Choosing JUICY COUTURE perfume

Choosing JUICY COUTURE perfume

Juicy Couture is a relatively young American brand engaged in the release of clothing, accessories and perfume products. On the peculiarities of perfumery, its species, product selection criteria and storage method will be discussed in this article.


In the early 90s of the last century, Pamela Skyst-Levi and Gela Nash-Taylor and Gela Nash-Taylor decided to establish production to manufacture denim clothing and outfits for pregnant women. Gela was an actress and worked in New York, and Pamela graduated from the California Institute of Fashion. Both girls were very active and sought all their knowledge and skills to apply in the field of fashion. United, they managed to create a youth brand that meets the requests of modern Americans, calling Travis Jeans trademark. In 1994, the founders of the brand decided to change direction a little and began to produce luxury products for women. Travis Jeans is replaced by a new brand called Juicy Couture.

The success and prosperity of the company has brought multi-colored tracksuits in plush and velvet fabric. They fit perfectly on the figure, regardless of size and age. They could go to the gym, go shopping, walk with children, and so on. In addition, the company produced accessories for pets, handbags in rhinestones and ruffles. Juicy Couture has even launched a collection of designer-clad dolls.

Juicy Couture products are distinguished by reliability, quality and durability. Clothing and accessories from the brand can be seen on many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Except clothes, the company also started producing perfumery products. The first perfume of the Americans was named after the company. In the Union with Juicy Couture, many famous perfumers worked. Enterprising and hardworking girls managed to create truly chic aromas, complementing the clothing style Juicy Couture. They presented the world over 40 fragrances. In 2006, the earliest of them arrived on sale, and the product of the current year was the fragrance of Viva La Juicy Pink Couture from Juicy.

Luxury floral flavors are greatly popular among young girls. At the same time, these fragrances prefer and more mature ladies. The ratio of unique design of unusually exquisite bottles with bright juicy perfume compositions makes products special, highlighting it among other brands. Nothing remainsless in the production of products. Even packaging boxes fully meet the style of perfumes with a volumetric monogram and a coated with gold.

Juicy Couture fragrances will help their owners to decide for more, not to postpone the decision until tomorrow, to be ready for any twists of fate.

Perfume review

Having released its first eponymous perfume, the fashionable trading house continued the business it had begun – it regularly pleases its fans with new exquisite fragrances.

  • Juicy couture. Year of issue 2006. The first perfume belongs to the group of floral, fruity. It was created by perfumer Harry Fremont. You can fall in love with the scent the first time and remain its fan for life. He immediately became very popular, especially among young girls. The combination of fruity notes, vanilla and caramel in conjunction with the white lily makes it very interesting.

  • Viva la juicy. In 2008, fans of the brand were pleasantly surprised to see this perfume on sale. The perfume is intended for daring, stylish and self-confident fashionistas who are not used to giving in to anyone. Such fragrance is able to emphasize natural grace and natural beauty. In one bottle, floral and fruit notes have connected here, reaching a bright bouquet of bacage, jasmine, forest berries and mandarin. The final emphasis in the form of Vanilla Praline will not leave anyone indifferent. It is worth saying about the design of the bottle itself. Elegance and elegance, glamor and simplicity remain unchanged satellites manufacturers.

The business card becomes an elegant bow of pink color, giving a perfume of airiness and individuality.

  • JUICY COUTURE COUTURE COUTURE. American brand perfume went on sale in 2009. Refers in the group of floral, oriental flavors. In the upper chords, fresh bright citrus notes of mandarin, grapefruit, orange colors are immediately audible. Then the jasmine begins to sound, combined with drain notes, turning into Ambro, sandalwood and vanilla.

  • Eau de Parfum Juicy Couture Couture LA LA went on sale in 2012. In the top notes you can hear the scent of green apple mixed with tangerine and pink currant. Lily of the valley solo in a note of heart, echoing with violet and orange blossom. Completes the floral composition with a musky shade.

  • Viva la juicy noir. Perfume from American manufacturers went on sale in 2013. Belongs to floral fruity aromas. The top notes have a fresh scent of tangerine mixed with wild berries. Then gardenia begins to solo, combining with honeysuckle and jasmine. The base chord is vanilla caramel mixed with sandalwood and amber.

  • Juicy couture majestic woods. The release time of this eau de parfum is 2017. Belongs to the category of woody, amber. This sophisticated scent is designed for the modern woman who prefers luxury and chic. Even despite the small amount of ingredients used, the perfume turned out to be unusually interesting and multifaceted.

The bottle, made in the classic version with a crystal cap and golden elements, will take a worthy place on the table at the glamorous lady.

  • Juicy Couture Oui. Choosing the spirits of this brand, it is impossible not to pay attention to this perfume. The bottle made in pink-red gamut very accurately conveys the unusual of the fruit-flower composition hidden inside. From the first notes, perfume conquers fresh fragrant watermelon notes in combination with pear and fragrant tea. Then, like a watering, envelops the fragrance of jasmine, heard hints of the honeysuckle. In conclusion, chords of musk, wood and amber sounds.

  • In 2020, the brand released a new perfume Viva La Juicy Pink Couture from Juicy. From the first accords, it mesmerizes with juicy sweet notes of black currant, watermelon, water lily combined with strawberries mixed with jasmine and frangipani. The final notes are vanilla, woody.

Juicy Couture perfumery products are very popular, any of the released options will take its rightful place on the dressing table.

Criterias of choice

Experts recommend following certain rules when choosing a perfume.

  • Be sure to test your favorite option on the skin. The same scent can sound completely different in different people.
  • No more than 3-4 flavors are tested at a time. Otherwise, the smells will mix, and it will be difficult to grasp the nuances of each of them.
  • It is better to go to a perfume store in the morning, at which time the brain perceives smells without distortion.

Purchase of original products should be carried out only in specialized and trusted stores that can guarantee the quality and authenticity of the goods.

How to store?

The composition of any perfumery is quite complex.

With improper storage of perfumes or under the influence of external negative factors, they can change their structure, which will lead to their deterioration.

To keep your favorite perfume as long as possible, you must fulfill certain requirements.

  • Perfumed products are not stored in open places where they are exposed to bright sunlight.
  • It is necessary to maintain a suitable temperature regime. Very low temperatures will negatively affect the condition of the perfume. The optimum storage temperature is between 17 and 22 degrees Celsius. At high temperatures, evaporation begins to increase, and the smell is distorted. Strong freezing will also spoil the smell of the product, moreover, when using it on clothes, spots will remain.
  • It is impossible to get water into the bottle, otherwise the perfume will change its fragrance.

In addition, it is not recommended to store the perfumed water in the bathroom or other raw rooms with temperature drops. The windowsill is also considered an inappropriate place for storage due to light, instability of temperature and moisture drops. Hurrying place for the bottle with spirits next to heating devices. And also should not leave perfume in places with strong smells, for example, near spices or chemical cleaners.

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