That is why it is so important to choose not only your fragrance, but also a decent manufacturer, whose goods will be resistant. One of these manufacturers is Micallef.


Company M. Micallef belongs to Martine Mikallef and Jeffrey Newman. The company is small, but the products produced by it has already managed to be glorified around the world. And not only its perfume component, but also an exquisite form of bottles, which is a “calling card” of the company. Stunning products from Bohemian crystal have different volumes: from tiny bubbles to gigantic three-liter vessels. Having writes them by manually Martin herself, each bottle becomes a piece of art. Images are different: it and birds, flowers, and butterflies. In addition, bubbles are decorated with Swarovski crystals.

MICALLEF perfumery refers to the luxury class, and it is widely used in the highest circles of society. Products of the company orders the Royal Family of Great Britain, they are actively buying in Dubai. A similar choice is due to the high quality of the ingredients used in perfume products.

Micallef Prefers Natural Essential Oils and Herbs, Valuable Wood Breeds, Aphrodisiacs. Thanks to the naturalness of such components, a person rises, the health improves, the perception of the world and itself changes.

Some Micallef products are in their composition 200 and more ingredients. Months go to the creation of such spirits, so the products are expensive. According to standards, perfumes have three notes. The initial here is always the brightest, it precesses the heart that will give the fragrance for the next few hours. Basic Note forms a gentle loop.

Favorite components of the creators of perfumery Micallef – Amber and Musk. They are included in each fragrance from this company.

Overview of aromas

Assortment of M. Micallef is very wide, there is perfumery for every taste – from flower to citrus and fresh flavors. Consider some of the most sought-after products.

Ylang in Gold

This perfume belongs to the Les Exclusifs series, re-released several years ago in honor of the anniversary of the company. Refers to the flower group. Top notes are represented by fruit chords: peach, lychee, orange, also here are clearly audible geranium, sage and rosemary. Heart – Flowers with warm and rich aroma: Rose, Lily of the Lily, Sandal, and shaves their fresh pegument of mint. The base is vanilla, coconut and musk.


This product also belongs to the Les Exclusifs series. This fragrance is especially loved by the creators, since it becomes a continuation of MON PARFUM, which is Personal aroma Martina. In the upper notes, pink pepper and cinnamon are hidden, the hearts are vanilla and a rose, and the base – toff, amber and musky chords. Perfume is available in a bottle of expensive transparent glass, has a golden cap and is richly decorated with pink Swarovski crystals.


Ananda perfumes are a whole series consisting of several flavors. Very popular product Dolce, In the initial notes of which there are sweet peach juice and light bitterness of almonds. The heart is revealed by gentle fragrance of white colors, and the base leaves an unsurpassed loaf from Ambra and White Musk. Ananda Black Tester is a real symphony of citrus. Vanilla here is spectacularly mixed with a cool lemon and orange, and complement this fragrance of tubosis, neroli, ylang-ylang and plum.

Night Aoud

Eastern, rich aroma, full of mysteries. Sold in a blue bottle, the logo is decorated with crystals of heavenly shade. Top notes – this is amber, white cedar and vanilla, heartfelt open with bright sound of patchouli and sandalwood. The base forms a thin loop from Ilang Ilanga, Peach and Muscat Nut.

Les 4 Saisons

A stunning series of 4 fragrances at once every time of year.

  • ETE – Summer, this is a juicy aroma of citruses, mixed with musk, pomegranate and thin vanilla.

  • Automne It appears on a warm aroma of red berries, flavored patchouli and vanilla.

  • Hiver – Real Winter Favorite, Cozy, Piquant, Warming. Here, the aroma of Ylang-Ilanga effectively complement vanilla chords, sandalwood, almonds.

  • Printemps – Smell spring. The main ingredient of these spirits – Rose. Continued to her give fresh notes of early raspberry, black currant and ripe pear.

Criterias of choice

The choice of perfume is a very pleasant, but rather complicated occupation. So that it has passed successfully, it is important to familiarize yourself in advance with the rules of the selection, developed by specialists in the field of perfumery.

  • Do not apply perfume before buying. It will only prevent the choice of a new product. At the same time, it is better to go for purchase in the morning: at such a time our brain works more active and lighter distinguishes nuances of fragrances.
  • It is better to be limited to three fragrances, since more simply mixes. Two of them are recommended to be applied to the tester strip, and one – on the wrist. Then go around half an hour, stroll. Only after this time will be able to distinguish between cardiac notes.
  • Do not rub the wrist, hurry perfume with disclosure. Everything should happen naturally.
  • If you have never used spirits from m. Micallef and do not know which flavors will suit you, Start with citrus, lung floral or fresh. Only then you can go to more rich smells.
  • Feel free to ask for help consultant. Tell him about the smells that you love, and he will help you choose the fragrance. You should also mention the notes that you would prefer not to hear in spirits. This will significantly reduce the number of products to be considered.
  • Take into account the time of year. In the summer it is better to choose fresh, explosive flavors that give cool. For winter it is recommended to choose something warm, cozy, saturated. Focus on your own color: brunettes with dark eyes fit woody, juicy citrus, sandalwood flavors, notes patchouli, walnut, roses. Blondes with light skin and blue eyes you can pick up light perfumes with floral chords, as well as notes of berries, white cedar, fresh summer fruits, mint.
  • Choose perfume on the Internet follows only when you already know exactly what you need. Otherwise, there is a chance to give a few thousand dollars for a product that absolutely not like to taste. If no internet is in any way, order the probes – it will cost at times cheaper.
  • Make sure the product offered to you is not a fake. Perfume from M. Micallef is always very expensive, and they are not found in the tent on the market. Check the packaging for integrity, ask for quality certificates. Pay attention to the bottle – it’s always a work of art. The packaging must have a serial number of the batch and a barcode.

You should buy perfumes from the company only in trusted stores that have proven themselves well.

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